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EPA to make toxics reporting standards more lenient for industry (09/16/05)
EPA failed to protect children from rat poison, judge rules (08/08/05)
EPA to try out new asbestos removal method (08/02/05)
EPA head defends pesticide testing on children (06/02/05)
Forest Service employee punished for reporting pesticide misuse (05/27/05)
EPA chooses to delay required safeguards on lead-based paint (05/10/05)
EPA decides against testing pesticides on children (04/08/05)
White House weakens EPA cancer safeguards (03/29/05)
EPA proposes to lower selenium standards for rivers and streams (03/04/05)
EPA making illegal, secret agreements with pesticide makers, NRDC charges (02/17/05)
Former OSHA health official blows whistle on beryllium exposure (02/01/05)
EPA shirks the growing electronics-waste dilemma (01/21/05)
Airing the EPA's dirty laundry deal (01/13/05)
Industry rewrites government article on perchlorate dangers (12/19/04)
Outgoing EPA head approves increased use of cancer-causing pesticide (12/16/04)
EPA ponders delaying Superfund listings and cleanups (12/02/04)
EPA will accept pesticide studies of human subjects (11/30/04)
Bush administration officials win exemption from international pesticide ban (11/26/04)
EPA to make more frequent updates of toxins report (11/23/04)
EPA relies on biased industry study of toxic chemical (11/15/04)
USDA rule could triple use of ozone-depleting pesticide (09/16/04)
EPA proposes easing standard on toxic metal (08/31/04)
Health agency colludes with industry to downplay risks of toxic metal (08/15/04)
EPA scrutinized for issuing industry-friendly laundry rule (08/13/04)
EPA tells General Electric: more dredging, not less (07/22/04)
Bush administration pushes for pesticide waiver (07/13/04)
GAO criticizes Pentagon for perchlorate pollution (06/30/04)
Scientific panel labels EPA-approved chemical a carcinogen (06/16/04)
Court questions industry-friendly EPA fertilizer rule (04/23/04)
Bush budget cuts lead poisoning prevention funding (04/11/04)
EPA lets rat poison industry weaken safety rules (04/06/04)
U.S. strong-arms E.U. to back down on chemical safety requirements (04/01/04)
Montreal Protocol shirked for U.S. pesticide interests (03/26/04)
FDA misleads public on tuna health risks (03/19/04)
Bush administration pushing hard for pesticide exemptions (03/03/04)
EPA considers exempting small business from toxic release reporting (11/12/03)
Superfund cleanups lag for third straight year (11/04/03)
EPA tricks public, treats industry on dangerous pesticide (10/31/03)
EPA will not regulate dioxins from sewage sludge (10/17/03)
EPA shields pesticide makers from lawsuits (10/06/03)
More Superfund sites, but less money (10/01/03)
EPA balks at court ruling to protect waterways from pesticide pollution (09/03/03)
EPA lifts ban on selling polluted sites for development (09/02/03)
DOD reneges on plan to test for perchlorate pollution at U.S. bases (06/20/03)
Pentagon accused of covering up perchlorate pollution (05/16/03)
White House bans EPA from discussing perchlorate pollution (04/28/03)
White House unveils its pro-industry chemical security bill (04/24/03)
EPA cooks fish data to allow more pollution (03/21/03)
GAO slams Bush administration for stalling on chemical security (03/18/03)
EPA halts the use of toxic wood preservative (03/17/03)
New EPA guidelines assess cancer risks for children (03/03/03)
Bush administration using guise of security to expand corporate secrecy (02/25/03)
Bush administration pushing for pesticide exemptions from international environmental treaty (02/07/03)
Ignoring health risks, EPA chooses not to ban dangerous weed killer (01/21/03)
EPA sticking with unsafe perchlorate standard (01/16/03)
EPA halts funding at several Superfund sites (10/31/02)
EPA lagging in Superfund cleanups (10/16/02)
Justice Department lax on chemical security (10/10/02)
Bush stacks panel on lead poisoning with industry experts (10/08/02)
Bush replacing health scientists who don't favor industry views (09/17/02)
EPA fails to meet pesticides review deadline (08/03/02)
EPA's scientific review on pesticides questioned (07/19/02)
EPA may allow the use of Carbofuran, a formerly banned toxic pesticide (07/08/02)
EPA signs off on safety of all but two of 30 pesticides (06/10/02)
White House backtracks on plan to ease lead testing regulations (05/14/02)
Administration may weaken lead testing for kids (04/16/02)
White House moves one step forward, two steps back, on chemical treaty (04/11/02)
EPA enlists National Academy of Sciences on issue of human pesticide studies (12/15/01)
EPA may lift ban on human testing of pesticides (11/28/01)
Bush supports U.N. treaty on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (04/09/01)
Bush administration settles pesticides lawsuit brought by NRDC against EPA (03/19/01)

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