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2009 Press Releases

12/29/2009 - From Staff Picks to Copenhagen Speech, Obama Makes Remarkable Progress on Top Environmental Issues

12/29/2009 - Big Win for Bees: Judge Pulls Pesticide

12/21/2009 - Carp in Court: State of Michigan Petitions Supreme Court

12/18/2009 - NRDC President Responds to Deal Reached in Copenhagen

12/18/2009 - NRDC: Proposed Resolution on EPA is "Irresponsible"

12/18/2009 - NRDC President Frances Beinecke Responds to President Obama Speech in Copenhagen

12/17/2009 - NRDC Response to Sec. Clinton Proposal to Protect Communities, Forests

12/15/2009 - NRDC Highlights Obama's Environmental Record on Eve of Copenhagen Trip

12/10/2009 - Kerry-Graham-Lieberman Introduce Clean Energy and Climate Framework

12/9/2009 - NRDC President's Statement on Meeting with President Obama

12/8/2009 - President Obama Advances Clean Energy Economy in Jobs Speech

12/7/2009 - NRDC President Beinecke Responds to EPA Finding on Greenhouse Gases

12/7/2009 - EPA Determines that Carbon Pollution Threatens Health

12/4/2009 - NRDC Statement on President Obama's Copenhagen Schedule Change

12/3/2009 - India Announces Carbon Intensity Target

12/2/2009 - Killing Carp: Chicago Canal Poisoned to Keep Invasive Fish Out of Great Lakes

11/30/2009 - New Website Lets New Yorkers Switch to Green Power in Three Clicks

11/26/2009 - Chinese Premier to Attend Copenhagen Talks and China Announces Carbon Intensity Target

11/25/2009 - Ohioans Give Thanks for Cancellation of Dirty, Expensive Coal Plant

11/25/2009 - President Obama to Attend International Climate Summit in Copenhagen

11/24/2009 - NRDC Responds to US-India Announcement on Clean Energy and Climate

11/23/2009 - EPA Rules to Reduce Water Pollution from Construction Sites

11/20/2009 - Fish Fence Failure: Invasive Asian Carp Swimming Headlong into Great Lakes

11/19/2009 - Report: Moving to Clean Energy Would Drive Job Growth and Economic Recovery in Arkansas

11/18/2009 - California Adopts the Most Advanced TV Efficiency Standards in the World

11/10/2009 - NRDC President's New Book Calls for Action on Climate Change

11/6/2009 - NRDC Hires New Staff and Makes Personnel Moves to Advance Top Legislative Priorities

11/5/2009 - Senate Committee Passes Clean Energy and Climate Bill to Strengthen Economy and Reduce Pollution

11/4/2009 - Historic Water Reform Package Passes California Legislature

11/3/2009 - National Outdoor Lighting Improvements Would Save $5.1 Billion Annually

10/23/2009 - EPA to Issue Strict Rules for U.S. Power Plant Air Toxics

10/22/2009 - Following is a Statement by Daniel Lashof, Ph.D., director of NRDC's Climate Center on the Science Magazine article "Fixing a Critical Climate Accounting Error"

10/22/2009 - Polar Bear to Receive Habitat Protection

10/20/2009 - Dept. of Interior Launches Investigation into Oil Shale Leases

10/19/2009 - California to Set Drinking Water Level for Dangerous Chemical Hex Chrome

10/19/2009 - EPA Blocks Air Permit for BP Refinery Expansion

10/19/2009 - California Adopts Flawed Mileage-Based Auto Insurance Regulations

10/14/2009 - Latinos use Voces Verdes to Call for Strong Climate and Energy Legislation

10/13/2009 - NRDC Launches BioGem Campaign to Save Alaska's Bristol Bay

10/8/2009 - New Report: Chesapeake Bay’s Health Threats Need Federal Remedy

10/7/2009 - Report: Indiana Primed to be a Renewable Energy Hub for America

10/7/2009 - Federal Government Moves Towards Potential Atrazine Phase-Out

10/2/2009 - San Joaquin River Reborn

10/1/2009 - Climate Change Poses Grave Threat to U.S. National Parks

10/1/2009 - LA Ports Meet Clean Air Goals Years Ahead of Schedule

9/30/2009 - NRDC Asks Obama Administration to List Endangered Whale Species

9/30/2009 - Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Bill is Introduced in the Senate

9/25/2009 - On the Conclusion of Climate Week, Following is a Statement by Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

9/24/2009 - US Senate Passes Appropriations Bill to Fund Environmental Protection

