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Premature Mortality Due to Particulate Air Pollution in 239 American Cities

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New Jersey: Particulate Air Pollution Attributable Mortality by MSA

This table identifies Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the state of New Jersey. For each MSA, the table shows PM-10 concentration and NRDC's estimate of air pollution attributable deaths.

The table shows the average annual mean PM-10 concentration in each MSA over the five-year period, 1990 through 1994. The higher the PM-10 concentration, the greater the risk of premature mortality from heart and lung disease.

For each MSA, we present point and range estimates of the annual adult cardiopulmonary deaths attributable to air pollution The estimates are derived by applyting a risk factor reported in a study of an American Cancer Society cohort to MSA-specific information on PM-10 concentrations and mortality from selected causes. The range estimates are derived from the confidence intervals for the risk ratio reported in the ACS study.

For the purposes of comparison, the table also shows the total number of cardiopulmonary deaths in the MSA and the number of deaths from car accidents.

Metropolitan Statistical Area Average
Annual Mean
Estimated Annual Cardiopulmonary Deaths
Attributable to
Particulate Air Pollution
Range Deaths per
ALLENTOWN-BETHLEHEM-EASTON, PA-NJ 25.0 207 122 - 287 32 3,234 132
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ 32.4 120 72 - 165 62 1,106 44
JERSEY CITY, NJ 29.4 222 132 - 306 40 2,450 53
NEW YORK, NY-NJ 28.8 4,024 2,384 - 5,540 44 46,227 973
NEWARK, NJ 31.4 819 487 - 1,124 42 7,975 240
PATERSON-CLIFTON-PASSIAC, NJ 34.8 251 150 - 343 56 2,041 45
PHILADELPHIA, PA-NJ 33.5 2,599 1,550 - 3,556 55 22,531 637
TRENTON, NJ 28.3 123 73 - 170 40 1,463 38
WILMINGTON, DE-NJ-MD 28.6 190 113 - 262 36 2,221 113

Point estimates are derived from the risk ratio reported in the ACS study. Ranges are derived from 95-percent confidence intervals around the risk ratio in the ACS study.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas are as defined by the Office of Management and Budget for 1980, except for New England, where areas are New England County Metropolitan Areas.

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