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Treating America's Oil Addiction
A Clean, Renewable Path to Energy Security

Fact Sheet
Our future depends on reducing our oil demand now. Get document in pdf.

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Strengthening American Manufacturing and Investing in the Clean Energy Economy
How Climate and Energy Legislation Can Help America Become the Global Leader in Clean Energy Technologies

Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation will reduce global warming pollution from America’s manufacturing sector while strengthening the competitiveness of American industry and preserving and increasing the number of good-paying, high-skilled jobs available to American workers. The vast majority of American manufacturers will see little or no cost increases as a result of well-designed climate legislation, and the most energy-intensive firms will receive extra benefits to ensure their international competitiveness. Now is the time to put American workers— and companies—to work building the next generation of clean energy technologies. Get document in pdf.
Driving It Home: Choosing the Right Path for Fueling North America's Transportation Future
Choosing the Right Path for Fueling North America's Transportation Future

North America faces an energy crossroads. With the world fast approaching the end of cheap, plentiful conventional oil, we must choose between developing ever-dirtier sources of fossil fuels -- at great cost to our health and environment -- or setting a course for a more sustainable energy future of clean, renewable fuels.
Testimony on Boucher Discussion Draft
Statement of Daniel A. Lashof, NRDC's Climate Center Science Director, before the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives on May 24, 2007.

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