9/24/2009 - California Approves Biggest Energy Efficiency Program in the Country's History

9/22/2009 - HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Calls for International Action to Protect Arctic from Climate Change, New Industrial Threats

9/22/2009 - Following is a Statement by Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, on President Obama's Speech Today at the United Nations:

9/21/2009 - Landmark Ruling: Court Holds Power Companies Accountable for their Global Warming Pollution

9/21/2009 - Yellowstone Grizzlies Back on Endangered Species List

9/18/2009 - New “Pulso Verde” Blog Brings Diverse Environmental Voices to Latino Audience

9/18/2009 - California Tunes Into Energy Saving Televisions

9/17/2009 - NRDC Releases New Economic Data on Clean Energy Legislation

9/16/2009 - NRDC Endorses Senate Bill to Limit Nuclear Proliferation

9/15/2009 - Obama Administration Proposes First National Limits on Global Warming Pollution from Cars and Trucks

9/11/2009 - EPA Puts Brakes On Mountaintop Removal Mining

9/10/2009 - Proposed San Diego Landfill a Threat to Drinking Water Sources, Endangered Wildlife and Sacred Native American Lands

9/10/2009 - Federal Agencies Offer President Strong Recommendations to Clean-Up Major Pollution Sources in Chesapeake Bay

9/9/2009 - Federal Judge Finds Wolf Delisting Likely Illegal

9/8/2009 - Michigan Energy Report Focuses on Renewables and Energy Efficiency

9/2/2009 - Made in America Jobs Tour Stops in Gary, Highlights Clean Energy in Indiana

8/31/2009 - Beverage Vending Machines Become Energy Sippers

8/24/2009 - U.S. Drinking Water and Watersheds Widely Contaminated by Hormone Disrupting Pesticide, Atrazine

8/21/2009 - Conservation Groups Seek to Stop Wolf Hunts

8/19/2009 - Alliance for Climate Protection, Blue Green Alliance and NRDC

8/11/2009 - New Michigan Energy Report: Renewables and Energy Efficiency Are Enough to Power the State

8/11/2009 - As Gas Prices Rise, Consumers Face Increased Threat of Oil Dependency

8/11/2009 - Report: Arid West Can Help Meet Its Water Needs While Reducing Energy Use

8/10/2009 - Distribution Transformers Get Energy Boost from U.S. DOE

8/6/2009 - NRDC Counters Coal Industry Boycott of Tennessee

8/5/2009 - LA County Supervisors Vote to Strengthen Oil Drilling Safeguards

7/29/2009 - Beach Closing Days Nationwide Top 20,000 for Fourth Consecutive Year

7/28/2009 - New Report Finds Transportation Efficiencies Can Contribute to Significant GHG Reductions and Consumer Savings

7/27/2009 - NRDC: NYC Electronics Recycling Program Under Attack

7/24/2009 - California Leaders Reject Offshore Oil Deal as Part of State Budget Plan

7/10/2009 - Court Rejects Bush Administration Air Pollution Waivers

7/8/2009 - New Report: Dengue Fever a Looming Threat in the United States

7/7/2009 - New Report Cites Renewable Energy Development as Key for Growing Missouri's Rural Economy

7/1/2009 - Shipping Industry Must Use Cleaner Fuel, Says Court

6/30/2009 - U.S. EPA Grants Landmark California Emissions Waiver

6/30/2009 - New BLM Maps Propose Areas for Solar Energy Development

6/29/2009 - President Obama Announces New Lighting Standards: Largest Energy Saver in History

6/26/2009 - House Passes ACES: A Dramatic Breakthrough for Clean Energy and Climate Protection

6/25/2009 - Report Provides Blueprint for Communities to Tackle Global Warming

6/24/2009 - Senior House Members Join Unprecedented Coalition to Support the American Clean Energy and Security Act

6/24/2009 - National Clean Energy Legislation Cuts Electricity Bills

6/24/2009 - David Goldston Joins NRDC Staff in Washington As Director of Government Affairs

6/18/2009 - Critical Clean Water Protections Approved by Key Senate Committee

6/18/2009 - Clean-Energy Investment Provides Economic Boost, More Jobs, and Expanded Opportunities

6/16/2009 - New U.S. Government Report Confirms Urgent Need for Clean Energy and Climate Action

6/12/2009 - California Proposes Listing of 30 Chemicals as Causing Cancer or Reproductive Harm

