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bullet cover Clean Energy Common Sense
An American Call to Action and Climate Change

by Frances Beinecke with Bob Dean

As America confronts global climate change with one of the most important environmental votes in history, we must all do our part to ensure a clean and sustainable energy future. Doing so would put Americans back to work, reduce our reliance on foreign oil and create a healthier planet for ourselves and for our children. In this little book, Frances Beinecke, NRDC's president, lays out the importance of climate legislation and challenges all of us to become educated, to take action, and to stake a claim in our common future. -- SEE THE REVIEWS

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bullet cover Plundering Appalachia

edited by Tom Butler and George Wuethner

This collection of photographs, statistics and essays sheds light on one of the most environmentally devastating practices of our time: mountaintop removal mining. By opening readersí eyes to the toll that blasting takes on the region and its inhabitants, Plundering Appalachia offers an appropriately harsh attack on mountaintop removal, and the coal industry in general, and makes a serious plea for action. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability

by Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon

In this thorough study of the global automobile industry, complete with statistics, graphs and analysis, Sperling and Gordon present at once a history of the Big Three American automakers, a commentary on labor and economics, and a list of alternatives to our reliance on oil. Because their vision is a world of sustainable transportation options, Two Billion Cars is a must-read not just for policy wonks, but for anyone with an interest in the future of mobility. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Toward the Livable City

edited by Emilie Buchwald

In this collection of essays, notable writers such as Bill McKibben (The End of Nature), Jane Holz Kay (author of Asphalt Nation) and Tony Hiss (a former staff writer for The New Yorker) offer their own definitions of what makes a city livable, as well as detailed strategies for improving both city and suburban life. Refreshingly light on technical jargon and laced with practical examples from around the world, this volume is a useful and illuminating look at the richness of city life that doubles as an offbeat guide to urban planning. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The Next American Metropolis
Ecology, Community, and the American Dream

by Peter Calthorpe

The one that most changed my career -- and my life, for that matter. It tells us why we must do something about urban/suburban sprawl and then exactly what we should do, with great illustrations. -- KAID BENFIELD

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bullet cover Bronx Ecology
Blueprint for a New Environmentalism

by Allen Hershkowitz

The full story of the Bronx Community Paper Corporation (BCPC) is a tale only New York City could produce, and Allen Hershkowitz's account of BCPC's rise and fall, in his book Bronx Ecology: Blueprint for a New Environmentalism, captures all the twists and turns. It features real-life big city pols, a groundbreaking environmental vision, the science and economics of recycling, a glimpse of the tangled regulatory web that burdened BCPC, the graceful but practical beauty of Maya Lin's designs for the plant, and more. And as its title promises, it lays out a practical roadmap for the future of environmentalism. Published in autumn of 2002, the book has a foreword and conceptual design essay by Maya Lin and been described as "must reading" by Gustave Speth, the Dean of Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences. -- MATTHEW FREEMAN

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bullet cover The People's Forests

by Robert Marshall

With industry pressing to open more and more of our public lands to development, the message of renowned forester Marshall's 1933 treatise -- that America's forests should be federally managed and protected from commercial interests -- is as pertinent as ever. Reissued in 2002 by the University of Iowa Press's American Land and Life Series, Marshall's book offers abundant insights on issues at the core of today's debate over land management. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover The End of Oil
On the Edge of a Perilous New World

by Paul Roberts

Roberts, who writes regularly about business and environmental issues for Harper's and other publications, offers a persuasive and highly readable analysis of the technological, economic and political factors shaping the challenge of overhauling the world's energy system. He calls for a series of policy changes designed to encourage energy efficiency, boost investment in alternative energy sources and new technologies and improve international cooperation on such issues as global warming. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Exposed
The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power

by Mark Shapiro

In this exposť, Mark Shapiro paints a haunting picture of the toxic chemicals that Americans are exposed to every day. Personal care products, toys and food are just a few of the places where America has substandard regulations when it comes to toxic substances. He uses the European Union and various other countries as models for what our safeguards should be. Shapiro's book is a wake-up call for readers concerned about environmental health and safety in the United States. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Coal River
How a few brave Americans took on a powerful company-and the federal government-to save the land they love

by Michael Shnayerson

Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Shnayerson investigates West Virginia's coal-mining industry and one of its most powerful executives, Don Blankenship of Massey Energy, in this first-person account. This well-reported book takes aim at the proponents of mountaintop-removal mining and exposes the harm this devastating practic causes to the environment and the surrounding communities. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

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bullet cover Red Sky at Morning
America and the Crisis of the Global Environment

by James Gustave Speth

In this authoritative and carefully researched work, NRDC trustee Gus Speth warns that governments around the world are not doing enough to head off environmental threats. Presenting a range of ecological data and informed perspectives, though, Speth argues that it's not too late to change course and lays out a series of specific steps to save the planet from an irreparable crisis. -- ALLEN HERSHKOWITZ

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bullet cover Good News for a Change
How Everyday People are Helping the Planet

by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel

An attempt to look at environmental problems with a hopeful eye, this collaboration between media-savvy Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki and U.S.-based writer Holly Dressel sizes up the current state of the environment and offers some solutions, many of them based upon the importance of building consensus. Along with facts, stats and case studies, Suzuki and Dressel throw in a critique of neoliberal economics. -- SEE THE ONEARTH REVIEW

Buy from Amazon hardcover (ISBN: 155054926X)


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NRDC Gets Top Ratings from the Charity Watchdogs

Charity Navigator awards NRDC its 4-star top rating.
Worth magazine named NRDC one of America's 100 best charities.
NRDC meets the highest standards of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau.

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