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Air Pollution Increasing Again After Earlier Decline
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Take action on the Bay Area's behalf -- and your own. Here are some ways you can help clear the air of particle pollution.

  • Drive less and drive efficiently. Choose alternatives to driving (public transit, biking, walking, carpooling), and bundle your errands into fewer trips. Get your engine tuned up and keep your tires inflated -- both help fuel efficiency.

  • When shopping for a new car, choose a cleaner and more efficient model. You'll find the best possible choices at (see our guide for more resource links).

  • Stay informed. You'll find air-quality information at

  • Limit wood burning in your fireplace to special occasions, and don't do it at all when winds are low. If you have a wood stove, consider placing a filter over the chimney or, even better, replace it with a gas stove.

  • You'll find lots more ways to reduce your personal contribution to particle pollution in our guide to driving less/driving smarter. (For still more Bay Area green-living tips, see all our Green Gate Green Guides.) And to keep informed and take action on the latest issues affecting the Bay Area and the rest of California, join NRDC's California Activist Network.


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