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2007 Press Releases

12/26/2007 - Bush Administration Plans to Remove Protection from Colorado's National Forests

12/20/2007 - Biofuel Mandate Launches Investment in Clean Energy Economy

12/19/2007 - Bush Administration Rejects California's Global Warming Clean Cars Rules

12/18/2007 - Good News, Bad News: Congress Passes Historic Clean Energy Bill, But Hands Out Billions to Dirty Industries

12/14/2007 - Court Finalizes Order to Protect Bay-Delta, Smelt and Water Supply for Millions of Californians

12/13/2007 - Senate Passes Energy Bill and Sends Final Vote Back to House

12/12/2007 - California Wins Global Warming Clean Cars Lawsuit

12/11/2007 - California AG, Environmental Groups Challenge Weak Energy Efficiency Standards

12/6/2007 - California Officials Set Specific Global Warming Pollution Targets for First Time

12/6/2007 - House of Representatives Gives Green Light to Energy Bill

12/6/2007 - Daniel R. Tishman to Become NRDC Board Chair

12/5/2007 - Statement by David Hawkins, Director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on the Climate Security Act of 2007

12/4/2007 - Diesel Exhaust Poses Health Threat to Port Truck Drivers

11/29/2007 - Leading Global Business Strategists Map U.S. Global Warming Solutions

11/21/2007 - Food Shopping Tips for a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Holiday Season

11/17/2007 - Nobel-Prize Winning Science Panel Confirms Urgency of Global Warming

11/15/2007 - Court of Appeals Rejects Bush Administration's Weak Fuel Economy Standards

11/15/2007 - San Joaquin River Restoration Bill Clears First Legislative Hurdle

11/15/2007 - Senate Addresses Expired Nuclear Waste Clean Up Fund

11/14/2007 - NRDC Urges Administration to Protect Polar Bear as Endangered Species, Curb Global Warming Emissions

11/13/2007 - Federal Appeals Court Limits Navy Sonar Exercises Off Southern California

11/8/2007 - Feds Should Get Out of California's Way on Global Warming Rules for Cars

11/1/2007 - Statement by Dan Lashof, Science Director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on the Climate Security Act of 2007

10/31/2007 - Toxic Oil and Gas Production Gets a Free Pass to Pollute

10/24/2007 - City Council Reasserts Authority Over Elephant Hill Housing Project

10/24/2007 - Court Rebuffs Shipping Industry Attempt to Derail Key Air Pollution Safeguard

10/24/2007 - Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Testifies At Congressional Subcommittee Hearing On America's Climate Security Act

10/24/2007 - New Report Says Fire-Prone Communities Often Unprepared for Risks, Lacking Local Resources for Preventive Measures to Protect Homes, Property

10/23/2007 - Environmental Victory in New York Harbor Dredging Court Battle

10/23/2007 - Bush Administration Waives Basic Public Health Laws

10/18/2007 - NRDC Celebrates 35 Years of Clean Water Protection

10/17/2007 - Statement by Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on the Introduction of America's Climate Security Act by Senators Joe Lieberman and John Warner

10/17/2007 - Report Faults EPA with Failing to Protect Mississippi River

10/17/2007 - New Maps Reveal Global Warming's Link to Allergies and Asthma

10/12/2007 - Applause for Gore, U.N. Nobel Peace Prize

10/10/2007 - NRDC Supports National Academy of Sciences Biofuels Report

10/10/2007 - Collaboration between NRDC and Industry Succeeds in Reauthorization of Pesticide Bill

10/9/2007 - Record-Breaking $4.6 Billion Clean Air Act Settlement Announced

10/5/2007 - NRDC Views Dingell/Boucher White Paper as Constructive Move Toward Dealing with Global Warming

10/4/2007 - 20-Year Court Battle Against Texaco Ends; Oil Giant Held Accountable

10/3/2007 - PLUM Decision Reaffirms Need for New Environmental Study in Elephant Hill

10/3/2007 - Toyota Owners Send Message to the Automaker to Stop Fighting Strong Fuel Economy Standards

10/1/2007 - Coastal Commission Staff Report Deals Severe Blow to Proposed Orange County Toll Road

9/28/2007 - Statement by David Doniger, policy director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), on President Bush's Comments at the Meeting of Major Economies

