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On Monday, November 4th, two of the leading voices on the issue of climate change -- artist and honorary NRDC Trustee Maya Lin and NRDC President Frances Beinecke -- discussed the critical role artists, advocates and scientists play in addressing climate change, the role of art in mobilizing and educating the public, and the great potential for environmentally focused artwork to affect climate change policy. The interactive discussion, part of the Marfa Dialogues / New York series, used Maya Lin's most recent project, What is Missing?, as an example of collaborations to engage the public about climate change. Anne Pasternak, President and Artistic Director of Creative Time, moderated the discussion.

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From Frances Beinecke's Blog

Marfa Dialogues, Maya Lin, and Me: How Artists and Advocates Can Protect the Environment

NRDC's Frances Beinecke and artist Maya Lin

Maya Lin portrait by Walter SmithNRDC's Frances Beinecke and artist Maya Lin

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