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U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe
A review of post-Cold War policy, force levels, and war planning.

Issue Paper
A review of post-Cold War policy, force levels, and war planning.
The Bush-Putin Treaty
An Orwellian Approach to Nuclear Arms Control

This May 2002 analysis by NRDC's nuclear program finds that the treaty proposed by President Bush to cut U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals is so riddled with loopholes that it actually would prolong the U.S.-Russian nuclear standoff for years to come, and encourage nuclear proliferation.
Snapshots from the U.S. Nuclear War Plan
Photo Album
These graphics, produced by NRDC's nuclear war plans project, offer a snapshot of what a nuclear attack on Russia would look like under the top-secret U.S. nuclear war plan, with target locations, fallout clouds, and fatalities. They drive home the grotesque results if nuclear weapons were used; common sense demands the abolition of the current plan in favor of a "saner" plan that rests on different assumptions, with far fewer warheads.
Taking Stock: Worldwide Nuclear Deployments 1998
A report providing, for the first time, authoritative estimates of the sizes and locations of the nuclear arsenals of the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China. The report contains detailed descriptions, including maps and tables, of today's arsenals, and describes the events that have led to the consolidation of weapons storage sites. The authors also project likely trends for the future.

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