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Federal judge rebukes Bush administration for downgrading salamander protections (08/19/05)
Bush administration slashes habitat protections for salmon (08/12/05)
Federal agency halves seasonal wetlands habitat (08/12/05)
Alaskan sea otter gets Endangered Species Act protection (08/09/05)
Federal judge says San Joaquin River water contracts hurt endangered species (07/28/05)
Federal fisheries agency broke the law, investigation finds (07/13/05)
EPA to allow mine wastewater discharge into Alaskan bay (06/29/05)
FWS reinstates whistle-blower employee (06/29/05)
New fisheries rules could harm fish (06/22/05)
New fisheries rules could harm fish (06/22/05)
Grizzly bears may lose federal protections (06/10/05)
Bush administration overvalued Florida land rights of donor family (06/08/05)
BLM opens Otero Mesa for oil and gas development (06/07/05)
Judge rules Bush administration played down threat to endangered fish (05/26/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service denies protection for pygmy rabbit (05/24/05)
Bush administration agrees to protect desert plants in Utah (05/17/05)
BLM underestimates wildlife threats from drilling in Colorado (04/21/05)
Federal wildlife officials drastically trim endangered toad protections (04/13/05)
FWS cites national security as reason to reduce habitat protection in California (04/08/05)
Courts fault federal officials in Florida for failing to protect endangered species (04/06/05)
Green sturgeon slated for endangered species list (04/05/05)
BLM plans to open up protected desert land to recreation and development (03/24/05)
Florida crocodiles to lose endangered status (03/24/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service cuts critical habitat designation for vernal pools species (03/08/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service considers pygmy rabbit for Endangered Species Act protection (03/04/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service allows imports of beluga caviar to continue (03/02/05)
Judge approves off-road vehicle restrictions in Florida's Big Cypress Preserve (02/22/05)
BLM calls for more drilling in Wyoming's wildlands (02/15/05)
Hundreds of government wildlife scientists report political pressure, scientific distortion (02/09/05)
FWS proposes ESA protection for rare beetle (02/01/05)
FWS removes federal protections for imperiled mouse (01/28/05)
BLM opens tortoise habitat to motorized recreation (01/27/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service discards scientific advances on endangered species (01/27/05)
FWS gives butterfly plant a bit of a break (01/11/05)
FWS downgrades protected status of Mariana fruit bat (01/07/05)
Sage grouse denied protection (01/06/05)
Off-road vehicles banned from tortoise habitat (12/30/04)
Lamprey loses out on ESA listing (12/22/04)
Bush administration officials accused of downplaying danger of water diversion to fish populations (12/19/04)
Interior Department official sides with industry over wildlife protections (12/18/04)
President Bush creates cabinet-level panel to help protect oceans (12/17/04)
Federal agency proposes listing Puget Sound orcas as threatened (12/16/04)
Nebraska court denies lawsuit filed on behalf of endangered Missouri river birds and fish (12/10/04)
FWS surprises with "no surprises" wildlife rule (12/10/04)
Sage grouse left unprotected (12/03/04)
Bush administration fails to protect endangered fish from harmful dams (11/30/04)
Bush administration deal cuts critical habitat for salmon (11/30/04)
Bush signs bills to protect some wildlands (11/30/04)
Habitat designated for California tiger salamander (11/18/04)
FWS neglects to fund plan to protect endangered wildlife habitat (11/18/04)
Sage grouse protection isn't protection at all (11/16/04)
Federal fisheries agency looking out for dolphins, sea turtles (11/10/04)
Prairie dog denied endangered status (11/09/04)
FWS fires biologist for exposing bad science on Florida panther (11/05/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service designates critical habitat on Mariana Island (11/01/04)
Bush proposal to restrict dam appeals helps hydropower industry (10/27/04)
Southern California to receive more water at the expense of imperiled fish species (10/22/04)
