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Farmers' Markets and Community Supported Agriculture
Agriculture's increasing reliance on pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and diesel (used to transport agricultural goods) poses a danger to human health and the natural environment in the Bay Area and beyond. You can support the efforts of organic and local growers by seeking out organic and locally grown foods in a number of places throughout the region.

Certified Farmers' Markets
Certified Farmer's Markets are the real thing, places where genuine local farmers sell their crops, some of which are organic, to the public. They are the very best place to buy tree- and vine-ripened produce, and these days are readily found in all nine Bay Area counties.

Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Marin County
Napa County
San Francisco
San Mateo County
Santa Clara County
Solano County
Sonoma County

Community Supported Agriculture
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) cooperatives bring together local farmers and consumers. As a member of the cooperative, you pledge to cover farm operation costs for the season. In return, you share in the harvest. CSA farms are not all organic, but they all strive to operate sustainably.

You'll find a long list of Bay Area CSAs right here on the Green Gate. You can also check the Robin Van En Center for Community Supported Agriculture, which includes a national directory of farms following this model. Another useful site is the Community Alliance with Family Farmers's listings of California CSAs.

Organic Food Markets
Organic foods aren't too difficult to find in the Bay Area -- for a list of grocers who stock many organic and healthy products, visit