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Standards are essential to managing environmental outcomes and provide platforms for businesses to rise above the crowd. Smarter Business profiles key certifications to sort meaningful programs from those that lack credibility.


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    Global Organic Textile Standard

    GOTS aims to provide textile processors and manufacturers with one organic textile certification that is accepted and recognized in all major markets.

  • Green Seal Logo

    Green Seal

    Green Seal certifies office paper, paper towels, cleaning products, food packaging, household products and many other items.

  • C2C logo

    Cradle to Cradle

    Cradle to Cradle certifies paper and packaging, personal care products, textiles and fabrics, and a miscellany of other products. .

Building and Construction Products

  • Building


    The US Green Building Council's LEED program is the most widely recognized green building standard in the United States, providing certification for multiple building types.

  • Energy Star logo

    Energy Star

    The EPA's Energy Star provides certification for new and upgraded energy-efficient homes and office buildings.

  • Green Seal Logo

    Green Seal

    Green Seal certifies energy efficient windows and chillers.


  • Energy Star logo

    Energy Star

    The EPA's Energy Star label is featured on over 60 product categories for the office and home, including a wide variety of major appliances, lighting, office equipment.

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