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Cleaner and Cheaper: Using the Clean Air Act to Sharply Reduce Carbon Pollution from Existing Power Plants
Issue Paper
Climate and energy experts at NRDC have crafted a groundbreaking proposal that will help the Administration create jobs, grow the economy, and curb climate change by going after the country's largest source of climate-changing pollution: emissions from hundreds of existing power plants.
Comments Filed On The Carbon Pollution Standard, June 25, 2012
NRDC Comments filed on the Carbon Pollution Standard on Monday, June 25, 2012.

NRDC Comments filed on the Carbon Pollution Standard on Monday, June 25, 2012.

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Economic Opportunities of Cutting Carbon Pollution and Climate Change
Fact Sheet
The president has laid out a comprehensive National Climate Plan to curb pollution, expand clean energy, and make our communities more resilient. The plan also presents a tremendous economic opportunity for businesses, communities, states, and our country.
Scaling Up Energy Efficiency
Saving Money, Creating Jobs, and Slashing Emissions

Issue Brief
Energy efficiency is a proven resource with significant potential to dramatically reduce power plant emissions and to do so at low cost. Power plants represent 40 percent of the nation's total climate-changing pollution.
Forests Not Fuel
Burning Trees for Energy Increases Carbon Pollution and Destroys Our Forests

Fact Sheet
Forests purify our air and water, control soil erosion, foster biodiversity, provide habitats for wildlife, and serve as carbon "sinks", absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon. Power companies, facing pressure to find alternatives to fossil fuels like coal, are increasingly proposing to burn whole trees for energy instead, which would not only emit a lot of carbon, but also destroy one of our best defenses against global warming.

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