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Bush administration devalues estimated contribution of forest recreation to economy (08/15/05)
Forest Service plan for logging in Tongass National Forest illegal, court rules (08/05/05)
Federal forest plan in Northwest illegal, judge rules (08/01/05)
Bush administration axes 'roadless rule' (05/05/05)
Forest Service sued over its Sierra Nevada logging plan (02/20/05)
National forest rules rewritten to help timber industry (12/22/04)
Bush plans to double logging in Western forests (12/10/04)
Judge orders Forest Service not to salvage live trees (12/10/04)
EPA stifles internal agency dissent over roadless rule (11/26/04)
Logging to triple in Sierra Nevada forests (11/18/04)
Bush weakens decades old rule that protects wildife in forests (09/29/04)
White House pushes for gas drilling in New Mexico's Valle Vidal (08/09/04)
Bush forest policy shortchanges rural communities (07/27/04)
Bush administration rolls over roadless protection (07/12/04)
Forest Service proposes roadless rule rollback (07/02/04)
Forest Service privatizes public comment review (05/06/04)
Forest Service cites "economic emergency" to jumpstart Oregon logging (04/09/04)
Court orders Bush administration to stop hiding forest documents (03/30/04)
Forest Service eases rules to boost Northwest logging (03/23/04)
Forest Service trying to evade outside scrutiny (03/18/04)
Snowmobile bridge blocked in Montana forest (03/12/04)
Forest Service hires PR firm to sell Sierra Nevada logging (03/10/04)
Forest Service sneaks mining, drilling into Alabama's national forests (02/11/04)
Forest Service to boost logging in Appalachian forests (01/23/04)
Forest Service drops "survey and manage" rule for loggers (01/23/04)
Forest Service plans to triple logging in Sierra Nevada forests (01/22/04)
Forest Service pushes logging in sequoia monument (01/17/04)
Forest Service curtails logging appeals process (01/09/04)
Forest Service clears way for logging in Tongass (12/23/03)
Forest Service opens grizzly bear habitat to snowmobiles (12/22/03)
Timber! Bush signs bill allowing lots more logging (12/04/03)
White House considers dropping some fish protections to promote logging (10/31/03)
Privatizing forests doesn't add up (10/05/03)
Forest Service to sell Tongass timber at a loss (09/23/03)
Bush administration refuses to defend roadless rule (09/15/03)
Bush administration offers to double logging in Northwest (08/08/03)
Bush administration taking on illegal logging abroad (07/29/03)
U.S. Forest Service exempts some logging projects from environmental review (07/29/03)
Bush asks Supreme Court to overturn roadless protections (07/18/03)
Judge halts Montana timber sale, rules that Forest Service broke its own rules (07/01/03)
Bush administration moves to roll back the Roadless Rule (06/09/03)
Forest Service plan would triple logging limits in Sierra Nevada (06/05/03)
White House forest-fire plan axes environmental protections (05/30/03)
Bush administration cuts wildlife protection, boosts logging in Northwest forests (05/23/03)
GAO report on forest fires a blow to Bush administration policies (05/15/03)
Bush taps another timber industry insider for environmental post (04/07/03)
Forest Service to double logging in Sierra Nevada forests (03/18/03)
Bush administration rejects wilderness protection in Alaska's Tongass (02/28/03)
Sierra Nevada forest protections under fire by Bush administration (01/29/03)
California's giant trees threatened by Bush forest plans (01/27/03)
Bush administration says logging good for wildlife (01/14/03)
Forest Service loosens logging restrictions for small-scale projects (01/03/03)
U.S. appeals court upholds Roadless Area Conservation Rule (12/12/02)
White House fire plan would boost logging and at expense of environment, public input (12/11/02)
Forest Service rewriting rules to increase logging, remove wildlife safeguards (11/26/02)
Bush administration wants to expedite logging at expense of fish in Northwest forests (11/25/02)
Forest Service may exempt environmental protection from forest-management plans (10/09/02)
Bush administration rewriting rules to boost logging in Northwest (09/30/02)
Forest Service smoothing the rails for Bush's logging proposals (09/19/02)
Bush's new wildfire expert no friend of forests (08/30/02)
Bush calls for increased logging in the name of fire prevention (08/22/02)
Bush administration blames wildfires on environmentalists (06/25/02)
Forest Service advises against protecting wilderness in Alaska's Tongass (05/16/02)
Forest Service wants to circumvent environmental laws (04/12/02)
Forest Service compromises on Bitterroot salvage logging plan (02/07/02)
Bush proposes 'charter' forests (02/06/02)
Bush to boost logging in national forests (02/04/02)
Forest Service appeals salvage logging legal decision (01/22/02)
Coming Soon: More logging in the Pacific Northwest (01/18/02)
Sierra Nevada plan limits logging, grazing activities in California national forests (12/27/01)
USFS guts protections for undeveloped forest lands (12/14/01)
Forest Service makes hasty salvage logging decision, forces court battle (11/27/01)
GAO slams Forest Service for poor fiscal management (10/01/01)
USFS to reduce public participation (09/20/01)
Tongass and other forests open to roadbuilding, logging (08/12/01)
Bush nominates "timber beast" to oversee national forests (07/10/01)
Agriculture secretary undercuts forest management process (05/17/01)
Bush launches a "sneak attack" on the Roadless Area Conservation Plan (05/04/01)
Bush administration seeks to roll back Roadless Area Conservation Plan (03/16/01)

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