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bullet cover Polar Obsession

by Paul Nicklen

Raised among the Inuit of Baffin in the ice and freezing temperatures of Canada's Arctic, Paul Nicklen learned lessons of survival at an early age. He brings that experience, and the passion that accompanies it, to his work, foregoing a telephoto lens and choosing instead to photograph polar wildlife by getting daringly close to the animals. In Polar Obsession, Nicklen collects these photographs, with amazing stories of his adventures, and offers readers a rare first-hand account of the impacts of climate change. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Swimming with Piranhas at Feeding Time
My Life Doing Dumb Stuff with Animals

by Richard Conniff

In this lighthearted collection of essays, science writer Richard Conniff shares wild encounters with exotic animals around the world and, in the process, debunks many of our ideas about the animal kingdom. He offers many fun facts about the animals he meets, but it's his self-deprecating humor and wit that will keep readers turning the pages. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Trout Pool Paradox
The American Lives of Three Rivers

by George Black

This comprehensive work by OnEarth articles editor George Black takes readers deep into the complex ecology of rivers and into the heart of the human communities on their banks. Presenting detailed stories of early industrialists, 19th century naturalists and contemporary river stewards and their adversaries, Black explores our dynamic relationship with nature and the conflicting demands we will make on our waterways in a postindustrial age. -- DOUGLAS BARASCH

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bullet cover Pigeons
The Fascinating Saga of the World's Most Revered and Reviled Bird

by Andrew D. Blechman

"For better or worse," Andrew Blechman writes, "the lives of pigeon and man are inexorably intertwined." After reading this engaging book, you may decide that's not such a bad thing. Detailing the birds' changing fortunes in human history (not to mention human opinion), Blechman profiles pigeon haters and pigeon enthusiasts, deepening our appreciation for these misunderstood birds. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Providence of a Sparrow
Lessons from a Life Gone to the Birds

by Chris Chester

You don't need to be a bird enthusiast to love this totally charming account of Chester's relationship with a "common" house sparrow, which fell from the eaves of his house in Portland, Oregon. The book is also about Chester's relationship with his girlfriend, a willing participant in Chester's accommodation of their lives to the sparrow's needs. It's a funny, sad and highly literary account of what it means to be fully human, and to recognize those kindred qualities in other living beings. -- LYNNE SHEVLIN

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bullet cover Fire in the Turtle House
The Green Sea Turtle and the Fate of the Ocean

by Osha Gray Davidson

Chances are not many people have heard of fibropapillomatosis, but some biologists are calling it the most serious epidemic in the world -- the nonhuman world, that is. A disfiguring and often fatal disease that affects six of the earth's seven marine turtle species, it is found in every ocean basin and human beings may well have contributed to its spread. Seasoned reporter Osha Davidson decided to investigate; this book details his discoveries. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Colors of Nature
Culture, Identity, and the Natural World

edited by Alison H. Deming and Lauret E. Savoy

In this collection of essays, 17 writers of Japanese-American, Latino, African-American and other descent connect the disappearance of nature to the loss of cultural identity. The contributors seek to remind readers that the natural world is integral to maintaining a sense of oneself. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon paperback (ISBN: 1571312676)

bullet cover City Wilds
Essays and Stories About Urban Nature

edited by Terrell F. Dixon

The vast majority of Americans now live in cities, and most probably feel that "nature" is a long trip away from their doorsteps. The essays in this anthology tell a different story: Even in the concrete jungle it's possible to find the sort of beauty and peace normally associated with pristine natural habitats. A long-overdue book about finding the wild in the urban landscape -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover In Nature's Name
An Anthology of Women's Writing and Illustration, 1780-1930

edited by Barbara T. Gates

A collection of women's writing from Edwardian and Victorian times, In Nature's Name includes works from Ann Brontë, Beatrix Potter and Christina Rossetti and others known mostly for their contributions to English literature. Yet these women were also interested in a range of nature-related subjects and causes that included hedgehogs, West African fishing and animal abuse. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Soaring with Fidel
An Osprey Odyssey From Cape Cod to Cuba and Beyond

