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Defending the Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act has protected Americans and the air we breathe from harmful pollution for 40 years. Some members of Congress are now attempting to weaken and dismantle this time-tested safeguard of public health. Read more >


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Walmart's antibiotic use announcement: Less than meets the eye
posted by David Wallinga, MD, 5/22/15
David Wallinga, MD, Senior Health Officer, San Francisco: When a global behemoth like ...
Taking Big Steps Towards Energy Efficiency for All in Maryland
posted by Deron Lovaas, 5/22/15
Deron Lovaas, State/Federal Policy & Practice Director, Urban Solutions, Washington, D.C.: ...
This Week in Whales: Oil Spills Are Bad from BP Disaster to Santa Barbara; Designing Whale-Friendly Fishing Gear...
posted by Zak Smith, 5/22/15
Zak Smith, Attorney, Marine Mammal Protection Project, Santa Monica: (Photo by ...
Latin America Green News: coffee and birds both face climate threats, bees and monarchs get a boost from Obama, geothermal and solar progress in Central America
posted by Maria Martinez, 5/22/15
Maria Martinez, Program Assistant, Director of Programs & Latin America Project, Washington, D.C.: ...
Not Grandpa's Grid
posted by Carl Zichella, 5/22/15
Carl Zichella, Director of Western Energy Transmission, San Francisco: I recently ...
Owner of Broken Santa Barbara Oil Pipeline is a Repeat Offender
posted by Damon Nagami, 5/22/15
Damon Nagami, Senior Attorney, Santa Monica: On Tuesday, an oil pipeline owned and ...
Sluggish Response to Santa Barbara Oil Spill Rings Alarm Bells for the Arctic
posted by Giulia C.S. Good Stefani, 5/21/15
Giulia C.S. Good Stefani, Attorney, Marine Mammal and Southern California Ecosystems Projects, Santa ...
DC Water Announces New Proposal to Clean Up Rivers Using Green Infrastructure Instead of Tunnels
posted by Becky Hammer, 5/21/15
Becky Hammer, Project Attorney, Water Program, Washington, DC: If you're a fan of the ...
Santa Barbara pipeline spill highlights threats of tar sands expansion into the West Coast
posted by Anthony Swift, 5/20/15
Anthony Swift, Attorney, International Program, Washington, DC: The most recent oil ...
Serving Up a Better School Plate
posted by Margaret Brown, 5/20/15
Margaret Brown, Staff Attorney, New York Program, New York: Across the country, more ...

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News and views from OnEarth magazine

woman using video camera
Congrats to the Big Winners of Our Latest Photo Contest!
posted by Gail Henry, 7/11/13
By Gail Henry We're happy to announce the Summer 2013 winners ...
Solar Warrior
posted by Mark Andrew Boyer, 7/11/13
By Mark Andrew Boyer On a sunny but blustery morning on the Pine ...
A Shift in the Wind: Mourning the Arizona Wildfire Hotshots
posted by Michael Kodas, 7/2/13
By Michael Kodas “We are the land of the free because of the brave,” ...

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NRDC's Spanish voice

green wave
El cambio climático empeora la salud de los que sufren de asma y alergias respiratorias
posted by Juan Declet-Barreto, 5/20/15
Los estudios científicos nos han demostrado que nuestro clima cambiante pudiera aumentar la formación ...
Lo que comemos afecta el planeta
posted by Peter Lehner, 5/5/15
La práctica de no comer carne de res en lunes en EE.UU. tuvo comienzos durante la 1era Guerra Mundial ...
pLAn de Sostenibilidad del Alcalde Garcetti crea oportunidad para mejorar la transportacion en Los Angeles
posted by Fernando Cazares, 4/20/15
De vez en vez, los habitantes de Los Angeles podemos reflexionar sobre la ruta que lleva la ciudad y ...
9 Consejos para Celebrar el Día de la Tierra
posted by Noah Horowitz, 4/17/15
No es necesario que compres un automóvil hibrido o que instales paneles solares para lograr beneficios ...

An on-the-ground view of China and the environment

Two Zijin Senior Staff Fined 1.15 Million RMB and Other Recent China Environmental Law, Public Participation, and Climate Change News
posted by Greenlaw, 1/14/11
紫金矿业两高管被罚115万以及其他最近的中国环境法、公众参与及气候变化的新闻 Two Zijin senior staff fined 1.15 million RMB, Zijin to donate ...
NRDC Beijing Office-DSM Staff Engineer – Job Opening
posted by JingJing Qian, 1/12/11
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is seeking a full-time staff engineer for the Demand Side ...
The Warriors of Qiugang – A New Documentary on the Struggle to Save China’s Environment
posted by Alex Wang, 1/10/11
A great deal has been written about the struggles to resolve China’s overwhelming environmental problems, ...
Progress and Retreat for Environmental Transparency in China: Announcing the 2009-10 Pollution Information Transparency Index (PITI) Results
posted by Alex Wang, 1/4/11
Environmental transparency in China showed both progress and retreat over the past year, and many ...

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