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bullet cover The Big Burn
Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America

by Timothy Egan

In August 1910, one of the largest wildfires in North America’s history burned through 3 million acres of Western land in a single weekend, killing nearly100 firefighters in the process. In this compelling work of historical journalism, Timothy Egan chronicles the fire through the voices of those who experienced it and documents the role that Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot, founders of the U.S. Forest Service, had in shaping our understanding of fire, our relationship to the wilderness it ravages, and the idea of conservation itself. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Mannahatta
A Natural History of New York City

by Eric W. Sanderson

Using maps sketched by the first settlers on the small island that we know today as Manhattan, Eric W. Sanderson recreates the forested natural world that Henry Hudson came across in 1609. A beautifully illustrated volume with description to match, Sanderson gives readers a window into the past and inspiration to preserve green cities and wild places in the future. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover This Fine Piece of Water
An Environmental History of Long Island Sound

by Tom Andersen

Tom Andersen draws upon three centuries of history to tell the story of the Long Island Sound, a body of water that Daniel Webster once called the "American Mediterranean." What emerges is a tale of decades of neglect and environmental degradation that eventually resulted in a serious ecological crisis. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet coverThe Riverkeepers
Two Activists Fight to Reclaim our Environment as a Basic Human Right

by John Cronin & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

In 1983, John Cronin was appointed Hudson Riverkeeper, and one year later, Kennedy, now a senior attorney for NRDC, joined as Chief Prosecuting Attorney. Their job: to track down the river's polluters. Since then, they have waged battles against polluters ranging from private clubs and multi-national corporations to government agencies. The book is a collection of "war stories" -- tales from the frontlines of a struggle to clean up a damaged environment. Written with candor, passion and insight, this engaging volume reveals the struggles facing any environmental movement -- whether local or national -- and the attitudes, enemies and forces that so often work behind closed doors to thwart the expressed interests of the general public. -- STANLEY YOUNG

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bullet cover Life: A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth

by Richard Fortey

An intelligent, literate and accessible story of life on planet Earth from the times of the earliest congealing of carbon molecules to the rise of our immediate ancestors. Told by a paleontologist (head of the Department of Paleontology of the British Museum) who deftly weaves personal anecdotes and mind-stretching analogies into a fascinating and quirky history that is anything but dry. -- ADAM ALBRIGHT

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bullet cover A Civil Action

by Jonathan Harr

A gripping true story of David vs. Goliath, this book is part courtroom drama, part mystery, and part human tragedy. Children in a Massachusetts town are struck down by leukemia, and toxic contaminants dumped into the water may be responsible. A public interest attorney allies with the townspeople to hold two powerful corporations responsible. This is like a fast-paced, suspenseful John Grisham novel with a public health conscience. -- GINA SOLOMON

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bullet cover Five Past Midnight in Bhopal
The Epic Story of the World's Deadliest Industrial Disaster

by Dominique Lapierre and Javier Moro

A detailed examination of the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal -- which to date has been linked to the deaths of 20,000 to 30,000 people -- through the stories of those involved, from Union Carbide CEO Warren Andersen to Padmini Nadar, a slum dweller whose wedding festivities were underway when an explosion at the plant released huge quantities of poisonous gas. Lapierre and Moro's gripping narrative starts a few years before the disaster, when Padmini's family moved to Bhopal after their village farm was invaded by aphids, and goes on to describe in brutal detail how bottom-line business calculations and feeble national regulations spawned a tragedy that is still taking its toll decades later. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover King of Fish
The Thousand Year Run of Salmon

by David R. Montgomery

Salmon once reigned over some of the world's most storied rivers: Three hundred years ago, there were regular salmon runs on the Thames and Rhine, and in the northeastern United States, the fish were so abundant they were used as fertilizer. Overfishing, dam building, pollution, and ineffectual efforts to regulate all three have doomed salmon before just as, Montgomery warns, they threaten to doom remaining populations now. An engaging, well-researched look at one of the world's most regal species of fish. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Where Vultures Feast
Shell, Human Rights, and Oil in the Niger Delta

by Ike Okonta and Oronto Douglas

Two Nigerian writers offer an in-depth account of the destructive exploitation of their country's oil resources by Royal Dutch/Shell, amply aided in its efforts by successive military dictatorships. While the background information on the oil industry and Nigerian politics can be daunting, the chapter on Ken Saro-Wiwa's ill-fated struggle against these forces is painfully vivid. Saro-Wiwa was put to death by the Nigerian government in 1995. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Age of Science
What Scientists Learned in the Twentieth Century

by Gerard Piel

Gerard Piel, the founding editor of Scientific American, started his career with a degree in history, which prepared him admirably to be a "spectator at the inquiry after knowledge." His eminently accessible survey of the achievements of the second half of the twentieth century is an astonishingly erudite work of explanatory journalism that is never ponderous. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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NRDC Gets Top Ratings from the Charity Watchdogs

Charity Navigator awards NRDC its 4-star top rating.
Worth magazine named NRDC one of America's 100 best charities.
NRDC meets the highest standards of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau.

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