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Authors and Researchers

Principal Authors
Gina Solomon, M.D., M.P.H., Senior Scientist
Pilar Weiss, M.P.H., Research Intern
Beth Owen, M.E.S., Research Intern
Annicke Citron, Research Assistant

Project Coordinator/Editor
Matt Freeman

Production Supervisor
Ian Wilker

NRDC President
John Adams

NRDC Executive Director
Frances Beinecke

Graphic Design/Production
Bonnie Greenfield


The authors thank the following scientists and policy experts for reviewing draft portions of these materials. The views presented on these pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of those who helped to review them.

Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Research Triangle Park, NC

Lynn Goldman, M.D., M.P.H.
Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health
Baltimore, MD

Jacqueline Hamilton
Environmental Defense
Los Angeles, CA

Kim Hooper, Ph.D.
California Environmental Protection Agency
Berkeley, CA

Janna G. Koppe, Ph.D.
University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Gunilla Lindstrom, Ph.D.
National Institute of Public Health
Oslo, Norway

Koidu Noren, Ph.D.
Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

Sharyle Patton
Commonweal, and the International POPs Elimination Network
Bolinas, CA

Walter Rogan, M.D.
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Research Triangle Park, NC

Marni Rosen
Jenifer Altman Foundation
San Francisco, CA

Kristin Schafer
Pesticide Action Network North America
San Francisco, CA

Arnold Schecter, M.D., M.P.H..
University of Texas School of Public Health
Dallas, TX

Jianwen She, Ph.D.
California Environmental Protection Agency
Berkeley, CA

Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D.
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

And a special thanks to:

Lucy R. Waletzky, M.D.
For peer review and additional support

The authors also thank the breastfeeding mothers, the fathers, and the breastfeeding activists who provided input into the design of these pages.

Many of the peer reviewers also participated in (or helped to organize) three dialogues on contaminants in breast milk. The input from these dialogues was critical in helping to shape these pages. The authors wish to also thank the additional participants in these three dialogues:

July 2000 - Barbara Brenner and Lisa Wanzor from Breast Cancer Action, Nancy Evans and Joan Reinhardt Reiss from The Breast Cancer Fund, Amy Kyle from U.C. Berkeley, and Francine Levien from Marin Breast Cancer Watch

August 2000 - Dr. Ake Bergman from Stockholm University in Sweden, Drs. Nadine Frery and Denis Bard from Institut de Veille Sanitaire in France, Dr. Leo Goeyens from Wetenschappelijk Instituut Volksgezondheid in Brussels, Dr. Rainer Malisch from Chemisches und Veterinaruntersuchungsamt Freiburg in Germany, Dr. Donald Patterson from the Centers for Disease Control in the United States, Dr. Rolaf van Leeuwen from the World Health Organization in The Netherlands, Dr. Babasaheb Sonawane from the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, Dr. Jake Ryan from Health Canada, Dr. Myrto Petreas from the California Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, Dr. Carin Cuijpers from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in The Netherlands, Dr. Peter Furst from the Chemical and Veterinary Control Laboratory Munster in Germany

April 2001 - Charlotte Brody from the Center for Health, Environment & Justice in the United States, Fernando Bejarano from the Red de Accion sobre Plaguicidas y Alternativas en Mexico (RAPAM), Andrea Martin from the The Breast Cancer Fund in San Francisco, Monica Moore from the Pesticide Action Network North America, Dr. Romeo F. Quijano from the Pesticide Action Network of the Philippines, Sarojeni V. Rengam from the Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific, Maria Elena Rozas from the Alianza Para Un Mejor Calidad de Vida en Santiago Chile, Susan Siew the Co-Director of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action in Panang Malaysia, Dr. Penny Van Esterik from York University in Toronto Canada, Carina Weber from the Pesticide Action Network in Germany, Jane Williams from California Communities Against Toxics in the United States.

NRDC gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their support of our work on children's health, pesticides, and breast milk contaminants: The Jenifer Altman Foundation, The Bauman Foundation, Beldon Fund, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, W. Alton Jones Foundation, The Streisand Foundation. As with all our work, creation of these pages would not have been possible without the support of NRDC members.

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