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November 2004
Bush administration fails to protect endangered fish from harmful dams (11/30/04)
Bush administration deal cuts critical habitat for salmon (11/30/04)
EPA will accept pesticide studies of human subjects (11/30/04)
EPA tells small incinerators to clean up (11/30/04)
Bush signs bills to protect some wildlands (11/30/04)
Bush administration officials win exemption from international pesticide ban (11/26/04)
EPA stifles internal agency dissent over roadless rule (11/26/04)
Bush administration accepts global warming science but balks at solutions (11/24/04)
EPA to make more frequent updates of toxins report (11/23/04)
EPA cannot afford own counterterrorism plans (11/18/04)
Habitat designated for California tiger salamander (11/18/04)
FWS neglects to fund plan to protect endangered wildlife habitat (11/18/04)
EPA launches stealth campaign to kill smog regulation (11/18/04)
Logging to triple in Sierra Nevada forests (11/18/04)
EPA balks at recommended mercury reduction technology (11/17/04)
Bush administration agrees to capture methane gas (11/16/04)
Sage grouse protection isn't protection at all (11/16/04)
Park Service accused of bending drilling rules for Texas oil company (11/15/04)
Bush administration calls for greater shark protection (11/15/04)
EPA relies on biased industry study of toxic chemical (11/15/04)
Federal fisheries agency looking out for dolphins, sea turtles (11/10/04)
BLM whistleblower pays price for reporting mining pollution (11/10/04)
BLM auctions off more Colorado wilderness for drilling (11/09/04)
EPA's lax enforcement good news for polluters (11/09/04)
Prairie dog denied endangered status (11/09/04)
Bush administration ignoring scientific evidence on global warming (11/08/04)
EPA rule to ensure beach water safety falls short (11/08/04)
FWS fires biologist for exposing bad science on Florida panther (11/05/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service designates critical habitat on Mariana Island (11/01/04)

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