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Bush visit fails to boost morale at the EPA (05/26/05)
Bush nominates scientist to head EPA (03/04/05)
Pentagon seeks to jettison environmental duties (12/14/04)
Defense Department to push for hazardous waste exemptions (12/01/04)
EPA's lax enforcement good news for polluters (11/09/04)
Department of Homeland Security aims to sidestep environmental reviews (08/16/04)
EPA extends oil spill compliance deadline again (08/11/04)
EPA lets refineries off the hook (07/18/04)
EPA chief Leavitt failing to lay down the law (03/31/04)
EPA letting Clean Water Act violators off the hook (03/30/04)
EPA and Congressional GAO bicker about enforcement (02/13/04)
EPA enforcement cops returning to the environment beat (12/15/03)
Smart enforcement or no enforcement? Bush lets polluters off the hook (12/09/03)
EPA inspector general blasts agency for lax enforcement (10/16/03)
GAO finds that energy production pollutes wildlife refuges (09/24/03)
Interior Department fires worker after land payment scandal (09/15/03)
EPA finds nearly 300 mountaintop removal violations (09/04/03)
EPA balks at court ruling to protect waterways from pesticide pollution (09/03/03)
EPA enforcement program in shambles (07/07/03)
EPA letting polluters off the hook (06/06/03)
GAO chides Department of Agriculture for lax enforcement of wetlands protections (05/22/03)
EPA Administrator Whitman misusing agency investigators (04/26/03)
EPA cleaning up far fewer toxic waste sites (04/18/03)
EPA fines company $34 million for pipeline spills (04/02/03)
Interior ordered to continue protecting manatees (03/18/03)
EPA failing to protect Louisiana's environment and public health (02/04/03)
GAO faults EPA oversight on factory farms (01/31/03)
Polluting industries getting off easier under Bush administration (01/29/03)
EPA proposes weakening of Clean Air Act (11/22/02)
EPA agrees to clean up smog pollution (11/14/02)
EPA no longer making polluters pay (11/05/02)
Forest Service in violation of Endangered Species Act (10/20/02)
Former EPA official blasts Bush commitment to enforcement of clean air rules (10/16/02)
Judge considers contempt of court for Interior Secretary Norton over manatees (10/03/02)
U.S. EPA air-quality enforcement sinks to new lows (09/07/02)
EPA cracking down on North Dakota air polluters (08/19/02)
EPA forced to withdraw new penalty calculations scheme (08/19/02)
EPA cedes Idaho cleanup authority to state (08/13/02)
Another EPA official resigns in protest over Bush policies (07/25/02)
Public criticism forces EPA to get tough on polluters (05/16/02)
EPA watchdog resigns in protest over Bush policies (04/22/02)
Endangered species habitat under attack (03/19/02)
EPA will weaken federal clean air rules (03/18/02)
Desert tortoise finally protected (03/12/02)
Whitman remarks undermine government's Clean Air Act lawsuits (03/03/02)
Top EPA official resigns in protest of Bush's pro-polluter policies (02/27/02)
New NRDC report documents sweeping rollback of environmental protections by federal agencies (01/23/02)
Justice Department finally justifies air pollution lawsuits (01/15/02)
Environmental enforcement suffers under Bush (01/10/02)
Bush backing away from pledge to clean up federal facilities (09/07/01)
EPA postpones action on power plants, expected to favor limited approach (08/14/01)
Norton balks at defending wildlife in the face of local opposition (07/23/01)
Bush seeking to weaken federal environmental enforcement (07/23/01)
BLM fails to comply with agreement to protect threatened desert tortoises (05/12/01)
Bush launches a "sneak attack" on the Roadless Area Conservation Plan (05/04/01)
Bush administration seeks to roll back Roadless Area Conservation Plan (03/16/01)

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