by David Gessner

A follow-up to his much-loved Return of the Osprey, David Gessner's latest book tracks the bird as it migrates from New England to Venezuela, with a layover in Cuba. Gessner is a warm and engaging tour guide, and the characters he encounters -- of both the human and the animal variety -- are always fascinating. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon hardcover (ISBN: 0807085782)

bullet cover One Planet
A Celebration of Biodiversity

by Nicolas Hulot, Phillippe Bourseiller, Steve Bloom, and Gilles Martin

One Planet is the culmination of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation's mission to catalog earth's stunning diversity of life before we witness the first mass extinction perpetrated by a single species -- us. The book's 250 glorious images were culled from the collections of dozens of master photographers, and Hulot, a French conservationist and journalist who wrote the accompanying text, introduces each of the volume's eight sections -- oceans, forests, cities, and so on -- with anecdotes and facts about each biome. One Planet is an engaging visual anthology of life on earth that evokes joy, awe, gratitude -- and sadness, too, given all that could be lost. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Archipelago
Portraits of Life in the World's Most Remote Island Sanctuary

by David Liitschwager and Susan Middleton

Liittschwager and Middleton, who worked together in Richard Avedon's photo studio, traveled to the tiniest, least populated of the Hawaiian islands to create this stunning book. This is their fourth collection of portraits of marvels from the sea, the land, and the air; many of their subjects are photographed in "on-site studios," then returned safely to their habitats. Think glamour shots: Only in real life could a horrid elbow crab, a scorpion fish, or a Hawaiian green sea turtle hatchling look more astonishing. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon hardcover (ISBN: 0792241886)

bullet cover Last Child in the Woods
Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

by Richard Louv

Let's be real. The seductive power of the latest role-playing video game beats a bag of tent caterpillars. Louv, a children's health activist, theorizes that in our urbanized world of "electronic detachment," kids are missing out on unstructured play in a natural environment, and the creativity that a wood or canyon or overgrown dirt lot can stimulate. Louv explains the seriousness of the problem and also offers tips for parents to combat nature deficit. You may disagree with some of his ideas, but the book, rather like outdoor play, actively engages the reader. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Birds of Heaven
Travels with Cranes

by Peter Matthiessen

Cranes, whose broad wings can carry them to heights of three miles, have been revered by civilizations from Japan to North America and dubbed "the greatest of the earth's flying birds" by naturalist Peter Matthiessen. In this ode to cranes, Matthiessen, who has previously written about Siberian tigers and snow leopards, engages in an exploration that spans five continents and 15 subspecies of cranes, and outlines the threats that cranes face. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Snow Leopard

by Peter Matthiessen

On a personal note, but with an enviro subtheme, is this account of trekking through the Himalayas in search of a rare animal. One of my all-time favorite books. -- KAID BENFIELD

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bullet cover Wandering Home
A Long Walk Across America's Most Hopeful Landscape: Vermont's Champlain Valley and New York's Adirondacks

by Bill McKibben

In 2003, McKibben walked from his Vermont home to his former abode in the Adirondack Mountains, visiting friends on the way: a rancher, a winemaker, a beekeeper, an organic farmer and a forest-fire fighter. The story of his journey is a paean to the Wild East, as well as a hopeful celebration of man's peaceful cohabitation with nature. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon hardcover (ISBN: 0609610732)

bullet cover Coming into the Country

by John McPhee

An extremely compelling nonfiction account of McPhee's journey into the heart of the Alaskan wilderness -- America's last true frontier. During his travels, McPhee meets and chronicles his experiences with many fascinating people -- both serious and outlandish -- but the Alaskan landscape remains the most intriguing character. -- SARAH EDWARDS-SCHMIDT

