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2008 Press Releases

12/28/2008 - Environmental Coalition Reaches Agreement with Navy on Mid-Frequency Sonar Lawsuit

12/19/2008 - Appointment of Solis Signals Commitment to a Strong, Green Workforce

12/19/2008 - Auction Proceeds, But Legal Action Delays Damage to Utah Wilderness

12/19/2008 - Energy, Environmental Groups Urge Quick Action by Congress to Use Energy Efficiency Programs to Stimulate Economy, Create Green Jobs

12/18/2008 - EPA Administrator Illegally Declares No Regulation for Carbon Dioxide

12/18/2008 - NRDC Supports Obama Appointment of Jane Lubchenco to Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere

12/18/2008 - Group Seeks to Measure Sustainability Performance for Specialty Crops

12/18/2008 - New Report Calls for Government to Assess Combined Health Impacts of All Phthalates

12/18/2008 - Feds Uphold Objections to Toll Road, San Onofre Beach Saved

12/18/2008 - Appointment of LaHood Signals Need for New Approach to Transportation Sector

12/17/2008 - NRDC Supports President-elect Obama's Appointments of Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture

12/17/2008 - Groups Fight to Save the Endangered Species Act

12/17/2008 - D.C. Ban on Toxic Pavement Sealants Helps Clean-Up Waterways

12/17/2008 - Robert Redford, Members of Congress, and Broad Coalition Call on Administration to Halt Midnight Land Sale in Utah

12/16/2008 - Duke Requests Dubious Permits for Cliffside

12/15/2008 - Federal Government Calls for Stronger Delta Smelt Protection

12/15/2008 - Obama's Appointments Signal a New Approach to Environment and Energy for America

12/12/2008 - Cleaner Diesel Trucks Ordered By CA Air Board

12/12/2008 - At United Nations Conference, Developing Countries Moved Forward While Lame Duck Administration Quacked Through its Last Climate Negotiations

12/11/2008 - Landmark CA Global Warming Plan Adopted by Air Board

12/11/2008 - Clean Energy and Environmental Groups Call for Immediate Action on Cape Wind

12/11/2008 - Endangered Species Act Now Endangered

12/10/2008 - EPA Abandons Rules That Would Have Meant More Power Plant Pollution

12/9/2008 - Tree in Trouble: NRDC Petitions for Whitebark Pine Endangered Status

12/8/2008 - NRDC Finds That Ford, GM Can Meet Nation’s Most Progressive Global Warming Standards

12/4/2008 - NRDC Exposes Health and Environmental Programs Slashed Under Bush Administration

12/4/2008 - "Reality" Coalition Launches Campaign Debunking "Clean Coal" Myth

12/4/2008 - Lawsuit Seeks to Enforce Ban on Toxic Toys

12/3/2008 - Lead Free: Settlement Protects California Condors from Lethal Lead

12/3/2008 - Americans Want Clean Energy, Not More Oil to Solve Energy Crisis

12/2/2008 - Tar Sands Oil Development Could Claim More Than 160 Million Boreal Birds

12/2/2008 - Cliffside Must Clean Up: Court Finds Violations of Clean Air Act

12/2/2008 - EPA Allows Mining Companies to Destroy America's Streams

11/25/2008 - Bureau of Land Management Makes a Turkey of a Deal in Utah

11/25/2008 - Backyard Oil Drilling Affects Thousands in LA

11/25/2008 - Automakers Get Third Strike in California Car Litigation

11/25/2008 - Broadway Goes Green in Collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council

11/25/2008 - Leading Environmental Groups Work with Obama's Team to Tackle Top Issues

11/24/2008 - Transition: Prominent California Environmental Leader Moves to NRDC

11/20/2008 - NRDC Responds to Selection of Congressman Waxman as Chairman of House Energy and Commerce Committee

11/19/2008 - CA Climate Summit Looks Beyond Borders to Fight Global Warming

11/19/2008 - World Toilet Day Recognizes 2.5 Billion People Without Proper Sanitation

11/19/2008 - New EPA Rule Leaves U.S. Waterways at Risk

11/19/2008 - NRDC Statement on New Business Coalition to Fight Global Warming

11/19/2008 - NRDC Receives Grant to Analyze Options for Using the Economic Value Created by a Cap-and-Trade System

11/19/2008 - New Report: Video Games are Energy Drains

11/18/2008 - NRDC: Obama Calls for Strong, Prompt Action to Solve Global Warming, Grow Economy

