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BLM makes environmental cleanup optional for oil and gas companies (08/05/05)
Interior Dept. may allow increased natural gas drilling in Utah canyon (08/02/05)
Interior Dept. drills away environmental protections (07/21/05)
BLM pays oil and gas industry to work on drilling permits (07/08/05)
BLM limits citizen input on drilling on public lands (06/30/05)
Bush administration disregards science on grazing damage (06/15/05)
Energy development not hampered by lack of drilling permits (04/28/05)
Otero Mesa grassland opened to drilling (01/24/05)
BLM auctions forest tracts and lands near park to drillers (12/10/04)
BLM auctions off more Colorado wilderness for drilling (11/09/04)
BLM misstates size of Roan Plateau natural gas reserves (10/27/04)
BLM reverses course on Rocky Mountain drilling (10/02/04)
Drill first, ask questions later on public lands (09/26/04)
For Sale: Record amount of oil and gas leases on public lands in Utah (09/08/04)
Most U.S. oil, gas leases unexplored (08/13/04)
BLM issuing record number of drilling permits (07/29/04)
BLM holds largest federal lands auction in Utah history (06/25/04)
FWS warns power plant pollution will harm wilderness area (05/14/04)
Energy Department seeking to expand natural gas drilling on federal lands (05/05/04)
Federal agency cooked books on salmon recovery (04/15/04)
Imperiled bull trout may lose federal protections (04/13/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service less protective of bald eagles than local Florida officials (04/09/04)
Deal cutting wilderness protections in Utah was premeditated (04/06/04)
BLM okays energy exploration in sensitive Utah lands (03/19/04)
BLM illegally opened Montana area to off-road vehicles, judge rules (03/15/04)
Political controversy surrounds BLM's Otero Mesa drilling plans (03/04/04)
Bush discounts wilderness for campaign contributors (03/01/04)
Wildlife takes a backseat to drilling in Wyoming (03/01/04)
Californians counter Bush plan to drill Los Padres forest (02/18/04)
BLM auctions off drilling leases around Dinosaur National Monument (02/12/04)
Energy development threatens Dinosaur National Monument (02/09/04)
Norton urges 300 percent increase in gas drilling (01/21/04)
Bush administration streamlining oil and gas permits (12/23/03)
BLM opens the door for Arizona open pit mine (12/18/03)
BLM wants to weaken grazing protections to help livestock industry (12/05/03)
GAO finds that energy production pollutes wildlife refuges (09/24/03)
BLM maximizing energy development, minimizing environmental protection (08/07/03)
Bush administration taps new group to speed up energy development in Rockies (07/08/03)
Bush administration calls for more gas drilling on public lands (06/24/03)
DOE snow job helps oil drilling in Alaska (06/03/03)
BLM approves Powder River Basin development (04/30/03)
White House favors offshore oil drilling in Alaska (04/21/03)
BLM moves to overturn drilling ban in Alaska's Western Arctic Reserve (04/15/03)
Bush administration rolls back wilderness protections (04/11/03)
Bush administration sets sights on drilling in Western Arctic Reserve (02/26/03)
BLM opening sensitive Wyoming lands to drilling (02/18/03)
Bush administration setting its sights on oil in Western Arctic Reserve (01/17/03)
Federal study contradicts Bush claims of curbs on Western energy development (01/17/03)
Judge deals setback to Bush oil drilling plans in Utah (12/23/02)
BLM denies drilling access in Colorado wildlife range (12/20/02)
Bush administration faces tough time tapping oil in the Rockies (12/18/02)
Bush administration optimistic about Powder River Basin energy supplies (12/18/02)
BLM grants quickie approval of another energy project in Utah (11/11/02)
Interior panel's ruling against coal-bed methane leases upheld (10/15/02)
BLM approves oil and gas drilling in Utah (10/04/02)
White House Utah drilling plans under fire from local businesses (08/26/02)
Bush administration backing away from California coastal protection (08/19/02)
Bush administration allows energy development in national monument (08/12/02)
Bush administration plans to give away oil and coal holdings in Utah (07/25/02)
Bush administration pushes oil drilling in Alaska reserve (06/10/02)
BLM officials address conflict-of-interest charges (06/10/02)
On offshore drilling, Bush administration won't give Californians the same relief it gave Floridians (06/07/02)
Bush blocks Florida Gulf, Glades drilling (05/29/02)
EPA gives failing grade to Powder River drilling projects (05/16/02)
Powder River drilling leases ruled illegal (04/30/02)
Bush administration speeding up drilling in Rockies (04/18/02)
Bush administration promotes coal-bed methane development (04/04/02)
Bush administration revisiting Rocky Mountain Front protections (03/28/02)
BLM sets sights on drilling Powder River basin (03/27/02)
BLM plans to open more lands to drilling (03/18/02)
Gas drilling returns to Padre Island National Seashore (03/15/02)
Forest Service proposes oil and gas leasing in Los Padres (03/11/02)
Agency pushes oil exploration near Utah park (01/24/02)
BLM backs gas drilling in national monument (01/21/02)
Park Service okays drilling expansion in Florida preserve (01/14/02)
Bush administration fighting for new oil drilling off California coast (01/10/02)
Forest Service won't allow drilling in New York's Finger Lakes (12/18/01)
Boundaries of some protected public lands may be "redrawn" to allow drilling and mining (06/05/01)
Bush administration to try to adjust the boundaries of 19 new national monuments (02/20/01)

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