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bullet cover Monster of God
The Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind

by David Quammen

Quammen, author of The Song of the Dodo, chronicles the tragic disappearance of the world's majestic large predators and examines what we stand to lose if we allow legendary beasts such as tigers, bears and crocodiles to slip away forever. He also discusses the implications of conservation efforts for those people -- residing mostly in developing countries -- whose lives and livelihoods continue to be threatened by "claw and maw." -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Storm Chaser
A Photographer's Journey

by Jim Reed

Nature's terrible beauty is on display in Storm Chaser, the latest book by veteran photographer Jim Reed, who has spent more than 15 years documenting extreme weather across the United States. Dramatic, thrilling and sometimes frightening, his images convey weather's splendor along with its incredible, often destructive, power. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon hardcover (ISBN: 0810993929)

bullet cover Thousand Mile Song
Whale Music in a Sea of Sound

by David Rothenberg

Weaving science and art together, philosopher and jazz musician David Rothenberg gives us a beautiful testament to the music of whales. By playing his clarinet underwater and interacting with whales, Rothernberg helps us better understand the sounds they make and why and how they make them. He shows how recordings of their songs helped launch the conservation movement in the 1970s. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon hardcover (ISBN: 0465071287)

bullet cover Mark of the Bear
Legend and Lore of an American Icon

by Paul Schullery (Editor)

This is a striking collection of photos and essays, all concerned with one aspect or another of the bear as it appears in our history. The photos are outstanding and the essays by older writers, as well as by more recent writers, are distinctive. -- JOHN HAINES

Buy from Amazonhardcover (ISBN: 0871569035)

bullet cover Yellowstone to Yukon
Freedom to Roam

by Florian Schulz, editor

Wildlife photographer Florian Schulz set out to catalog the splendor of the American West in pictures, as part of a larger project to reconnect isolated animal populations by preserving land that links their habitats. The conservation project is not yet complete, but Schulz, who has been enraptured by the West since boyhood, has collected his striking photographs here; they're complemented by essays from writers including David Quammen and Rick Bass. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior

by David Allen Sibley

This companion volume to the wonderfully illustrated Sibley Guide to Birds delves into the behaviors of North American birds, their conservation status and the environmental problems they face, from pollution to habitat loss. With detailed descriptions of the 80 families of birds in North America, this book goes well beyond the standard field guide. -- NELLIE TSIPOURA

Buy from Amazonhardcover (ISBN: 0679451234)

bullet cover The Raptor Almanac
A Comprehensive Guide to Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Vultures

by Scott Weidensaul

There is a perfect grace to a bird of prey, wings outstretched, circling on a current of wind. Perhaps like no other group of bird, raptors haunt us and inspire us. They can kill other birds in mid-air, can see two to three times better than humans, and at least one species, the Egyptian vulture, can use tools. Facts like these have turned a great number of people into raptorphiles, but The Raptor Almanac is perfect for anyone who has a special fascination for birds of prey. Although not primarily a field guide, readers will be able to use this updated edition of Scott Weidensaul's 1996 book to help them identify raptors (some 310 species are included). More importantly, this book also delves into raptors' behavior, conservation challenges, migratory patterns and relationships with humans. -- JILL DAVIS

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bullet cover Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert

by Terry Tempest Williams

This collection of short stories, legislative testimony and personal writings centers on the beauty and importance of southern Utah wilderness. Going far beyond the traditional arguments for the preservation of wilderness, Williams gets to the heart of the human need to find our place within the natural world. For the future of the planet, she gives a powerful voice to emotions that are often hard to put into words and calls for an emergence of "compassionate intelligence" that can carry us through a time of increasing conflict. -- AUSTIN ZEIDERMAN

Buy from Amazonpaperback (ISBN: 0375725180)

bullet cover Edge of the Earth, Corner of the Sky

by Art Wolfe

This is a truly unforgettable book filled with magnificent photos that transport the viewer directly into awe-inspiring landscapes. Art Wolfe has distilled nine years worth of globetrotting down to some 160 images. There are fields of wildflowers beneath ominous rain clouds in the Eastern Taurus Mountains of Turkey, a view from inside an ice cave in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina, that appears to be shot from the inside of a frog's egg and a ganglion of jagged ice spears under a pale green sky on Lake Baikal, Siberia. Of special interest to photographers are Wolfe's fastidious notes detailing the circumstances of each photograph along with camera settings. It would be difficult to imagine a more eloquent statement about the need to safeguard the earth's natural bounty. -- DAVID GOTTFRIED

Buy from Amazonhardcover (ISBN: 0967591821)


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