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See Also: Resource lists from NRDC's Santa Monica office


Life-Cycle Assessment Analysis Tools

LBLN High Performance Commercial Building Systems
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is developing a set of life-cycle cost tools for improving commercial building performance.

Whole Building Design Guide
The Whole Building Design Guide, developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences, provides a variety of life-cycle cost and assessment tools.

Here is an additional resource for downloading software developed by the NIBS building life-cycle cost programs.

Waste Management Companies Offering Plans to Meet LEED Criteria

California Materials Exchange
CalMAX helps businesses and organizations find alternatives to the disposal of valuable materials or wastes through a free materials-exchange service.

Whole Building Design Guide - Construction Waste Management Database
This database contains information on companies that haul, collect and process recyclable debris from construction projects.

Remanufactured Furniture

Olive Design + Build
All products from Olive Design + Build, located in North Carolina, contain at least 50 percent recycled content (from items that typically are not recycled) and emit low or no volatile organic compounds.

Open Plan Systems, Inc.
Open Plan Systems refurbishes used, name-brand workstations and designs new systems for clients in eastern and southern states.

RBF Interiors
RBF Interiors, based in St. Louis and Cincinnati, offers remanufactured office furniture.

Office Furniture, Bookshelves, and Shelving Made from Non-Wood Materials

Baltix Sustainable Furniture, Inc.
With representatives in Minnesota, Washington and California, Baltix makes office furniture from sustainable, recycled materials that do not emit harmful volatile organic compounds.

Located in Portland, Oregon, Canopy offers sustainable building materials, cabinets, vanities, flooring and furniture.

Environmentally Sound Wood and Wood Products

California-based EcoTimber offers reclaimed wood flooring and FSC-certified wood flooring.

Forest Stewardship Council
The Forest Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization that sets standards for environmentally and socially responsible forestry practices. FSC-certified wood products that can be found at Home Depot, Lowe's, Kinkos and elsewhere.

SmartWood certifies products according to Forest Stewardship Council standards.

General | Sites | Water | Energy | Materials | Indoor Environment
See Also: Resource lists from NRDC's Santa Monica office

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