Technical requirements

The Green Squad website is best viewed using Netscape 4.7 versions or later or Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. If your browser uses the Flash plug-in, you'll hear sounds and see more animation.

To see all the information in the school rooms and outside, choose medium font (text) size or smaller and don't have your browser override the fonts we've selected.

If your web browser is using very large text it could make some of the information about each of the items in the school rooms and the outside of the school disappear out of the information window.

To adjust the text size:

In the Edit menu choose Preferences and then Appearance/Font and check "Use document-specified fonts, including dynamic fonts" (earlier versions of Netscape) or "Allow documents to use other fonts" (later versions). If this doesn't entirely solve the problem, In the View menu, choose Decrease Font (earlier versions) or Text Size/100% (later versions).

Internet Explorer:
In the View Menu choose Text size/Medium.

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