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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Fall 2005; Volume 27, No.3. Articles available online appear as links.

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How to Clean Coal by Craig Canine
Coal has always been the archvillain, the dirtiest of all fuels. Today, with a new generation of coal-fired power plants on the drawing board, industry faces a momentous choice: A) Stick with the technologies of the past, and trigger our worst nightmare. Or B) Get smart, and make coal our most unlikely partner in the fight against global warming.

Climate Science 101 by Bruce Stutz
Ever wonder how scientists know what they know about global warming? Here's a beginner's guide to the tools they use and what the data they collect can tell us about our future.

In Hot Water by George Black
Out in Montana the drought is in its seventh year, the weather's gone loony, and the temperature of the state's iconic trout streams is inching steadily higher. Confronted by calamitous changes in the climate, anglers, ranchers, and environmentalists are starting to speak the same language.

The Jolly Green Giant? by Wade Graham
Schwarzenegger got off to an excellent start as California's governor, signing laws to reduce air pollution, protect the oceans, and push solar energy. He acted to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Some even thought he might revive the environmentalist wing of the GOP. But after a rash of industry-friendly appointments, some are wondering what, if anything, he really believes in.


  • Wind Resistance
  • Auction Madness
  • Back to School
  • Eat Me, I'm Safe
  • Fine Dining for Free
  • One Painter's DaVinci Code

    The View from NRDC: The Tide is Changing
    by John H. Adams
    As John Adams signs off as president, NRDC takes a close look at itself and prepares a long-term strategy for rising to the challenge of global warming.

    Eastern states decide to regulate carbon dioxide emissions; the world's mayors rally for action at the local level; preparing for water shortages in the West; a victory for Southeastern forests; and a march on Washington -- in cyberspace.

    Ask NRDC
    I've just lived through another hurricane season in Florida. Is it true that global warming could increase my insurance?

    Fieldwork: Cool and the Gang
    A diverse and talented team of scientists, engineers, economists, and legislative tacticians at NRDC is devoted to finding practical solutions to global warming.

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green: How does your garden grow?
    by Larry Gallagher
    Can you brush your teeth, do your laundry, wash the dishes, and water the fig trees -- all at the same time? Yeah, if you recycle the water that goes down your drain.

    Open Space: The Nature Poet Contemplates a Windfarm
    A poem by Brian Swann


  • "Fledglings," "Old Man River," and "Blackbird Spring Song" by William Heyen
  • "Joe's Dream" by Robin Chapman

    Book Reviews
    America's dam-building days are over, but in the developing world, the struggle to control the earth's rivers incites conflict and suffering on a grand scale: Bill McKibben reviews Deep Water. Plus, communing with the bighorn and the Republican assault on science.

  • This issue's cover photo: SciencePhotos/Alamy

    OnEarth. Fall 2005
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