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Clean Energy and Climate Legislation
This Is Our Moment

A comprehensive climate and energy bill that includes a cap to reduce emissions would provide the incentives that will create a foundation for the development of a clean energy economy in the United States.
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
An Opportunity to Repower America with a Green Economy

Legislative Analysis
The economic recovery package is a first step toward repowering America with green jobs, refueling our nation with clean energy, and rebuilding the country’s aging transportation and water infrastructure. As the bill moves into its final stages, Congress has a great opportunity to make a serious commitment to energy independence, reducing carbon emissions and protecting our environment while also creating millions of new jobs. In order to assure that these goals are met, NRDC supports the inclusion of these provisions in the final American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Get document in pdf.

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Strengthening American Manufacturing and Investing in the Clean Energy Economy
How Climate and Energy Legislation Can Help America Become the Global Leader in Clean Energy Technologies

Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation will reduce global warming pollution from America’s manufacturing sector while strengthening the competitiveness of American industry and preserving and increasing the number of good-paying, high-skilled jobs available to American workers. The vast majority of American manufacturers will see little or no cost increases as a result of well-designed climate legislation, and the most energy-intensive firms will receive extra benefits to ensure their international competitiveness. Now is the time to put American workers— and companies—to work building the next generation of clean energy technologies. Get document in pdf.
Tar Sands Invasion
How Dirty and Expensive Oil from Canada Threatens America's New Energy Economy

Fact Sheet
The oil industry is currently planning a massive project to export millions of barrels more per day of dirty tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada to the United States. Tar sands strip-mining and drilling in Canada’s Boreal forest is the largest and most destructive project on Earth. The decline in oil demand and the rise of alternative energy puts North America on the verge of a phenomenally important step forward toward a new, clean energy economy. Expanding reliance on tar sands is unnecessary, undermines our progress as a nation, and is severely destructive. We have a choice: we can move forward towards a clean energy future with greater national security or remain stuck with the dirty fossil fuels of the past. Get document in pdf.
Jobs that Build a Better Future
Clean energy investments will create millions of manufacturing jobs and whole new industries

Investing in clean energy can help heal the environment and boost the American economy.
Coal is Dirty and Dangerous
Efficiency and renewables are better options for repowering America with clean energy

Coal is America’s No. 1 global warming polluter, despite the industry hype. Clean energy alternatives are better choices for our health, welfare and the U.S. economy.

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