Pentagon fights states, cities on cleaning up military pollution (10/14/04)
Federal biologists forced to rewrite salmon study (10/02/04)
Camouflaged drilling wells won't hide the real problem, critics say (09/30/04)
Endangered dragonfly wins habitat protection (09/20/04)
Feds preparing to remove grizzly protections (09/12/04)
Feds push for removing bird protections that restrict logging (09/01/04)
Despite risk to salmon, dams to stay (08/31/04)
Prairie dog no longer candidate for ESA protections (08/13/04)
Court rejects Bush administration effort to approve logging in owl habitat (08/06/04)
Critical habitat for desert plant cut in half (08/04/04)
Judge strikes down federal permits in endangered tortoise habitat (08/03/04)
Bush administration forced to reconsider mouse habitat protection (07/29/04)
Endangered minnow loses protected habitat in three states (07/29/04)
Less protection for imperiled tiger salamanders (07/26/04)
EPA tells General Electric: more dredging, not less (07/22/04)
Whistleblowing Florida panther scientist will be fired (07/20/04)
Interior Department proposes ending gray wolf protection (07/14/04)
BLM approves energy development in Wyoming's Jack Morrow Hills (07/13/04)
Desert tortoise habitat opened to off-road vehicles (07/03/04)
EPA angling for pesticide authority despite risk to wildlife (07/02/04)
EPA lifts ban on drilling in Gulf of Mexico (06/24/04)
Bush administration protecting less wildlife habitat than federal biologists recommend (06/24/04)
Federal government forced to protect bull trout (06/23/04)
Missouri River restoration battle takes bad turn for wildlife (06/22/04)
Federal judge blasts Bush administration for ESA delay (06/21/04)
Forest Service broke laws over fire retardant use (06/18/04)
BLM relaxes drilling restrictions in Alaska's North Slope (06/09/04)
Interior Department retains protection for desert plant (06/03/04)
FWS may relax wildlife protections on military bases (06/02/04)
Bush administration delays murrelet protection for timber industry (06/01/04)
Bush administration unveils controversial salmon plan (05/25/04)
Biologist quits over administration's mangled science (05/21/04)
Bald eagle flying off the threatened species list (05/15/04)
Salmon safe from delisting, at least for now (05/14/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service accused of using flawed data to downgrade panther protection (05/03/04)
Interior Dept. limiting "critical habitat" protection (04/28/04)
Hatchery fish to be counted under ESA (04/28/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service lists caviar-producing sturgeon as threatened (04/21/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service mulls lifting habitat protections for endangered kangaroo rat (04/20/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service decides not to protect Yellowstone swans (04/15/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service proposes habitat protections for California frog (04/13/04)
Corps settlement will protect some artificial waterways (04/09/04)
Department of Interior afraid of big bad wolves (04/08/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service forced to protect endangered plant in California desert (04/08/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service refuses adequate protection for Pacific fisher (04/08/04)
Corps proceeds with Missouri River management plan (04/02/04)
Interior Dept. defends loosening of ESA import ban (03/29/04)
Army Corps bends to pressure on Missouri River (03/26/04)
Forest plan fails to protect grizzly habitat (03/25/04)
BLM must regulate private irrigation diversions (03/24/04)
Controversy still simmers over Missouri River management (03/18/04)
Swordfish fleet fishing halted to protect sea turtles (03/11/04)
Missouri River battle ebbs and flows (03/10/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service okays endangered species imports (03/09/04)
FWS finally protects endangered fox (03/04/04)
Bush administration taking shots at wolves (03/03/04)
Missouri River management plan ignores fish protections (02/26/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service gives sucker fish a break (02/25/04)
Bush cuts funding for endangered species (02/25/04)
U.S. Navy vs. endangered turtles (02/18/04)
