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Government agencies partner for Great Lakes cleanup (07/07/05)
EPA to allow mine wastewater discharge into Alaskan bay (06/29/05)
EPA gives money for beach monitoring programs (05/25/05)
EPA dumps its sewage dumping proposal (05/19/05)
EPA proposes weaker selenium standard (04/13/05)
Bush administration appeals mountaintop mining defeat (03/18/05)
EPA eases TMDL listing requirements for polluted waters (03/07/05)
EPA proposes to lower selenium standards for rivers and streams (03/04/05)
Federal court rules illegal EPA's lax factory-farm pollution rule (02/28/05)
EPA shirks the growing electronics-waste dilemma (01/21/05)
EPA extends stormwater pollution exemption for oil and gas industry (01/19/05)
EPA prefers lax enforcement of stormwater pollution rules (01/04/05)
EPA rule to ensure beach water safety falls short (11/08/04)
EPA scrutinized for issuing industry-friendly laundry rule (08/13/04)
EPA extends oil spill compliance deadline again (08/11/04)
Army Corps of Engineers ordered to protect West Virginia streams from mining waste (07/09/04)
Corps loosens clean water, stream protections for mountaintop removal mining (05/28/04)
Corps settlement will protect some artificial waterways (04/09/04)
Mining whistleblower accuses Bush administration of cover-up (04/01/04)
Plans for Phoenix mine reborn (03/31/04)
New EPA storm-water rule won't control polluted runoff (03/31/04)
EPA letting Clean Water Act violators off the hook (03/30/04)
EPA approves plan to inject toxic waste underground in Michigan (03/16/04)
Interior butts heads with EPA over mine cleanup (03/08/04)
White House ignores MTBE threat (02/16/04)
EPA whistleblower decries agency's sewage sludge decision as a "scam" (02/04/04)
White House seeks to overturn ban on mining near streams (01/07/04)
EPA refuses to tackle rising mercury pollution in Great Lakes region (10/29/03)
EPA may allow continued phosphate dumping in Gulf of Mexico (10/28/03)
EPA will not regulate dioxins from sewage sludge (10/17/03)
New EPA dam proposal threatens salmon (10/10/03)
EPA further delays long overdue Clean Water Act enforcement upgrade (10/10/03)
Interior Department eases mining rules (10/09/03)
EPA finds nearly 300 mountaintop removal violations (09/04/03)
EPA balks at court ruling to protect waterways from pesticide pollution (09/03/03)
EPA lifts ban on selling polluted sites for development (09/02/03)
EPA won't regulate ship waste (09/02/03)
EPA letting polluters off the hook (06/06/03)
White House buries mountaintop mining regulation (05/30/03)
EPA failing to keep track of water quality (05/27/03)
Pentagon accused of covering up perchlorate pollution (05/16/03)
EPA secretly considering amnesty for livestock farm polluters (05/05/03)
EPA cleaning up far fewer toxic waste sites (04/18/03)
EPA will force mining company to clean up pollution in Montana river (04/15/03)
Corps keeps oil spill secret, citing national security concerns (04/08/03)
EPA fines company $34 million for pipeline spills (04/02/03)
EPA allows sludge dumping in Potomac River to continue for seven more years (03/18/03)
EPA withdraws water-pollution cleanup rule (03/13/03)
EPA exempts oil and gas industry from water pollution rules (03/10/03)
Bush administration wins sweetheart water settlement for wealthy California farmers (02/06/03)
GAO faults EPA oversight on factory farms (01/31/03)
Bush administration wins court victory on mountaintop removal mining (01/29/03)
Court sides with environment, upholds EPA stormwater rule (01/14/03)
EPA proposes water pollution trading scheme (01/13/03)
EPA exempts oil and gas industry from stormwater pollution rules (12/30/02)
Bush administration weakens federal program for cleaning up dirty waters (12/21/02)
EPA factory-farm rule favors polluters (12/15/02)
EPA halts funding at several Superfund sites (10/31/02)
Bush administration limiting scope of federal coal mining study (10/28/02)
EPA lagging in Superfund cleanups (10/16/02)
EPA admits clean water takes back seat to war on terrorism (10/08/02)
New EPA water quality report shows U.S. waters are getting dirtier (09/30/02)
White House looks to sink environmental law (08/10/02)
EPA rolls back Clean Water Act's water cleanup program (08/07/02)
EPA restores some Superfund monies (07/21/02)
Bush slashing EPA funding for toxic cleanups (06/30/02)
EPA backs off mandatory plan to clean up stormwater pollution (06/24/02)
Judge rejects Corps request to lift ban on mining pollution (06/17/02)
Bush administration lets construction companies off the hook for protecting environment (05/24/02)
EPA gives failing grade to Powder River drilling projects (05/16/02)
EPA proposes water pollution trading scheme (05/14/02)
Bush asks judge to suspend mountaintop mining decision (05/13/02)
Bush administration agency secretly fights mine reforms (05/10/02)
EPA to let mining industry dump waste in waterways (05/03/02)
Forest Service reverses mine approval (03/29/02)
Bush administration intends to shift Superfund cleanup from polluters to taxpayers (02/23/02)
NRDC lauds EPA's rejection of efforts to scale back Hudson River cleanup (12/04/01)
EPA considers standards that could slow cleanup of PCBs in the Hudson River (10/04/01)
Bush seeking to weaken federal environmental enforcement (07/23/01)
EPA drops objections to Florida rule that undermines Clean Water Act protections (04/26/01)
Bush administration delays hard-rock mining regulations that protect watersheds (03/21/01)
New raw-sewage rules delayed by Bush regulatory freeze (01/20/01)

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