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Grasping Green Car Technology

We are witnessing the launch of a new era of more fuel-efficient, less-polluting vehicles powered by technologies that aren't always familiar. Read more »

How Can You Save at the Pump?

Use NRDC's new calculator to find our how much you would save if your car went 60 miles per gallon. Go 60 mpg! Read more »

Change Your Commute, Change Your City

Being able to walk and bike safely and conveniently in your city means more than having a pleasant way to get around. Think green spaces, avoiding sprawl, and cutting pollution. Read more »

Commuting Smarter

Every year the average commuter emits almost 3.5 tons of heat-trapping pollutants. Follow our step-by-step plan to ease the impact of your commute. Read more »

Shifting Gears: 12 Tips for Safe Bike Commuting

Cycling at the mellow rate of 5 miles per hour, you'll burn about 175 calories in an hour. Compare to that to your car, which releases over 25 pounds of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide for every gallon of gas burned. Read more »

Just How Practical Are Electric Cars?

2011 promises to be the year of the electric car—and it's only taken a century for us to get here since the demise of the earliest battery-powered vehicles in the early 1900s. Read more »

What to Look For in a New Car

Picking a new car is never easy, but now with electric plug-in vehicles arriving, clean diesel options available and the unstable economy (not to mention the price of gas), the decision is more fraught than ever. Read more »

Road Trip Tips

Make your getaway a green one with our guide to eating, traveling, sleeping and handling emergencies while on the road. Read more »

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