11/18/2008 - NRDC, EEI Call on State Regulators to Help Electric Utilities Make Energy Efficiency a Durable Business Proposition

11/17/2008 - Schwarzenegger Takes Action to Increase Renewable Energy in CA

11/17/2008 - Another Big Gift for Big Oil: Bush Administration Hands Out New Oil Shale Regulations

11/12/2008 - Supreme Court Limits Protection for Whales from Navy Sonar

11/10/2008 - Urgent Action Needed on Climate Protection and New Clean Power Grid

11/10/2008 - Clean Air Advocates Sue Feds to Save Clean Trucks

11/5/2008 - Harmful CA Energy Props Fail on Election Day

11/4/2008 - NRDC Looks Ahead to Repowering America with President-Elect Obama

10/31/2008 - Halloween Trick from Bush Administration: Treat to Factory Farms

10/30/2008 - Bush Administration Christmas Gift to Oil Companies Will be Announced on Election Day

10/29/2008 - Feds Attempt to Block Clean Air Gains at CA Ports

10/24/2008 - NRDC Statement On The Reopening of Wolf Delisting in the Northern Rocky Mountains

10/22/2008 - New "Dead Zone" Report Calls for Greater Protection of Wetlands and Streams

10/21/2008 - NRDC Calls on Food and Drug Administration to Ban BPA from Food Packaging to Protect Children

10/17/2008 - Whale of a Win: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Population Listed As Endangered

10/16/2008 - Don't Be Fooled by Bogus Renewable Energy Measures, Say California Conservation Groups

10/16/2008 - EPA Takes Big Step Toward Protecting Children From Lead Poison

10/15/2008 - California Climate Plan is "Irreversible Momentum" in Fight Against Global Warming, Says NRDC

10/15/2008 - President Signs Major Mercury Protection Bill into Law

10/10/2008 - A Mixed Finish for 2008 Environmental Bills in California, Says NRDC

10/9/2008 - Suit Challenges Legality of Proposed Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Plant

10/8/2008 - U.S. Supreme Court to Determine Navy's Use of High-Intensity Sonar

10/7/2008 - California Environmental, Public Health Laws Inconsistently Enforced, New Report Finds

10/7/2008 - Statement by David Hawkins, Director of Climate Programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

10/6/2008 - Polar Bear Critical Habitat to be Designated

10/2/2008 - NRDC: Dirty Fuels Have No Place in Bailout Deal

10/1/2008 - Historic Clean Trucks Plans Roll Through Ports of LA and Long Beach

10/1/2008 - Critical California Port Pollution Bill Vetoed

10/1/2008 - California Law Will Reduce Climate Pollution Through Better Transportation and Land Use

9/30/2008 - NRDC: Setback to Clean Energy Future Must be Reversed

9/29/2008 - Major Mercury Protection Law Passes Congress, Will Prevent Exports

9/25/2008 - NRDC Joins Aviation, Energy and Academic Leaders to Accelerate Development and Availability of Sustainable Biofuels

9/25/2008 - Landmark U.S. Global Warming Plan for Power Plants Launches

9/23/2008 - NRDC Urges Governor to Sign Bills to Reduce Global Warming and Ports Pollution

9/23/2008 - Senate to Pass Clean Energy Tax Incentives Bill

9/23/2008 - Keystone Pipeline Suit Shifts Towards Local Efforts and New Refineries

9/23/2008 - Western Climate Initiative Will Spur Energy Independence and Economic Growth, Says NRDC

9/18/2008 - U.S. Court Upholds Decision To Keep Water Safe From Construction Pollution

9/17/2008 - Statement from Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

9/17/2008 - Wolves Win: Bush Administration Backs Down, For Now

9/16/2008 - House Energy Bill Falls Short

9/15/2008 - Federal Court Rules Clean Air, Wildlife, Quiet Must Come First in America's Oldest National Park

9/11/2008 - Big Refinery Settlement Sets Strong National Precedent

9/10/2008 - Court Rules Against Truckers in SoCal Ports Clean Air Case

9/10/2008 - Bottled Water Must be Better Tested, Labeled and Regulated

9/10/2008 - NRDC Wins Settlement in Beach Water Lawsuit Against EPA

9/9/2008 - New Report: Green Investment Will Yield Two Million New Jobs in Two Years

9/8/2008 - Big Oil Allies in Congress Vote Against Energy Solutions 61 Times

9/3/2008 - Mayor Bloomberg Signs First-of-its-Kind Energy Conservation Law

9/2/2008 - EPA to Act on California Clean Air Plan Under Court Settlement

9/2/2008 - Anti-Sprawl Bill Passes California Legislature, Next Stop is Governor's Desk

