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Native Plants, Trees and Shrubs

Lady Bird Johnson - Wildflower Center
Located near Austin, Texas, the Wildflower Center's mission is to educate people about the environmental necessity, economic value and natural beauty of wildflowers and native plants.

Native American Seed
Native American Seed, which serves Texas and the southwestern United States, offers wildflower and grass seeds that are native to the region, as well as educational information, books and consulting services.

Bioswales/Stormwater Treatment

AbTech Industries
AbTech is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based firm that offers solutions to control or remove hydrocarbons, bacteria, sediment and other foreign elements from water.

StormTreat Systems, Inc.
This Massachusetts-based company, serving the New England region, provides flood control solutions using landscape buffers and smaller detention ponds; its web site offers system specifications and green case studies.

Permeable Pavement

EP Henry
Headquartered in New Jersey, EP Henry provides a variety of hardscape products and permeable concrete erosion control products for residential and commercial use.

Hanover Architectural Products
Hanover offers a pervious concrete paving unit which will allows moderate vehicle traffic.

Invisible Structures, Inc.
Invisible Structures, with distributors throughout the country, offers a variety of stormwater management solutions, including drive-on porous paving and sub-surface stormwater storage.

NDS makes interlocking grass road pavers that can be used for controlling erosion and in high pedestrian traffic areas.

With distributors in California, Minnesota, and Rhode Island, Netlon provides drive-on turf filled pavers made from 100 percent recycled polyethylene.

Rainwater Cisterns

Snyder Industries Inc.
Snyder Industries' five U.S. plants manufacture above- and below-ground water storage tanks.

Rain Harvester
Rain Harvester, primarily serving Texas, offers consultation and design of cisterns for collecting roof water.

Micro-Irrigation Systems

This California company manufactures over 500 micro-irrigation products including emitters, tubing, filters, regulators, fittings, valves and stakes.

Automata, Inc
Automata, with dealers primarily in the West and Southwest, provides controllers for remote operation of water and irrigation systems, and sensors for collecting weather and field data.

Orbit Irrigation Products
Orbit manufactures a large number of drip products, kits, spray heads, manifolds and tubing, as well as other accessories and installation guides.

Rainbird Corporation
Rainbird. a large manufacturer of irrigation products, supports efficient water use throughout their products and design guidelines.

Raindrip, with dealers throughout the United States, sells micro-irrigation products including tubing, drippers, sprinklers, misters, fittings, adapters and other accessories.

Soil Moisture Corporation
Soil Moisture offers a large variety of soil sensors, monitors, and sampling equipment in 13 states across the country.

General | Sites | Water | Energy | Materials | Indoor Environment
See Also: Resource lists from NRDC's Santa Monica office

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