9/27/2007 - Statement by David Doniger, policy director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on the Meeting of Major Economies on Energy Security and Climate Change

9/26/2007 - Pest Control Goes "Green" Nationwide; Provides Smarter, More Effective Solutions

9/24/2007 - Landmark Pesticide Registration Act Renewed by Congress

9/21/2007 - International Agreement Likely to Phase-out Ozone-Destroying Chemicals

9/20/2007 - Red Sox Team Up With Natural Resources Defense Council to Make Fenway Park Even More "Green"

9/20/2007 - Air Freshener Report Makes Retailer Take Positive Action

9/20/2007 - Energy Efficiency Plan Will Save Californians Billions, Says NRDC

9/20/2007 - Less Auto-Dependent Development is Key to Reducing Global Warming Pollution, According to New Report

9/20/2007 - Polluting Ports Break Clean Air Promises, Fail to Curb Deadly Pollution

9/20/2007 - Peer-Reviewed Study by NRDC Scientist Reveals Problems in the Use of Genetic Studies by Federal Wildlife Agencies

9/19/2007 - New Study: Common Air Fresheners Contain Chemicals That May Affect Human Reproductive Development

9/18/2007 - NRDC Supports Reauthorization and Expansion of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund

9/14/2007 - California Environmental Bills 2007

9/13/2007 - Conservation Groups Urge Congress to Pass San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act

9/13/2007 - New Study: Smog Poses Greater Health Risk Because of Global Warming

9/12/2007 - Green Light for Vermont and California's Clean Car Standards

9/10/2007 - Coalition Joins Legal Fight Against Sprawling Development in NE LA

9/10/2007 - Harmful Chemical Continues to Contaminate Midwest Drinking Water Sources

9/7/2007 - More than Half of Polar Bear Populations Extinct by 2050

9/6/2007 - California Cities and Farms Need Healthy Delta for Clean Water, Says NRDC

9/5/2007 - New Catskills Accord Ends Seven Year Standoff on Belleayre Development

9/4/2007 - Energy and Climate Expert Joins Natural Resources Defense Council

9/1/2007 - Federal Judge Orders Reduced Pumping to Protect Delta Smelt

8/29/2007 - Settlement Reached in Dispute Over Port of Stockton Development Plans

8/28/2007 - California Assembly Resolution Urges Feds to Restore Recognition to Winnemem Wintu Tribe

8/27/2007 - Arsenic Contamination Found at New Orleans Schoolyards

8/23/2007 - Unfathomable: EPA Decides Oil Refinery Air Pollution is Clean Enough to Ignore

8/22/2007 - Momentum Grows for Global Warming Action as Western States, Provinces Announce Pollution Reduction Goal

8/22/2007 - ConocoPhillips Refinery Faces Sharp New Legal Challenge Over Health Threats

8/22/2007 - California Environmental Laws Survive Budget Deal, Says NRDC

8/21/2007 - HECO and NRDC Finalize Biodiesel Purchase Policy

8/14/2007 - BLM Exempts Oil and Gas Exploration from Environmental Review

8/9/2007 - Senate Republicans Out of Step on State Budget, Says NRDC

8/9/2007 - U.S. Doubles Protection for California's Channel Islands

8/8/2007 - Committee Report Warns of Serious Risks from Toxic Chemical in Plastics, But Leaves Out Much More Evidence of Harm

8/8/2007 - Legal Settlement Requires Safer Disposal of Radioactive Waste and Government Transparency

8/8/2007 - Conservation Groups Request Endangered Species Protection for Disappearing Longfin Smelt

8/7/2007 - Pollution Prompts Record Number of Beach Closings Nationwide; No-Swim Days Due to Stormwater Doubled From Previous Year, Says New Report

8/6/2007 - NRDC Releases 17th Annual Vacation Beach Water Quality Report; "Testing the Waters" Documents Record Number of Beach Closings

8/6/2007 - SoCal Air Agency Approves Massive Pollution Initiative

8/6/2007 - Federal Court Blocks Use of High-Intensity Naval Sonar During Exercises off Southern California in Rich Marine Mammal Habitat

8/5/2007 - House of Representatives Takes Historic Step Forward on Clean Energy, Passes Renewable Electricity Standard

8/2/2007 - Senate Republicans Hold California Budget Hostage, Demand Loophole for Global Warming Polluters

