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Testimony of Mae Wu on Water Quality in the District of Columbia
NRDC's Mae Wu testified before the Council of the Distrcit of Columbia Committee on Government Operations and the Environment and the Committee on Public Works and Transportation on February 10, 2009, discussing water quality and lead levels in drinking water in the District of Columbia. Get document in pdf.
Get the Lead Out
Children across the nation face the risk of lead poisoning, but steps can be taken to protect them.
Lead Paint in Schools
Answers to questions including: How do I determine whether my child’s school has a problem with lead paint? What is considered to be an unacceptable level of lead in paint? How do I know if my child has lead poisoning?
The Leaded Gas Scare of the 1920s
Corporate enthusiasm for this 'super fuel' overcame public fears until scientific evidence proved its harmful effects.

The invention of gasoline additive tetraethyl lead in the 1920s was a great technological advance, improving the performance of gasoline-fueled engines. But in 1924, reports of its harmful and sometimes deadly effects were hushed up, and leaded gas continued to power big American cars for another 50 years. Although finally banned in the U.S. and other industrialized nations, leaded gasoline use continues in many developing countries.

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A large percentage of U.S. Latinos live and work in urban and agricultural areas where they face heightened danger of exposure to air pollution, unsafe drinking water, pesticides, and lead and mercury contamination.
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