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Premature Mortality Due to Particulate Air Pollution in 239 American Cities

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This table provides summary information for Metropolitan Statistical Area 6000, OXNARD-SIMI VALLEY-VENTURA, CA. The table also provides detailed information on PM-10 concentrations reported at individual monitoring stations within the MSA.

A glossary provides an explanation of key terms reported in the MSA tables.

PM-10 Concentration
1990-1994 Average Annual Mean: 30.6
Rank by PM-10 Concentration: 54 of 239
Mortality Attributable to Air Pollution
Risk Ratio for Cardiopulmonary Mortality: 1.11
Adult Cardiopulmonary Attributable Deaths: 182 (108-251)
Attributable Deaths per 100,000 Population: 34
Rank by Number of Attributable Deaths: 76 of 239
Rank Attributable Death Rate: 98 of 239
Mortality (1989 data)
Total Mortality: 3,698
Adult Cardiopulmonary Deaths: 1,864
Auto Accident Deaths: 110
Population (1980 data)
Total Population: 530,000
Counties Assigned to MSA
Ventura Co, CA
Monitoring Stations
(State, County, City, Address)
Annual Mean
Year of
of Years
of Data
  Ventura Co
   9 2323 MOORPARK ROAD, THOUSAND OAKS, CA 28.7 67 1994 3
   RIO MESA SCHOOL, EL RIO 30.8 96 1990 5
   1768 MARICOPA HIWY., OJAI 28.7 59 1990 5
   2SW, 2815 TELEGRAPH RD, PIRU 29.7 128 1990 5
   5400 COCHRAN STREET, SIMI VALLEY, CA. 33.5 85 1991 5
   535 E MAIN ST, VENTURA 27.6 56 1990 5
   Annual Mean
PM-10 Concentration
PM-10 Concentration
National Ambient Air Quality Standards: 50150
California Ambient Air Quality Standards: 30 50
NRDC Recommended Standards: 17 33
All PM-10 concentrations are reported in (ug/m³).
Bold designates PM-10 Hotspots, individual monitoring stations among the top 50 annual mean concentrations in the U. S. (There were none in this MSA.)
Italic designates PM-10 Hotspots, individual monitoring stations among the top 50 24-hour concentrations in the U. S. in 1994. (There were none in this MSA.)
Peak 24-hour PM-10 concentration reported is the highest value of the 2nd highest 24-hour concentration reported during a year for which data is available.
Metropolitan Statistical Areas are as defined by the Office of Management and Budget for 1980, except for New England, where areas are New England County Metropolitan Areas.

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