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EPA to make toxics reporting standards more lenient for industry (09/16/05)
FDA experts often culled from the ranks of industry (07/14/05)
White House pushes nuclear power plants (05/17/05)
EPA seeks controversial expansion of voluntary pollution-reduction programs (02/23/05)
White House developing regulatory "hit list" at behest of industry (12/17/04)
White House institutes controversial 'peer review' process (12/17/04)
White House pushing EPA to adopt pro-industry measure (12/02/04)
White House OMB releases a modified peer-review proposal (04/15/04)
Pentagon again seeking immunity from environmental laws (04/06/04)
Private ranchers get rights to public lands (02/10/04)
Forest Service streamlines grazing permits (02/10/04)
White House usurping scientific authority from federal agencies (01/11/04)
Pentagon to seek more environmental exemptions (01/09/04)
Park Service says 'Let 'em snowmobile' in Yellowstone (12/11/03)
White House considers dropping some fish protections to promote logging (10/31/03)
EPA changes rule to exempt hazardous waste requirements (10/23/03)
Interior Department eases mining rules (10/09/03)
White House study: benefits of environmental regulation far outweigh costs (09/29/03)
White House recommendations could shut the public out of environmental review (09/24/03)
EPA opposes Bush plan to relax Clean Water Act (09/05/03)
EPA lifts ban on selling polluted sites for development (09/02/03)
EPA officially rolls back Clean Air Act protections (08/27/03)
Oily deal on offshore drilling rights (08/21/03)
EPA stifles staff objections to Pentagon pollution exemptions (04/09/03)
Whitman changes her tune on Pentagon environmental exemptions (03/26/03)
EPA conflicted over Pentagon proposal to exempt the military from environmental laws (03/13/03)
EPA exempts oil and gas industry from water pollution rules (03/10/03)
Pentagon chiefs ordered to hunt for environmental exemptions (03/07/03)
Defense Department seeking exemptions from environmental laws (03/06/03)
EPA plans to relax toxic air pollution standards (02/11/03)
OMB pushes for industry-skewed cost-benefit analysis (02/04/03)
Defense Department targets environmental laws (01/13/03)
EPA exempts oil and gas industry from stormwater pollution rules (12/30/02)
White House begins process of relaxing government regulations for industry (12/19/02)
White House discounts human life in cost-benefit analysis (12/18/02)
Bush administration rewriting rules to boost logging in Northwest (09/30/02)
Bush administration to reconsider Clean Water Act protections (09/19/02)
Forest Service smoothing the rails for Bush's logging proposals (09/19/02)
Bush orders agencies to streamline environmental review of transportation projects (09/18/02)
Interior Department allows more air pollution at national park (08/22/02)
Bush uses national security to gain corporate secrecy and immunity (07/26/02)
Bush administration revokes habitat protection for California frog (07/04/02)
Snowmobiles to be restricted, not banned in parks (06/25/02)
EPA rolls back clean air protections for power plants (06/13/02)
Bush administration lets construction companies off the hook for protecting environment (05/24/02)
Bush administration rolls back air conditioner energy efficiency standards (05/23/02)
Bush administration sends conflicting signal on Clean Air Act enforcement (05/21/02)
EPA proposes water pollution trading scheme (05/14/02)
Bush administration to ax Northwest Forest Plan (04/08/02)
Pentagon seeks exemption from environmental laws (03/29/02)
White House touts aggressive regulatory review (03/19/02)
EPA official admits that Bush clean air plan is weak (02/26/02)
Bush administration intends to shift Superfund cleanup from polluters to taxpayers (02/23/02)
BLM rule could block federal land protection (02/22/02)
Bush announces rollback of power plant pollution rules (02/14/02)
Park snowmobile phase-out delayed (02/05/02)
New NRDC report documents sweeping rollback of environmental protections by federal agencies (01/23/02)
Corps relaxes wetlands protections, White House approves (01/14/02)
Norton withholds government critique of proposal to relax wetlands rules (01/14/02)
NRDC reacts to John Graham's "hit list" of regulations: "We told you so." (12/04/01)
Corps of Engineers ignores "no net loss" wetlands policy (11/02/01)
EPA issues an arsenic-in-tap-water standard higher than that recommended by public health advocates (10/31/01)
Norton Guts Tough Mining Protections (10/25/01)
Forest chief asks Norton to end Oregon mining ban (10/02/01)
White House rule change could inflict "paralysis by analysis" on regulatory process (09/24/01)
USFS to reduce public participation (09/20/01)
Forest Service stalls roadless protection, allows logging to continue (08/22/01)
Tongass and other forests open to roadbuilding, logging (08/12/01)
Army Corps of Engineers to weaken wetlands protections (08/08/01)
EPA wants to scrap air pollution regulations for power plants (07/26/01)
White House favors limiting president's authority to protect federal lands (07/17/01)
Bush nominates "timber beast" to oversee national forests (07/10/01)
BLM upholds "non-controversial" portion of hard rock mining rules (06/15/01)
Bush administration formally suspends arsenic-in-drinking-water protections; NRDC rips decision (05/22/01)
Agriculture secretary undercuts forest management process (05/17/01)
NRDC's John Adams to President Bush: Don't take the teeth out of the Clean Air Act (05/07/01)
Bush administration marks 100 days in office (04/29/01)
EPA drops objections to Florida rule that undermines Clean Water Act protections (04/26/01)
Gale Norton nominates William G. Myers III as solicitor for Department of the Interior (04/24/01)
Yellowstone snowmobile ban goes into effect, but perhaps not for long (04/23/01)
Bush seeks to relax requirements of Endangered Species Act (04/09/01)
Bush administration delays hard-rock mining regulations that protect watersheds (03/21/01)
Bush withdraws new arsenic-in-drinking-water standard (03/20/01)
Bush appoints industry apologist as regulatory gatekeeper (03/06/01)
EPA upholds Clinton decision to clean up diesel pollution (02/28/01)
EPA delays, then upholds, new rule protecting wetlands (02/15/01)
White House announces regulatory freeze (01/20/01)

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