NRDC's work in the Gulf of Mexico region dates back to Hurricane Katrina. When the storm hit in 2005, our scientists and lawyers worked closely with the hardest-hit communities around New Orleans to advocate for stronger health protections and to help residents safely clean up their homes and neighborhoods. In the wake of the BP oil disaster we remain committed to helping the rich ecological, cultural, and economic center of the Gulf fully recover.

Whether you are a local resident with a story to tell, an organization wishing for assistance with your communications plan, or a journalist seeking to add a new element to the media's coverage of the spill and its impacts, please reach out to us. We are here to work with you to make sure that neither the stories of this disaster nor the lessons we can learn from it are lost.

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Four Years after BP Oil Disaster Many Lessons Remain Unlearned
posted by Frances Beinecke, 4/18/14
Four years ago this weekend, the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, killing 11 men and sending 170 million ...
Holidays on the Oil Spill Front Lines
posted by Rocky Kistner, 11/25/13
This will be J.J. Creppel's last Thanksgiving at his home in Plaquemines Parish, a sliver of marshy ...
Gulf Rig Fire is Deja Vu for Fishermen Still Reeling from BP Disaster
posted by Rocky Kistner, 8/1/13
Hercules Offshore rig on fire/U.S. Coast Guard photo When the Hercules Offshore Inc. gas well  blew ...
Latest Blowout in the Gulf Shows America Still Hasn't Learned Lessons of BP Disaster
posted by Frances Beinecke, 7/26/13
A natural gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico blew out Tuesday night, igniting a fire and forcing the ...

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Whooping Cranes Make Whoopie, Muck-Eating Mushrooms, Stop with the Rat Poison Already!
posted by Jason Bittel, 4/17/14
Goldilocks and the three judges: The Environmental Protection Agency has a rule known as MATS that allows ...
TV Rots the Brain (and the Earth), Oil Deforms Lil’ Fishies, Hare Today, Lunch Tomorrow!
posted by Jason Bittel, 3/25/14
Midnight dumper: Let me tell you about a guy in Youngstown, Ohio, who likes to pour stuff down the drain—not ...
Weekend Reads: Scientific Serendipity, Brain-Busting Toxins, Greenland Ice Is Going, Going...
posted by Jason Bittel, 3/21/14
The Toxins That Threaten Our BrainsAs Florence Williams first told you in last year’s OnEarth cover ...

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