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April 2004
Pentagon misses deadline on perchlorate report (04/30/04)
Smoggy skies affecting more than half of all Americans (04/29/04)
EPA air experts accuse Bush administration of altering science (04/29/04)
Interior Dept. limiting "critical habitat" protection (04/28/04)
Hatchery fish to be counted under ESA (04/28/04)
Court questions industry-friendly EPA fertilizer rule (04/23/04)
Church leaders chastise President Bush for bad air policies (04/22/04)
EPA stands firm on sulfur regulations (04/22/04)
President Bush promises a "net gain" in the nation's wetlands (04/22/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service lists caviar-producing sturgeon as threatened (04/21/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service mulls lifting habitat protections for endangered kangaroo rat (04/20/04)
New "quieter" snowmobiles damage employee hearing in Yellowstone (04/20/04)
States reject Pentagon's request for environmental exemptions (04/19/04)
Federal agency cooked books on salmon recovery (04/15/04)
White House OMB releases a modified peer-review proposal (04/15/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service decides not to protect Yellowstone swans (04/15/04)
Imperiled bull trout may lose federal protections (04/13/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service proposes habitat protections for California frog (04/13/04)
Bush administration wasting billions on nuclear weapons stockpile, NRDC finds (04/13/04)
Bush budget cuts lead poisoning prevention funding (04/11/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service less protective of bald eagles than local Florida officials (04/09/04)
EPA ignores National Academy of Sciences on tap water contaminants (04/09/04)
Corps settlement will protect some artificial waterways (04/09/04)
Forest Service cites "economic emergency" to jumpstart Oregon logging (04/09/04)
Department of Interior afraid of big bad wolves (04/08/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service forced to protect endangered plant in California desert (04/08/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service refuses adequate protection for Pacific fisher (04/08/04)
White House altered scientific findings on mercury threat (04/07/04)
Pentagon again seeking immunity from environmental laws (04/06/04)
Investigator resigns in protest over Interior's cheating Native Americans out of energy royalties (04/06/04)
Deal cutting wilderness protections in Utah was premeditated (04/06/04)
EPA lets rat poison industry weaken safety rules (04/06/04)
Mining cleanup costs vastly exceed Superfund budget (04/05/04)
Mining company gets price break on federal land (04/02/04)
Department of Energy agrees to enforce higher efficiency standards for air conditioners (04/02/04)
EPA overestimating fuel economy data, environmentalists charge (04/02/04)
Corps proceeds with Missouri River management plan (04/02/04)
U.S. strong-arms E.U. to back down on chemical safety requirements (04/01/04)
Mining whistleblower accuses Bush administration of cover-up (04/01/04)
Court orders release of more energy task force records (04/01/04)

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