Forest Service lifts ban on poisoning prairie dogs (02/15/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service protects Florida manatees (02/11/04)
Interior proposes protecting Alaskan otters (02/05/04)
Judge restores protections for gray wolves (02/01/04)
White House wants to let EPA ignore pesticide consultations (01/27/04)
White House offers small funding boost for Northwest salmon recovery (01/26/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service says fate of Missouri River wildlife takes precedence (12/18/03)
Judge overturns NMFS decision not to protect orcas (12/17/03)
Defense Dept. exercise threatens endangered tortoise (12/17/03)
Bush administration finally takes blame for Klamath fish kill (11/18/03)
Bush administration ignores damming evidence (10/29/03)
Bush administration declares open season on endangered species (10/13/03)
Judge orders Interior Department to stop stalling on owl habitat protection (10/10/03)
Corps of Engineers violates judge's ruling, won't lower Missouri River flows for wildlife (09/24/03)
Interior Dept. provides $12.9 million in conservation grants (09/17/03)
Private contractors to determine endangered species' future (09/12/03)
New EPA rules ignore mercury pollution from chlorine plants (08/27/03)
FWS puts wildlife in critical condition (08/06/03)
Judge holds corps in contempt in Missouri River dispute (08/04/03)
Forest Service rewriting Yellowstone plans with a grizzly ending (07/26/03)
Judge holds Corps in contempt in Missouri River dispute (07/22/03)
BLM revs engines of off-road vehicle riders (07/19/03)
Federal judge forced to intervene in Klamath River water plan (07/18/03)
Corps of Engineers rejects judge's ruling on Missouri River management dispute (07/15/03)
Interior bumps up funding under ESA for land conservation (07/14/03)
Agency swamped with public comments supporting manatee protection (07/07/03)
Illegal Navy sonar linked to porpoise deaths, environmentalists say (07/01/03)
Fish and Wildlife Service reduces protected habitat for threatened mouse by half (06/23/03)
Bush administration undermines critical habitat designations (06/18/03)
Government studies counter White House criticism of "critical habitat" principle (06/13/03)
Interior giving up on endangered species protection (05/29/03)
BLM opens fragile dunes ecosystem to off-road recreation (05/23/03)
FWS designates critical habitat in Hawaii (05/14/03)
Navy's illegal use of sonar blasts dolphins, whales in Puget Sound (05/08/03)
Fish and Wildlife Service drops controversial manatee rules (05/05/03)
Fish and Wildlife Service holds the line on habitat protection plans for imperiled wildlife in California (04/24/03)
New Missouri River management plan imperils protected birds (04/22/03)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife signs off on plan to reopen Imperial Dunes to off-road vehicles (04/10/03)
Bush administration short-changing endangered species protection (04/07/03)
Bush administration begins diverting water from Klamath River -- where salmon kill occurred -- to farmers (04/03/03)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes stream protection in Alabama (03/28/03)
Interior ordered to continue protecting manatees (03/18/03)
Bush administration proposes stripping protections for endangered wolves (03/18/03)
Judge orders federal protection for California fish (03/04/03)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service outlines sea otter recovery plan (03/04/03)
U.S. EPA seeks to weaken endangered-species protections (02/27/03)
Bush administration flunking on salmon recovery (02/26/03)
Spotted owl denied federal protection despite additional logging threat (02/10/03)
Manatees finally get protection (01/24/03)
Bush administration to revisit spotted owl protections (01/14/03)
Defense Department targets environmental laws (01/13/03)
Bush administration pushing to lift grizzly bear protection (01/05/03)
Bush administration blamed for Klamath River fish kill (01/05/03)
Judge slaps restraining order on plan to dredge Snake River (12/20/02)
Judge gives Department of Interior extension on manatee plan (12/19/02)
Judge puts blocks Snake River dredging plan to evaluate risk to salmon (12/13/02)
Bush administration approves limited river restoration plan for Glen Canyon (12/09/02)
