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Cleaner Air and Better Health: The Benefits of Ohio's Renewable and Efficiency Standards
Ohio's Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) and Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) hold significant untapped potential to protect the environment and safeguard public health, particularly the health of children, pregnant women, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations.
Amend SB 315 to Protect Ohio’s Successful Energy Efficiency Standard
Fact Sheet
Ohio's energy efficiency standard is lowering electricity bills, cutting pollution, and creating jobs. By amending Senate Bill 315, we can encourage the development of the Combined Heat and Power and Waste Energy Recovery projects without diluting the successful energy efficiency standard. Get document in pdf.
Energy Productivity in Ohio
Efficiency Benefits to Power Jobs and the Economy

Issue Paper
Ohio has tremendous opportunity to improve its energy productivity and decrease the amount of money it sends to other states to import energy. Since the 2008 passage of bipartisan Senate Bill 221 that includes an energy efficiency portfolio standard, Ohio has already begun to realize increased productivity in the energy sector and across the larger economy.
Better Bulbs, Better Jobs
Case Studies in Ohio's Energy-Efficient Lighting Industry

Fact Sheet
Ohio has long been a leader in manufacturing. Located within 600 miles of 62 percent of North America’s manufacturing locations, its strong workforce and proximity to markets have helped to make it a global leader in producing high-quality goods. While the economic downturn shuttered some of its factories, Ohio is seeing an economic resurgence in a newer industry: energy-efficient lighting. Responding to new federal lighting efficiency standards and the state’s energy efficiency resource standard, dozens of companies in Ohio, large and small, are inventing, manufacturing, and deploying better-performing, energy-efficient lighting solutions. These companies are creating much needed jobs, reducing energy bills for businesses and households, and cutting pollution that harms Ohioans’ health and safety. Get document in pdf.

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