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NRDC works on many of the issues covered in OnEarth by independent journalists. Here's what NRDC says about...

"Federal protection is the only reason grizzly bears exist in Yellowstone today, and they aren't ready to survive without it," says Louisa Willcox, director of NRDC's wild bears project, who opposes the Bush administration proposal to delist the grizzly that Bruce Barcott describes in Yellowstone Grizzlies: Threatened or Not?. Stripping endangered species protection from Yellowstone's bears could open their habitat to oil and gas drilling and would allow hunters to kill bears that roam outside the park. To read more, visit

Sharon Levy focuses on the controversy surrounding the use of genetics in conservation biology (The Mouse That Got in the Way) when making decisions about which species deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act. But as Levy says, the dispute has to do with more than just DNA. Merely showing that an endangered animal population is genetically similar to another population in a different area can undercut the original intent of the law, which was to protect wildlife populations, not just species. For more information about NRDC's efforts to protect endangered wildlife visit

In her interview with oil analyst Charles Maxwell, Sonia Shah asks whether oil prices are high enough to change consumer behavior (Running on Fumes). Maxwell says we're already seeing signs, including declining SUV sales. Luckily, we have the technology to reduce our oil dependence, like hybrid cars and sustainable biofuels, which NRDC is actively promoting through its Break the Chain campaign. Visit

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