8/2/2007 - Press Conference and Rally with Community Advocates Calling on the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to Reject Massive Pollution Initiative

8/2/2007 - Debate on Global Warming Solutions Takes Big Step Forward

7/25/2007 - House Farm Bill Leaves People, Environment Vulnerable to Pesticide Poisoning

7/25/2007 - Representatives Voice Opposition to Costly and Dirty Liquid Coal Process

7/19/2007 - EPRI-NRDC Report Finds Environmental Benefits of Deploying PHEVs

7/17/2007 - Federal Court Throws Out Permit for Controversial Everglades Mining Project, Blasts Army Corps of Engineers for Ignoring Health and Environmental Risk

7/16/2007 - Florida Gov. Crist Signs Bold Policies to Cut Pollution, Fight Global Warming

7/16/2007 - Polls Show Voters Around the Country Strongly Support Measures to Reduce Global Warming

7/13/2007 - SoCal Air Agency Forced to Reconsider Major Polluting Decision

7/13/2007 - NRDC Statement on GAO Report Confirming Threats to Public Health on Nation's Beaches

7/12/2007 - NRDC Statement on Federal Curtailment of Public's Right to Comment on Controversial Sonar Rule

7/11/2007 - Statement on the introduction of the Low Carbon Economy Act of 2007

7/10/2007 - Top Latin Rock Star Joins Leading Conservation Group in Fight to Protect Patagonia

7/10/2007 - Water Officials Warned: Get Used to Drought, Says New Climate Report

7/9/2007 - NRDC Launches Blog Site to Spur Conversation About Energy Solutions, Global Warming

7/6/2007 - Government Plan Puts Endangered Wolves in Crosshairs

7/3/2007 - NRDC: Mary Nichols is Strong Choice for California Air Board

7/3/2007 - Florida Utility Abandons Plans for Coal Plant Over Global Warming Concerns

6/27/2007 - House of Representatives Restores Fiscal, Environmental Responsibility to Management of Country's Largest National Forest

6/27/2007 - Ford and Chrysler Join Call for Global Warming Cap

6/26/2007 - MTA Bus Fare Increases Challenged in Court by Environmental, Community Groups

6/22/2007 - Clean Air Advocates Demand a Stronger Smog Clean-up Plan

6/22/2007 - Senate Takes Bold Step Forward on Fuel Economy, Leaves Out Other Global Warming, Environmental Provisions

6/21/2007 - Statement on the Senate Vote to Raise Fuel Economy Standards for the First Time in Decades

6/21/2007 - Massive Development in NE Los Angeles Challenged by City Council Vote

6/19/2007 - Report Ranks States Most Vulnerable to Rising Gas Prices

6/11/2007 - Court Shuts Down Illegal EPA Incinerator Rule

6/11/2007 - Controversial Oil Substitutes Sharply Increase Emissions, Devour Landscapes

6/7/2007 - G8 Climate Agreement: Bush Meets the Limits of 'No' as a Policy

6/5/2007 - New EPA, Army Corps Rules Add to Confusion About Protected U.S. Waterways

6/4/2007 - Lawsuit Filed to Restore Protections for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

6/1/2007 - New Report Shows California's Historic Global Warming Solutions Act Will Reduce Pollution While Creating Jobs and Growth

5/31/2007 - President Shows Up Late, Comes Up Short on Global Warming

5/30/2007 - ExxonMobil Shareholders Confront Management Over Global Warming Inaction

5/30/2007 - NRDC Applauds Stanford University for Supporting Shareholder Resolution Targeting ExxonMobil's Position on Global Warming

5/26/2007 - Judge Throws Out Biological Opinion for Delta Smelt

5/24/2007 - Conservationists Threaten to Sue Feds, Appeal to State for Emergency Action as Delta Smelt Spiral Toward Extinction

5/24/2007 - Bill Directs EPA to Cut Air Pollution at Nation's Ports

5/24/2007 - One in 10 Americans May Get Sick from Swimming this Weekend

5/24/2007 - New Bill in Senate and House Aims to Protect Remaining Pristine Forests

5/23/2007 - California Energy Commission Promotes Clean Electricity Under Landmark Global Warming Law

