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Peddling Plutonium
An Analysis of the President’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

This March 2006 analysis from NRDC's nuclear program finds the Bush administration’s "vision" of a taxpayer-funded global enterprise to extract and recycle plutonium to be unaffordable, uneconomic, unrealistic, unreliable and unsafe.
Nuclear Insecurity
A Critique of the Bush Administration's Nuclear Weapons Policies

This September 2004 report assesses the Bush administration's nuclear weapons policies and concludes that they have made the United States more vulnerable, not more secure. It offers recommendations for a more responsible nuclear policy, including honoring the U.S. commitment to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, scrapping plans for nuclear bunker busters, and ending the deployment of the unproven missile defense system.
The Bush Administration's Stockpile Reduction Plan
Too Many, Too Slow

The recent announcement by the Bush administration to significantly reduce the U.S. nuclear weapon stockpile is a welcome and positive step, but there are several caveats that warrant further discussion. An NRDC analysis of the proposal found it lacking for two main reasons: It will still leave approximately 6,000 nuclear weapons in the U.S. stockpile, and it will take eight years to accomplish.
The Bush Administration's Nuclear Weapons Policies
This index collects NRDC policy papers and analyses relating to the Bush administration's policies regarding nuclear-weapons issues.

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Deepest Cuts
Repairing Health Monitoring Programs Slashed Under the Bush Administration

Issue Paper
For decades, federal agencies charged with safeguarding health and the environment have tracked pollution, required industry reporting, and monitored disease rates, providing the foundation for all health and environmental protection. This December 2008 issue paper shows that the Bush Administration dangerously slashed federal environmental and health monitoring programs.
Rewriting the Rules (2005 Special Edition)
The Bush administration took nearly 150 actions to undermine environmental protections over the past year, consistent with its historic assault on the nation's environmental safeguards. This January 2005 NRDC report assesses the Bush presidency's first-term environmental policies, and previews battles expected during the administration's second term.
Weaponeers of Waste
A Critical Look at the Bush Administration Energy Department's Nuclear Weapons Complex and the First Decade of Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship

This April 2004 report finds that the U.S. nuclear "stockpile stewardship" program is spending billions on nuclear weapons research and production projects that are over budget and years behind in meeting their goals. Despite the end of the Cold War, the Bush administration spent 12 times more on nuclear weapons research and production than on nonproliferation efforts to retrieve, secure and dispose of nuclear weapons materials.
The Bush Administration's Nuclear Energy Research and Development Program
This index collects NRDC policy papers and analyses relating to the Bush administration's policies regarding nuclear-energy issues.

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