Bush administration supports renewed elephant ivory trade (11/11/02)
Federal courts overturn habitat protections, per Bush request (11/09/02)
Bush administration looking for legal loopholes on manatee protection (11/06/02)
Bush officials suppress science on Klamath River policy (11/01/02)
Interior Department finally designates manatee-protection zones (10/31/02)
Interior Department to oppose commercial whaling (10/30/02)
Whistleblower says Bush administration pressure forced inadequate salmon protection (10/28/02)
Forest Service in violation of Endangered Species Act (10/20/02)
Fish and Wildlife Service proposes special wildlife habitat on Guam (10/16/02)
Judge considers contempt of court for Interior Secretary Norton over manatees (10/03/02)
Army Corps rejects order to increase Missouri River flow (10/02/02)
Bush administration plans to lift federal protection on wolves (09/25/02)
Army Corps of Engineers dawdling on Missouri River plan (09/10/02)
Federal officials reject call to add white marlin to endangered list (09/04/02)
Interior Dept. approves water storage under Mojave Desert (08/29/02)
Bush administration abandons California water plan (08/23/02)
Bush administration weakens whale protections that hindered oil and gas industry (08/22/02)
Bush administration weakens whale protections that hindered oil and gas industry (08/22/02)
Fish and Wildlife Service ordered to develop list of manatee protection zones (08/16/02)
Bush administration supports protecting endangered foreign fish (07/31/02)
Navy's sonar threatens whales (07/16/02)
White House backs delay in river changes (07/14/02)
Bush administration forced to protect endangered whipsnake (07/10/02)
Wildlife officials block Corps plan to move endangered birds (07/05/02)
Bush administration revokes habitat protection for California frog (07/04/02)
FWS flip-flops on trout protection (06/26/02)
Bush administration backtracks on land preservation (06/19/02)
Judge rules against Bush administration on endangered species protection (06/13/02)
Missouri River restoration put on hold (06/13/02)
U.S. signs off on endangered salmon harvest (06/12/02)
Bureau of Reclamation balks at Klamath water plans (06/03/02)
Federal scientists say Columbia dredging won't hurt salmon (05/20/02)
Salmon protection temporarily rescinded (05/07/02)
Administration establishes habitat protections for endangered kangaroo rat (04/23/02)
Administration's plan allows overfishing in New England (04/16/02)
Bush administration fails to protect manatees (04/16/02)
Bush administration to ax Northwest Forest Plan (04/08/02)
Bush administration scales back habitat protection for endangered butterfly (04/05/02)
Pentagon seeks exemption from environmental laws (03/29/02)
Endangered species habitat under attack (03/19/02)
Hawaiian marine reserve protections preserved (03/18/02)
Desert tortoise finally protected (03/12/02)
Bush administration scraps plans for new wildlife refuge (03/12/02)
Bureau of Reclamation Klamath plan endangers fish (02/27/02)
Corps doesn't give a dam for Snake River salmon (02/21/02)
Bush administration seeks to weaken endangered species protection in California (02/16/02)
Park Service wants motorized access in Georgia wilderness (02/11/02)
Bush using Everglades plan to target endangered species (02/07/02)
Coming Soon: More logging in the Pacific Northwest (01/18/02)
Bush administration changes science on polar bear impacts to suit Arctic drilling (01/17/02)
New Corps study backs Columbia River dredging (01/03/02)
Corps keeps Snake River dams (12/03/01)
Norton reneges on agreement to protect endangered desert tortoise (08/27/01)
Corps abandons plan to save Missouri River wildlife (08/02/01)
Norton balks at defending wildlife in the face of local opposition (07/23/01)
Largest U.S. marine reserve becomes official (07/10/01)
California's ocean waters off-limits to fishing (06/04/01)
BLM fails to comply with agreement to protect threatened desert tortoises (05/12/01)
Interior will not reintroduce grizzly bears into Idaho, Montana wildlands (04/25/01)
Bush seeks to relax requirements of Endangered Species Act (04/09/01)
Fish and Wildlife Service withdraws call for protection of endangered salmon and trout (03/07/01)

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