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Drinking Water
Pentagon ignored perchlorate pollution, GAO finds (06/21/05)
EPA inspector general to review hydraulic fracturing study (03/17/05)
EPA revises rules on lead in drinking water (03/07/05)
EPA announces new rules on lead in drinking water (03/07/05)
White House contaminates pollution study (01/10/05)
EPA lets industry write its own voluntary rules for water security (12/09/04)
Whistleblower exposes another Halliburton handout (10/14/04)
EPA fails to enforce adequate testing for lead in drinking water (10/05/04)

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Water Pollution
Government agencies partner for Great Lakes cleanup (07/07/05)
EPA to allow mine wastewater discharge into Alaskan bay (06/29/05)
EPA gives money for beach monitoring programs (05/25/05)
EPA dumps its sewage dumping proposal (05/19/05)
EPA proposes weaker selenium standard (04/13/05)
Bush administration appeals mountaintop mining defeat (03/18/05)
EPA eases TMDL listing requirements for polluted waters (03/07/05)
EPA proposes to lower selenium standards for rivers and streams (03/04/05)

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FWS neglects to fund plan to protect endangered wildlife habitat (11/18/04)
President Bush promises a "net gain" in the nation's wetlands (04/22/04)
White House abandons plans to weaken Clean Water Act protections (12/16/03)
EPA developing ways around the Clean Water Act (10/22/03)
Interior Dept. provides $12.9 million in conservation grants (09/17/03)
EPA opposes Bush plan to relax Clean Water Act (09/05/03)
GAO chides Department of Agriculture for lax enforcement of wetlands protections (05/22/03)
Bush administration planning to remove federal protection for America's wetlands and small waterways (01/10/03)

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The Everglades
Revised Everglades recovery plan not worth the wait (11/04/03)
Bush administration plays dirty in court case over water quality (09/10/03)
Army Corps of Engineers misses deadline on rules for Everglades restoration project (12/11/02)
Bush's revised Everglades plan falls short of restoration goals (07/23/02)
Corps of Engineers' plan threatens to pollute Florida Everglades (05/03/02)
Corps approves Everglades mining (04/11/02)
Bush using Everglades plan to target endangered species (02/07/02)
Park Service okays drilling expansion in Florida preserve (01/14/02)

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Offshore Drilling
EPA lifts ban on drilling in Gulf of Mexico (06/24/04)
Oily deal on offshore drilling rights (08/21/03)
White House favors offshore oil drilling in Alaska (04/21/03)
Bush administration ends court battle over California off-shore drilling (04/01/03)
Interior Department favors boosting offshore drilling by reducing corporate costs (03/26/03)
Bush administration loses appeal in California offshore drilling case (12/02/02)
On offshore drilling, Bush administration won't give Californians the same relief it gave Floridians (06/07/02)
Bush blocks Florida Gulf, Glades drilling (05/29/02)

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Administration's plan allows overfishing in New England (04/16/02)
Pentagon seeks exemption from environmental laws (03/29/02)
Hawaiian marine reserve protections preserved (03/18/02)
Largest U.S. marine reserve becomes official (07/10/01)
California's ocean waters off-limits to fishing (06/04/01)

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