NRDC's work in the Gulf of Mexico region dates back to Hurricane Katrina. When the storm hit in 2005, our scientists and lawyers worked closely with the hardest-hit communities around New Orleans to advocate for stronger health protections and to help residents safely clean up their homes and neighborhoods. In the wake of the BP oil disaster we remain committed to helping the rich ecological, cultural, and economic center of the Gulf fully recover.

Whether you are a local resident with a story to tell, an organization wishing for assistance with your communications plan, or a journalist seeking to add a new element to the media's coverage of the spill and its impacts, please reach out to us. We are here to work with you to make sure that neither the stories of this disaster nor the lessons we can learn from it are lost.

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Tentative Settlement in the Deepwater Horizon Case
posted by David Pettit, 7/7/15
There was a tentative settlement last week in the Clean Water Act lawsuit that the US government brought ...
Court Ruling Could Require BP to Pay Billions in Fines for Gulf Oil Spill Restoration
posted by Frances Beinecke, 9/5/14
A federal judge ruled on Thursday that BP acted with “gross negligence” in the 2010 Gulf ...
Four Years after BP Oil Disaster Many Lessons Remain Unlearned
posted by Frances Beinecke, 4/18/14
Four years ago this weekend, the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, killing 11 men and sending 170 million ...
Holidays on the Oil Spill Front Lines
posted by Rocky Kistner, 11/25/13
This will be J.J. Creppel's last Thanksgiving at his home in Plaquemines Parish, a sliver of marshy ...

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Gross Negligence
posted by Rocky Kistner, 9/5/14
It was fitting that I was standing on board an oyster boat in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay yesterday when ...
Al Roker, It's Your Time to Shine, Fracking Car Crashes, Down the L.A. Gutter
posted by Jason Bittel, 5/6/14
Weatherman roundup: Today as the government releases its National Climate Assessment, President Obama ...
Wag the Humpback, El Niño Fortune Telling, Beware the Pollen Vortex!
posted by Jason Bittel, 4/23/14
Oh, Canada… : The Canadian government has de-listed the humpback whale! So good to hear that the animals ...

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