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Waste and Opportunity 2015
Environmental Progress and Challenges in Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Packaging

The environmental implications of consumer packaging are an increasingly important component of corporate sustainability programs. Because of finite and dwindling raw material sources, and because wasting materials with significant economic value is an inefficient use of those limited resources, brands that place packaging into commerce need to take more responsibility for its life cycle impact.
Guide to Composting at Sports Venues
There are many opportunities to divert waste from a landfill or incinerator by initiating composting programs at a stadium or arena, ranging from collection of grass clippings and other landscaping wastes to collecting kitchen scraps, fan food waste, and compostable serviceware.
California’s New Recycling Goal is a Green Jobs Creator
Achieving 75 percent recycling in California could produce more than 110,000 jobs.

California already leads the nation in green jobs creation, and increasing recycling and the industry that supports it will create even more jobs.

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