6/12/2009 - President Obama Announces Ocean Protection Plan

6/11/2009 - Administration Sends Mixed Signals on Mountain Top Removal Mining

6/4/2009 - U.S. and Canadian Green Leaders Unite

6/2/2009 - Wolf Fight Heads Back to Court

6/1/2009 - NY Ballast Water Decision: Good for the Great Lakes

5/28/2009 - Department of Agriculture to Halt Road Building, Logging in America's Forests

5/26/2009 - New Report: California Businesses Could Save More Than Enough Water to Supply Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco

5/21/2009 - Committee Passage Clears Path for Historic Energy and Climate Bill

5/19/2009 - "A Day to Remember": NRDC Responds to Obama's Announcement on National Fuel Economy Standards for Vehicles

5/18/2009 - White House Announces Ground-Breaking Global Warming Pollution Standards for Cars and Trucks

5/14/2009 - The Barton Plan: No Alternative to Real Climate and Energy Solutions

5/13/2009 - Carbon Cap for the Midwest

5/13/2009 - Congress to Move Ahead with Clean Energy and Climate Solutions for America

5/8/2009 - Problem for Polar Bears: Department of Interior Sticks with "Special Rule" Undercutting Protection

5/6/2009 - NRDC Announces Three Winners of the First-Ever "Growing Green Awards"

5/5/2009 - Administration Moves Ahead with First-Ever Global Warming Standards for Biofuels

5/1/2009 - Dirty Coal Plans Collapse: Mid-Michigan Cancels Plant

5/1/2009 - Court Holds California Must List Dangerous Chemicals to Protect Consumers

4/29/2009 - Congress Passes Greenest Budget in Decades, Says NRDC

4/29/2009 - SoCal Ports' Clean Truck Plans Overcome Court Challenge

4/28/2009 - Obama Bounces Bush ESA Changes

4/28/2009 - President Obama's First 100 Days: A Fast Start on Energy and the Environment

4/24/2009 - First Low Carbon Fuel Standard in U.S. Brings Cleaner Air to California

4/23/2009 - Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Consumers from Toxic Pet Products

4/23/2009 - U.S. DOE Heats Up New Energy Standards for Home Furnaces

4/21/2009 - Earth Day 2009: America is Ready for a Clean Energy Economy to Create Jobs and Protect the Planet

4/21/2009 - NRDC Announces Finalists of the First-Ever "Growing Green Awards"

4/17/2009 - EPA Takes Big Step to Reduce Carbon Pollution

4/15/2009 - Fragile Fish: NRDC Fights for California's Endangered Tidewater Goby

4/14/2009 - New Report: Across America, Waters in Crisis

4/8/2009 - NRDC Land Conservation, Clean Energy Expert to Join Obama Administration

4/8/2009 - Transforming the U.S. Strategic Posture and Weapons Complex For Transition to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

4/8/2009 - New Report Recommends Nuclear Policy on the Path Toward Nuclear Disarmament

4/3/2009 - House and Senate Pass Budget

4/2/2009 - Salazar Identifies Enormous Potential for Offshore Wind Power in Atlantic

4/1/2009 - New Mapping Project Shows Path to Green Energy

4/1/2009 - Conservation Groups Bring Wolf Fight Back Into Court

3/31/2009 - Court Decision Prevents Dumping of Coal Mine Waste in U.S. Waters

3/31/2009 - Groups Urge EPA to Release Renewable Fuels Standard Rulemaking

3/31/2009 - House Leaders Present a New Vision for America's Clean Energy Future

3/30/2009 - Designer Stella McCartney and Discovery CEO David Zaslav Honored for Pioneering Environmental Work in Fashion and the Media Industries

3/30/2009 - EPA to Clean Up Diesel Ship Pollution Nationwide

3/27/2009 - Liquid Coal Refinery Drops Bid for Government Subsidy

3/27/2009 - Labor Unions, Environmental Organizations Urge Passage of Climate Change Legislation in 2009

3/26/2009 - Congress Moves Forward with President’s Budget

3/25/2009 - Historic Lands Bill Will Restore Water Flow and Salmon to San Joaquin River

3/24/2009 - Coal Mining Companies Put On Notice by EPA

3/24/2009 - 20 Years After Exxon Valdez, Offshore Drilling Brings Threat Closer to Home

3/23/2009 - Obama's Budget Will Power a Brighter, Cleaner Energy Future for America

3/20/2009 - Ports' Air Quality Gains from Clean Trucks Plan in Jeopardy

3/12/2009 - House Passes Critical Clean Water Bill

3/11/2009 - Interior Department Announces New Focus on Global Warming & Renewable Energy

3/10/2009 - After Years of Delay, EPA Lays Foundation for Regulation of Global Warming Pollution

