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EPA shelves bad-news report about auto fuel efficiency until after energy bill vote (07/26/05)
Former oil lobbyist employed by White House leaves to join ExxonMobil (06/15/05)
Industry buys access to Bush inauguration (01/20/05)
President Bush touts "environmental benefits" of nuclear power (01/10/05)
Lobbyists rub elbows and tee off with federal policy-makers at industry junket (01/05/05)
Bush oil and gas drilling policy forces taxpayers to pay a heavy cleanup price (12/26/04)
BLM whistleblower pays price for reporting mining pollution (11/10/04)
White House stifles global warming data, says NASA top official (10/27/04)
Bush administration's environmental policies ignore science, scientists say (10/19/04)
Whistleblower exposes another Halliburton handout (10/14/04)
EPA lets refineries off the hook (07/18/04)
White House official meddling in fuel efficiency policy, group says (07/13/04)
Bush administration criticized for scientific malfeasance (07/08/04)
Polluter support for Bush paying off big (05/03/04)
Investigator resigns in protest over Interior's cheating Native Americans out of energy royalties (04/06/04)
Court orders release of more energy task force records (04/01/04)
Bush official Griles cleared of ethics charges, but questions remain (03/16/04)
Energy Department worked with industry to exaggerate NSR benefits (03/03/04)
EPA stacking government panel with industry lobbyists (03/01/04)
More industry materials borrowed by EPA for its mercury rule (02/26/04)
A crude move: Alaska's North Slope opened to oil drilling (01/22/04)
Documents reveal dirty dealing by industry on air pollution laws (01/13/04)
Energy lobbyists pay to play with Congress, White House officials (01/07/04)
Interior Department promotes offshore oil and gas drilling in Alaska (09/14/03)
Southern charm: EPA in bed with utility industry (09/04/03)
Corporations shaped Bush energy policy, GAO says (08/25/03)
Bush administration sending mixed signals on energy strategy (07/09/03)
Court rules against Cheney task force secrecy (07/08/03)
GAO halts lawsuit over Cheney energy files (02/07/03)
GAO suit against Cheney energy task force rejected (12/09/02)
Energy Task Force: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk (10/30/02)
Bush administration ordered to release energy documents (10/17/02)
White House seeks unprecedented exemption from public disclosure rules (09/02/02)
Bush administration blocks testimony of key energy official (05/09/02)
NRDC issues subpoena to former head of White House energy task force (04/29/02)
Energy Department papers show industry is the real author of administration's energy policy (03/27/02)
White House misuses clean energy funds to print dirty energy plan (03/25/02)
Energy Dept. ordered to release task force records to NRDC (02/27/02)
EPA initially criticized Bush-Cheney energy plan (02/02/02)
Court asked to force immediate release of secret energy task force details (01/30/02)
Bush administration refusing to release energy task force records (01/28/02)
Bush administration bends rules for favored coal company (01/03/02)
NRDC sues Department of Energy to expose Cheney energy task force secrets (12/11/01)
Environmentalists launch first legal challenge to Bush administration's national energy plan (12/06/01)
Energy Secretary Abraham lauds coal-burning power plant (07/02/01)
President Bush's visit to Department of Energy a vain attempt to shore up his energy conservation credentials (06/28/01)
The Bush-Cheney Energy Plan: Players, Profits and Paybacks (06/20/01)
President Bush releases his energy plan; NRDC offers a responsible alternative (05/17/01)
Bush administration won't release information on industry participants in Cheney energy task force (05/10/01)
Cheney sketches out a misguided energy policy (04/30/01)

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