8/29/2008 - Court Restores Clean Water Protections in Southern California

8/27/2008 - California to Sue Federal Government for Polluting Vessels in Suisun Bay

8/26/2008 - Study Links California Hospitalizations to Hotter Weather

8/25/2008 - Court Denies Challenge to LA Bus Fare Hike

8/25/2008 - California Climate Land-Use Bill Passes Assembly, Next Step is the State Senate

8/19/2008 - Court Strikes Down Bush Administration Pollution Monitoring Loophole, Upholds Public's Right to Know

8/18/2008 - Suit Challenges Legality of Air Credits to SoCal Polluters

8/18/2008 - EPA Buzz Kill: Is the Agency Hiding Colony Collapse Disorder Information?

7/23/2008 - Gas Drilling Law Signed Today Could Endanger NY Drinking Water, Catskills; Precautionary Safety Measures Needed

8/12/2008 - Agreement Limits Navy's Use of Low-Frequency Active Sonar

8/6/2008 - Conservation Groups Say California Climate Land-Use Bill Needed to Achieve Pollution Reduction Targets of Global Warming Solutions Act

7/31/2008 - California Public Utilities Commission Adopts New Energy Efficiency Goals for Investor Owned Utilities

7/29/2008 - Suit Prevents New Polluting Power Plants in Low-Income Neighborhoods

7/29/2008 - Beach Closing Days Reach Second Highest Level in 18 Years, Says New Report

7/28/2008 - Trucking Industry Sues to Stall Southern California Clean Air Plans

7/24/2008 - California Water Operations Threaten Survival of Iconic Salmon Fishery

7/23/2008 - False Answer To Pain At The Pump: Higher Prices and More Polluter Giveaways, Roadblocks to Clean Energy

7/23/2008 - Hot Weather in Western States Threatens Trout Survival

7/22/2008 - Energy Policy Meltdown: Bush Administration and Oil Shale

7/22/2008 - New Report Ranks States Most Vulnerable to Rising Gas Prices, Offers Solutions for Relief

7/18/2008 - Judge Rules Water Projects Imperil Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead

7/18/2008 - Judge Reinstates Endangered Species Act Protections for Wolves

7/17/2008 - Gore Issues Challenge for Electricity without Global Warming within Ten Years

7/15/2008 - Ports Clean-Up Bill Nears Final Passage in California Legislature

7/14/2008 - Statement by Jim Presswood, Energy Advocate, at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

7/14/2008 - Legislative Leaders Endorse Landmark Water Conservation Bill and Strategic Water Investments in California

7/9/2008 - NRDC Fights BP Air Permits in Federal Court

7/9/2008 - Stench from South Bronx Sewage Plants Targeted in Lawsuit by NRDC, Community Group, and Residents

7/2/2008 - New Analysis Reveals Comprehensive Approach to Saving Money on Gas Today

6/26/2008 - Statement by Jim Presswood, on today's bill introduction to address high gas prices

6/26/2008 - California Climate Blueprint Puts State on Course to Curb Global Warming, Says NRDC

6/25/2008 - NRDC Vehicles Expert Testifies Before Congress on U.S. Transportation Policy

6/23/2008 - New Analysis Shows California's Landmark Global Warming Law Will Prevent Thousands of Illnesses and Save Billions in Health Costs

6/23/2008 - Mayors Challenge Use of Tar Sands Oil and Other High Carbon Fuels

6/23/2008 - U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Navy Sonar Case

6/16/2008 - Environmental Groups to Defend Polar Bear Protections From Legal Challenge

6/13/2008 - Lawsuit Seeks Chemical Safety Testing and Labeling for Home Air Fresheners

6/12/2008 - White House Interferes with EPA Scientists' Analysis of Toxic Chemicals; Poses Risk to Public Health

6/6/2008 - EPA Rejects Permits for Dirty Refinery

6/6/2008 - NRDC Launches Campaign to Force EPA to Strengthen Deficient Toxic Air Regulations

6/6/2008 - U.S. Senate Vote Demonstrates Momentum toward National Limit on Global Warming Pollution

6/5/2008 - Public Interest Groups to Senate: End Climate Bill Filibuster; Americans Deserve Productive Debate on Global Warming Solutions

6/4/2008 - Water Conservation and Efficiency Are California's Best Solution for Drought, Says NRDC

6/4/2008 - California Voters Speak Out for the Environment: Pass Prop 99, Reject Prop 98