5/22/2007 - Bill to Restore Clean Water Act Introduced

5/17/2007 - Congress Passes Vital Funding for Environment, Natural Resources

5/15/2007 - NRDC Advances Regulation of Nanotechnology to Protect Human Health

5/14/2007 - Administration's Half-Steps on Global Warming, Fuel Economy Fall Flat

5/14/2007 - U.S. Congress Takes Aim at Illegal Timber Trade

5/8/2007 - Department of Energy Allowing America's Energy to Waste Away

5/4/2007 - Statement by David Pettit, director, Southern California Air Quality Project, Natural Resources Defense Council and Martin Schlageter, director, Campaign and Advocacy, Coalition for Clean Air

5/4/2007 - New Bill Gets Biofuels Right

5/4/2007 - Science Panel: Inaction Will Mean Massive Increase in Global Warming Pollution

5/2/2007 - DOE Ordered to Do Comprehensive Clean Up of CA Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Site

5/1/2007 - EPA Award Winners Speak Out on Global Warming

4/30/2007 - Supreme Court Puts Final Nail in Coffin of Administration Plan to Gut Key Clean Air Safeguard

4/25/2007 - EPA Proposal Allows Massive Pollution Increases

4/25/2007 - Peruvian Winner of 2007 Goldman Environmental Prize Calls for Congress to Stop Importation of Illegally Logged Mahogany

4/23/2007 - NRDC BioGems Activists Win Goldman Environmental Prize

4/20/2007 - Final Monticello Raceway Casino Approval Long Way Off

4/20/2007 - Multi-State Compact to Fight Global Warming Expands Once Again

4/19/2007 - Conservation, Civil Rights Groups Sue to Preserve Historic African-American Site

4/19/2007 - National Energy Policy Report Too Weak To Stop Global Warming

4/19/2007 - US Not Prepared for Peril from Global Warming

4/19/2007 - EPA, NRDC Sign Pledge to Green Cities, Prevent Pollution

4/17/2007 - How Green is My Ethanol?

4/16/2007 - Former U.S. Generals Foretell Geopolitical Conflict

4/13/2007 - California Fish & Game Commission Adopts Final Marine Protected Area Plan for Central Coast

4/12/2007 - EPA Will Not Act to Control Hazardous Contaminant

4/12/2007 - New York City's Tap Water Receives Fresh Seal of Approval

4/12/2007 - Conservation Groups Will Sue to Protect Yellowstone’s Grizzlies

4/11/2007 - Colorado Roadless Petition Could Undermine Protections for National Forests

4/10/2007 - Administration Ignores Supreme Court, Punts on Global Warming, Oil Savings

4/9/2007 - Polar Bears Draw Record Public Response to Endangered Species Listing

4/6/2007 - San Francisco Clean Construction Ordinance Paves Way for State Action to Cut Diesel Pollution

4/6/2007 - New International Report: Global Warming Impacts Will Worsen Without Emissions Cuts

4/4/2007 - Bush Appointee Could Endanger Public Health

4/2/2007 - Supreme Court Ruling Removes Obstacle to California Clean Cars Law; Justices Say Heat-Trapping Carbon Dioxide is Pollution

4/2/2007 - Supreme Court Rules Unanimously Against Power Plant Polluters, Sets Up Major Challenge to Bush Administration Emission Policy

4/2/2007 - Supreme Court: Heat-Trapping Carbon Dioxide is Pollution

3/28/2007 - Sen. Bingaman's Bill Gets Biofuels Policy Wrong

3/28/2007 - Court: EPA Broke The Law By Failing To Update Safe Beachwater Standards

3/27/2007 - San Francisco Bag Ordinance Offers Consumers Way Out of False Choice

3/22/2007 - Navy Hit with Lawsuits after Rejecting Coastal Commission Safeguards for Massive High-Intensity Sonar Exercises off Southern California Coast

3/22/2007 - Conservationists Will Fight to Overturn Grizzly Bear Decision

3/21/2007 - NRDC Unveils New, Effective Plan to Keep Toxic Pollutants out of Local Waters

3/21/2007 - Windows Vista Delivers Significant Energy Savings for Home, Business Users

3/14/2007 - New Plan Brightens Future for Clean, Efficient Lighting

3/14/2007 - New MIT Coal Report Sees Pressing Need for Global Warming Action

3/13/2007 - Fouling of Region’s Water Bodies by Air Pollution Must Be Stopped, Says NRDC

