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Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area Trends, Preferences, and Opportunities
2010 to 2030 and to 2040

The most influential drivers of the form, location, and nature of development in metropolitan Columbus since the 1970s are undergoing fundamental changes. Understanding these new drivers and their implications for the built environment, and planning for and shaping the regions' growth in recognition of these new drivers, may be major factors in determining the area's future economic competitiveness.
Less Driving, More Saving
The Economic Benefits of Cutting Car Travel

Fact Sheet
The commonly held belief that more driving fosters economic growth is simply a myth. Fortunately, the fact that the two are not linked is good news for our pocketbooks, our commutes, and our environment. Efforts to cut driving and reduce traffic are most definitely good for the economy. When we look at efforts to both make our transportation system more efficient—using carpool lanes or more transit—and change land use to reduce theneed to drive—via transit-friendly development and walkable neighborhoods—we see that the economic benefits are significant. Get document in pdf.
Clean By Design: Transportation
Today, raw materials, manufacturers and retailers of apparel are routinely located on opposite sides of the globe. Any method to move garments from factory to market will impact the environment in some form, but retailers can make simple transportation choices to significantly reduce their pollution footprint and save money.
Congress Must Get Transportation Bill Back on Track
Once again, Republican leadership is hijacking a must-pass bill in order to advance an extreme anti-environmental agenda. The House should be working on a thoughtful transportation policy that could actually become law - not playing games by adding misguided and destructive measures to the already-delayed transportation bill.

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