6/3/2008 - New Report: Millions of U.S. Workers Stand to Gain from Green Industries

6/2/2008 - President's Take on Global Warming Bill Same Old Sad Story

5/29/2008 - Lawsuit Seeks to Strengthen Weak Clean Air Plan for Southern California

5/28/2008 - New Analysis: Return of New York Recycling a Money-Saver for City

5/28/2008 - Statement of David G. Hawkins, Director of Climate Programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on the Markey Bill to Cut Global Warming Pollution

5/28/2008 - New Report: Preparing for Sea Changes in Florida

5/27/2008 - Health, Environmental Groups Enforce the Clean Air Act to Protect Americans from Smog

5/23/2008 - Federal Court Strikes Rule Exempting Oil and Gas Projects from Clean Water Rules

5/22/2008 - New Report Finds Doing Nothing on Global Warming Comes with a Huge Price Tag

5/21/2008 - Senate Committee Votes to Let California Enforce Clean Cars Global Warming Law

5/20/2008 - Environmental Groups Seek Full Protection for Polar Bear

5/14/2008 - Environmental Groups Win Protection for Polar Bear

5/13/2008 - New Analysis Shows Lieberman-Warner Bill Will Spark Major Transition to Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

5/12/2008 - NRDC Greening Advisor Enables Businesses to Reduce Environmental Impact; Strengthen Bottom Line

5/8/2008 - NRDC Statement on Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement

5/8/2008 - NRDC, Conservation Groups Develop Business-Supported Sustainable Seafood Plan

5/7/2008 - Environmental Groups Fight Attempt to Repeal Crucial Climate Provision from 2007 U.S. Energy Bill

5/7/2008 - San Joaquin River Restoration Bill Moves Closer to Passage

5/6/2008 - California State Water Agency Disguises Massive New Diversions in Peripheral Canal Analysis, Says NRDC

5/6/2008 - Depleted Longfin Smelt Moves Toward Federal Endangered Species Status

5/6/2008 - Environmental Groups to Duke Energy: Stop Illegal Construction of Cliffside or Face Lawsuit

5/5/2008 - Planned Oil Operations in Beaufort and Chukchi Seas Challenged

5/1/2008 - EPA's Proposed Lead Standard Still Would Expose Public to Unsafe Lead Levels

5/1/2008 - New Report Lays Out Potential Implications of Global Warming Carbon Allowance Proposals on Consumers and Power Companies

4/30/2008 - New Department of Energy Study Shows Limit on Global Warming Pollution Compatible With Robust Economic Growth

4/29/2008 - Statement by Dale Bryk, senior attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on President Bush's Press Conference on the Economy

4/29/2008 - Judge Orders Bush Administration to Stop Delaying Polar Bear Protection

4/28/2008 - Conservation Groups Challenge Wolf Delisting in Federal Court

4/24/2008 - Compromise Proposal for Ocean Protection Urged by Governor Schwarzenegger's Task Force

4/24/2008 - Critical Oceans Law Passes First Hurdle

4/22/2008 - NRDC Launches Free Online B-Roll Service for TV and Web Journalists Covering Environmental Stories

4/22/2008 - Earth Day: Celebrating Successes, Acknowledging Challenges

4/17/2008 - Millions of Americans Will Be Safer in the Water; House Approves Beach Water Safety Bill

4/16/2008 - Judge Tosses Biological Opinion for Salmon and Steelhead in California

4/16/2008 - President puts forward global warming plan weaker than Presidential Candidates, Companies, Congress

4/15/2008 - NRDC Statement on EPA's Proposal to Weaken Drinking Water Health Protections for Small Communities

4/14/2008 - Senate Moves Towards Clean Energy Future by Extending Efficiency and Renewable Energy Measures

4/10/2008 - NRDC Proposes a Way Out of Needless Buffalo Slaughter

4/9/2008 - Yellow-Billed Loon Finally On the Road to Protection

4/4/2008 - Groups Settle Lawsuit Over River Islands Development

4/1/2008 - SoCal Air Quality Agency Faces Federal Lawsuit over Bogus Clean Air Credits

3/27/2008 - NRDC on EPA: There They Go Again

3/27/2008 - American West Heating Nearly Twice as Fast as Rest of World, New Analysis Shows

3/25/2008 - Radiation Monitors Cannot Reliably Detect Highly Enriched Uranium at U.S. Ports and Border Crossings

3/11/2008 - Major League Baseball Goes Green in Collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council

