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Chapter 3

To accomplish the built environment measurements, Criterion applied its INDEX software to the three sites using data provided by the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County. INDEX is a GIS-based model that measures the physical or spatial characteristics of urban form, housing and employment activities, and transportation systems. Tables 2 and 3 list the results for indicators that were measurable using available data, and Table 4 summarizes these results. Figure 2 (pdf, 152k), Figure 3 (pdf, 209k), and Figure 4 (pdf, 190k) show the location of vicinity features measured with INDEX.

Table 2: Built Environment Indicators - Metro Square vs. North Natomas
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Table 3: Built Environment Indicators - Metro Square vs. Antelope
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Summary of Built Environments Comparison
Element Indicator Metro Square
as % of
Metro Square
as % of
Urban Form
Total land consumption 22 26
Per capita land consumption 29 33
Block size 45 28
Vicinity use mix 232 425
Neighborhood completeness 144 144
Housing Parcel size 23 29
Density 333 286
Distance to convenience grocery 5 17
Distance to supermarket 13 39
Distance to school 11 63
Distance to transit 6 ¥
Jobs within one mile ¥ 836
Parks and
Park space availability 108 ¥
Distance to park 49 11
Travel Internal street connectivity 134 128
Distance between external streets 6 82
Transit service density ¥ ¥
Pedestrian network coverage 100 100
Pedestrian capacity 150 200
Pedestrian crossing distance 81 81
Pedestrian safety at intersections 1250 333
Pedestrian route directness 94 90
Bicycle network coverage 310 ¥
Traffic calming ¥ ¥
Residential off-street parking supply 60 68
Open space 500 ¥
Street trees ¥ ¥
Imperviousness 82 89

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