3/13/2007 - Washington Riding Expressway to High-Mileage Cars

3/9/2007 - TXU Unveils Plan for Two New Power Plants with CO2 Emissions Capture Tech

3/9/2007 - New Energy Efficiency Bill Draws Broad Support from Business, Conservation Groups

3/9/2007 - Funding for Clean Water Passes in the House

3/8/2007 - Global Warming Hits Sports Illustrated Cover

3/8/2007 - Bush Administration Restricting Scientific Discussion on Polar Bears and Global Warming

3/6/2007 - Highlights from <i>OnEarth</i> Magazine’s Spring 2007 Issue

3/2/2007 - EcoProcrastination: Will GE Derail Diesel Locomotive Cleanup?

2/28/2007 - NRDC Sues EPA for Failing to Ban Two Highly Toxic Pesticides

2/27/2007 - NRDC Role Pivotal in Plotting Environmental Course for Record TXU Buyout

2/26/2007 - Western Governors Launch Global Warming Initiative

2/26/2007 - Record TXU Buyout Includes Unprecedented Global Warming, Emissions Plan

2/25/2007 - Natural Resources Defense Council "Greens" the Academy Awards

2/21/2007 - NRDC Launches Beat the Heat Interactive Global Warming Solutions Map

2/13/2007 - Navy Defies State Coastal Commission, Refuses to Safeguard Whales During Extended Sonar Training off Southern California

2/13/2007 - Community, Conservation Groups Challenge Monticello Casino Approval

2/12/2007 - Proposed Environmental Standards Set Anacostia River Restoration In Motion

2/7/2007 - Bush Budget Slashes Environmental Programs, Fails to Fund Clean Energy Progress

2/6/2007 - Groups Challenge Environmental Analysis of Controversial Black Mesa Project

2/6/2007 - New Climate Committee Shows Congressional Commitment

2/5/2007 - NRDC, CCA Seek to Join Legal Battle against Polluting Ships Docking at CA

2/2/2007 - Global Warming Trailblazer, Former Legislator Fran Pavley Joins NRDC

2/2/2007 - Scientists’ Urgent Climate Warning Underscores Need for Swift Action

1/31/2007 - California’s Global Warming Fuels Standard Drives Trend Overseas

1/30/2007 - California Recognized as Pioneer of Ocean Conservation

1/30/2007 - New Report Card Brings Sinking Federal Ocean Policy to Surface

1/30/2007 - “Green Budget” Calls for Restoration of Vital Conservation Program Funding

1/25/2007 - Governor’s Two Key Environmental Nominations a Double Success for New York

1/25/2007 - New PUC Rule Targets Global Warming Emissions

1/24/2007 - Strong Actions Needed After Bush’s Warning on Global Warming

1/23/2007 - Cutting Gas Consumption Will Help Curb Global Warming

1/23/2007 - Facing Suit, Navy Declares Itself Above the Law in High-Intensity Sonar Fight

1/22/2007 - Major Businesses and Environmental Leaders Unite to Call for Swift Action on Global Climate Change

1/20/2007 - Joint Statement of the United States Climate Action Partnership

1/18/2007 - Heartland Solutions: Top Environmental Group Opens Midwest Base

1/17/2007 - New Report Touts Vast Energy Efficiency Potential in Texas

1/16/2007 - Federal Court in Fresno Stays Automakers’ Lawsuit Against California Global Warming Law

1/16/2007 - Senators Set the Bar for Global Warming Solutions

1/12/2007 - President to Sign Major Oceans Legislation into Law

1/12/2007 - New Global Warming Bill Signals Momentum Growing for Effective Reductions

1/11/2007 - CA Coastal Commission Requires U.S. Navy to Use Common Sense Measures to Protect Marine Life When Practicing With Sonar Along California’s Coast

1/9/2007 - California Governor Announces World’s First Global Warming Pollution Standard for Motor Fuels

1/9/2007 - EPA to Weaken Health Standard for Common Consumer Product Ingredient

1/4/2007 - San Joaquin River Restoration Bill Reintroduced in Congress

1/4/2007 - Major Ocean Protection Legislation Introduced

1/3/2007 - Top New York State Environmental Litigator Joins NRDC

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