3/14/2008 - EPA Hides the Ball in Analysis of Global Warming Bill

3/14/2008 - New EPA Diesel Rule Will Clean Up Dirty Trains and Ships

3/12/2008 - EPA's New Smog Standards Fail To Let All Americans Breathe Easy

3/12/2008 - Senators and Environmental Leaders Gather and Signal Unity for Action on Global Warming Legislation

3/10/2008 - Bush Administration Refuses to Protect Endangered Species Habitat in Michigan and Missouri National Forests

3/10/2008 - Environmental Groups Sue Bush Administration to Force Polar Bear Protection

3/4/2008 - Local Citizens, Conservation Group File Suit Seeking Cleanup of Alleged Water Contamination in Dickson County, Tennessee

3/3/2008 - Lawsuit Charges L.A. County with Failing Clean Water Standards

3/1/2008 - Federal Appeals Court Rejects Bush Sonar Waiver

2/29/2008 - EPA to California: Drop Dead

2/28/2008 - 32 Coal-Fired Power Plants in 13 States Now Up in the Air After Major Court Ruling on Mercury

2/27/2008 - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Tax Breaks Pass House Vote

2/27/2008 - New Report Card Shows U.S. Ocean Health is Sinking

2/22/2008 - Oscar's Green Efforts Continuing for 80th Academy Awards

2/21/2008 - Bush Administration Announces Plan to Strip Wolves of Endangered Species Protection

2/14/2008 - Ratepayer Risk: New Study, Internal Docs Show AMP Electric Costs Spiraling

2/13/2008 - New York Becomes First City in Nation to Pass Electronics Recycling Law

2/13/2008 - New Report Recommends Unilateral Steps for the Next U.S. President to Reduce Threat of Nuclear Weapons, Lead World to Eventual Ban

2/11/2008 - 50th Annual Grammy Awards Goes Green

2/8/2008 - Environmental Safeguards Under Attack

2/6/2008 - Navy Loses Second Sonar Case this Week

2/6/2008 - Port of Long Beach Faces Federal Lawsuit over Empty Promises of "Greener" Operations

2/4/2008 - Acknowledging Growing Financial Risk, Top Banks Issue New Emission-Based Principles for Power Plant Loans

2/4/2008 - Federal Court Rejects Bush Sonar Waiver

2/4/2008 - Bush Budget Rewards Relic Industries, Strapped Natural Resources Take a Hit

2/4/2008 - Bush Budget Guts Proven Energy Savers, Gives More Handouts to Coal, Oil and Nukes

1/31/2008 - Opposition Builds Against Drilling Arctic's Chukchi Sea

1/30/2008 - New York City to Clean Up Waterways by Greening Roadways and Roofs

1/28/2008 - Bush Administration Hiding Documents Detailing Impacts of Oil and Gas Development Plans in Polar Bear Habitat

1/28/2008 - Bush Final Address Too Little, Too Late

1/25/2008 - Bush Administration Strips Protections from America's Largest Forest

1/24/2008 - Conservation Groups Challenge Bush Administration Wolf Killing Plan

1/24/2008 - NRDC Calls For a Legacy, Not Lip Service, in Bush's Final State of the Union

1/18/2008 - Unprecedented Highway Accord Means Cleaner Water for Southern California

1/17/2008 - Judge Issues Temporary, Partial Stay in Sonar Case

1/16/2008 - Sonar Case Remanded to District Court

1/16/2008 - Groups Challenge EPA Regulation that Allows Pesticide Testing on Humans

1/16/2008 - Alberta Premier to Visit Washington

1/16/2008 - Bush Attempts Illegal Override of Court Order Protecting Whales from Sonar

1/14/2008 - Lawsuit Challenges EPA Failure to Ensure Clean-Up of Nation's Filthiest Air

1/10/2008 - Budget Cuts: Californians Won't Tolerate Park and Beach Closures

1/10/2008 - NRDC Calls on Major Airlines to Steer Clear of Highly Polluting New Fuel Types

1/9/2008 - NRDC Lauds Passage of New York City Council Legislation Requiring Groceries, Retailers to Provide Plastic Bag Recycling for Consumers

1/7/2008 - Bush Administration to Miss Deadline for Polar Bear Endangered Species Act Listing

1/4/2008 - Feds Scrap Catskills Casino Plans

1/3/2008 - Federal Judge Orders Navy To Adopt Significant Mitigation Measures For Sonar Use

1/2/2008 - New Year Rings In Historic Crude Prices

1/2/2008 - State, Environmental Coalition Sues to Get Feds Out of the Way on Global Warming

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