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11/9/06 - Online Satellite Map, New Article Track Thousands of Nuclear Weapons Still in U.S. Arsenal, 15 Years after the End of the Cold War

10/13/06 - NRDC Releases New Satellite Photo of North Korean Nuclear Test Site

9/27/06 - Domenici Yucca Mountain Bill Would 'Short-Circuit' Licensing Process, Says NRDC

8/3/06 - Nuclear Repository Bill Is Fatally Flawed

7/12/06 - Exporting Spent Nuclear Fuel to Russia Requires Stringent Safeguards

4/4/06 - NAS Report Criticizes DOE's High-level Radioactive Waste Cleanup Program

2/17/06 - Elusive Chinese Nuclear Submarine Tunnel Photographed; Satellite Images Help Put Chinese Nuclear Arsenal in Perspective

11/15/05 - Congress Approves Funding For Nuclear Spent Fuel Reprocessing Projects

5/6/05 - Support Growing for Removing U.S. Nuclear Weapons From Europe

3/1/05 - Energy Department Cannot Leave Highly Radioactive Waste In Tanks Without EPA Or NRC Approval, National Academy Of Sciences Panel Says

2/9/05 - United States Still Deploys Some 480 Nuclear Weapons in Europe, Report Finds

10/21/04 - Conservation Groups, Joined by L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, Sue Bush Administration Over Contaminated Santa Susana Nuclear Meltdown Site

10/8/04 - Backroom Deal: Congress OKs Abandoning Highly Radioactive Waste in South Carolina and Idaho, Threatening Drinking Water Supplies

9/21/04 - Administration's Nuclear Weapons Policies are Dangerous, Misguided, and Counterproductive, New NRDC Report Concludes

7/19/04 - Public Health Groups Announce Plans to Sue Energy Department for Failing to Clean Up Simi Valley, California, Nuclear Site

6/3/04 - Senate Passes Graham Amendment to Reclassify Radioactive Waste to Avoid Cleaning It Up

4/13/04 - Bush Administration Wasting Billions on Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Research and Production, Report Charges

2/25/04 - Soviet Missile Defense System Prompted Massive U.S. Nuclear Strike Plan, Upcoming Story in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Reveals for the First Time

2/12/04 - The Bush Proposals to Curb Nuclear Proliferation

11/13/03 - IAEA Report on Iran's Nuclear Program Available on NRDC Website

7/17/03 - DOE Asks Congress to Reverse Recent Court Decision on High Level Waste

7/3/03 - Court Rules Energy Department Reclassification of Nuclear Waste Illegal

6/4/03 - NRDC Alert: Energy Bill Encourages Nuclear Proliferation

3/13/03 - Consequences of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction in a U.S.-Iraqi War

2/5/03 - How to Fix the Moscow Treaty

2/4/03 - Bush Plans Permanent U.S. Nuclear Advantage Under Moscow Treaty

2/3/03 - The Moscow Treaty's Hidden Flaws

10/1/02 - Federal District Court Rules that Energy Department Reviews of Fusion Laser Project Violated Open-Government Law

8/12/02 - Judge Allows Suit to Proceed Against Energy Department over Nuclear Waste

7/23/02 - The Proposed "Moscow Treaty" on Strategic Offensive Reductions

7/9/02 - The U.S. Senate Voted Wrong on Yucca Mountain

5/20/02 - Bush-Putin Treaty Will Prolong Nuclear Standoff

2/13/02 - Faking Nuclear Restraint: The Bush Administration's Secret Plan For Strengthening U.S. Nuclear Forces

6/18/01 - NRDC Report Finds Current U.S. Nuclear War Plan Main Barrier to Reducing Stockpiles

2/1/01 - Public Interest Groups Seek Court Injunction to Bar Use of Biased Report on Massive Fusion Laser Project

12/13/99 - Article Reveals New Information About U.S. Nukes in "Non-Nuclear" Japan During the 1950s and 1960s

10/20/99 - United States Secretly Deployed Nuclear Bombs In 27 Countries and Territories During Cold War

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