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April 2003
EPA reports record drop in fuel economy (04/30/03)
BLM approves Powder River Basin development (04/30/03)
White House bans EPA from discussing perchlorate pollution (04/28/03)
EPA Administrator Whitman misusing agency investigators (04/26/03)
White House says "ready, aim, shoot" on wilderness (04/25/03)
Fish and Wildlife Service holds the line on habitat protection plans for imperiled wildlife in California (04/24/03)
White House unveils its pro-industry chemical security bill (04/24/03)
Forest Service permits grazing in violation of federal law, says judge (04/24/03)
New Missouri River management plan imperils protected birds (04/22/03)
Independent panel challenges Bush administration air pollution policies (04/21/03)
White House favors offshore oil drilling in Alaska (04/21/03)
Bush administration considers delaying endangered species protection (04/19/03)
EPA cleaning up far fewer toxic waste sites (04/18/03)
EPA cracks down on diesel pollution (04/15/03)
EPA will force mining company to clean up pollution in Montana river (04/15/03)
BLM moves to overturn drilling ban in Alaska's Western Arctic Reserve (04/15/03)
BLM to relax permitting process for oil and gas development (04/14/03)
Bush administration rolls back wilderness protections (04/11/03)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife signs off on plan to reopen Imperial Dunes to off-road vehicles (04/10/03)
EPA tries to bolster urban cleanup efforts (04/10/03)
Interior Department paves way for new roads on federal lands in Utah (04/09/03)
EPA stifles staff objections to Pentagon pollution exemptions (04/09/03)
Interior Department paves way for new roads on federal lands in Utah (04/09/03)
Bush administration abandons protection plan for California coastal treasure (04/08/03)
Corps keeps oil spill secret, citing national security concerns (04/08/03)
Bush administration short-changing endangered species protection (04/07/03)
Bush taps another timber industry insider for environmental post (04/07/03)
Bush administration attacks world heritage status of Yellowstone (04/07/03)
New U.S.- Mexico pollution treaty lacks funding to make a difference (04/04/03)
Bush administration looking to privatize park service jobs (04/04/03)
Bush administration begins diverting water from Klamath River -- where salmon kill occurred -- to farmers (04/03/03)
Bush administration giving away federal water rights in national park (04/03/03)
EPA fines company $34 million for pipeline spills (04/02/03)
Bush administration slightly raises SUV gas mileage requirements (04/01/03)
Bush administration ends court battle over California off-shore drilling (04/01/03)

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