3/6/2009 - L.A. Environmental Leaders Celebrate NRDC’s 20 Years in Southern California

3/6/2009 - Governor Paterson Proposes To Reverse Progress on Curbing Global Warming Pollution

3/6/2009 - Wolves Lose Federal Protections Under New Ruling by Interior

3/5/2009 - Broad Coalition Finds Energy Efficiency Provisions Key for Managing Costs of Climate Change Legislation

3/5/2009 - NRDC Welcomes Call for Climate Action by Environmental Coalition

3/5/2009 - House Bill Would Restore Protection for America's Waterways

3/3/2009 - Groups Appeal Elephant Hill Ruling in LA

3/3/2009 - Obama Reverses Midnight Regulation on Endangered Species Act

3/2/2009 - NRDC Attorney Receives California Lawyer of the Year Award

3/2/2009 - New Ocean Report Card: Florida Making Progress, But Not There Yet

2/26/2009 - President Obama Announces Historic Budget

2/25/2009 - Salazar Sets New Course on Land Leasing to Protect Western Lands

2/24/2009 - President Obama Calls for a Carbon Cap to Move to a Clean Energy Future

2/23/2009 - The End of the Road for Bush-Era Power Plant Mercury Rule

2/20/2009 - U.N. Reaches Landmark Agreement to Reduce Global Mercury Pollution

2/19/2009 - Obama Calls on U.S. and Canada to Move to Clean Energy and Tackle Climate Crisis

2/19/2009 - California Budget Done, Now Millions Breathe More Dirty Diesel Fumes

2/18/2009 - Obama Expected to Bring a Clean Energy Message to Canada

2/17/2009 - NRDC Responds to Western Business Roundtable Report on the Western Climate Initiative

2/17/2009 - EPA Takes a Critical Step Forward on Regulating C02

2/13/2009 - Congress Gets it Right: Recovery Deal to Spur Clean Energy Economy

2/12/2009 - House Subcommittee Considers Coal Ash Regulations

2/10/2009 - Salazar Announcement Shows New Approach to Offshore Energy at Department of Interior

2/10/2009 - Senate Passes Recovery Package, Makes Down Payment on Clean Energy Future

2/10/2009 - EPA Blocks Loophole to Stop Industrial Polluters and Reduce Smog

2/9/2009 - NV Energy Postpones Construction of Coal-Fired Power Plant in Nevada

2/6/2009 - NRDC Statement on EPA's Announcement on California Waiver

2/5/2009 - Court Upholds Congressional Ban on Toxic Toys

2/5/2009 - NRDC Statement on President Obama’s Energy Efficiency Announcement

2/4/2009 - NRDC Response to Sen. Boxer's Climate Principles Announcement

2/4/2009 - Bold Action by Department of Interior Halts Leasing of Utah Wilderness

2/4/2009 - NRDC Joins Labor and Business Leaders to Promote Green Jobs

2/3/2009 - Granholm’s Grand Clean Energy Vision

2/3/2009 - Toxic Chromium Clean-Up Battle in Jersey City Heads to Federal Court

2/3/2009 - NRDC Identifies 13 Threatened Natural Areas in the Americas as “BioGems”

1/28/2009 - NRDC: House Passes Economic Recovery Package, Makes Down Payment on Clean Energy Economy

1/26/2009 - NRDC Statement on President Obama's Announcement to Fight Global Warming and Move to Clean Energy

1/25/2009 - Statement of NRDC President Frances Beinecke on Expected First Action by President Obama on Global Warming and Clean Energy

1/23/2009 - Last Minute Rules Expose Millions of Marine Mammals to Sonar Harm

1/18/2009 - Court Orders Government to Stop Land Leasing in Utah

1/16/2009 - Win on the Wing: Bush Administration Agrees to Protect America’s Only Endangered Dragonfly in Michigan and Missouri

1/16/2009 - First US Offshore Wind Facility Gets Green Light in Nantucket Sound

1/15/2009 - NRDC Statement in Response to House Economic Stimulus Proposal

1/15/2009 - Senate Passes Omnibus Lands Bill

1/15/2009 - Business and Environmental Leaders Release Landmark Blueprint for Climate Protection Legislation

1/14/2009 - Flawed Flip-Flop on Wolves

1/14/2009 - Green Stimulus Package Will Boost California's Economy, Green Groups Say

1/14/2009 - As EPA Nominee Faces Hearing, Environmental Groups Point the Way to Clean Air Reforms

1/12/2009 - Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Logging and Destruction in Pristine Wildlands

1/8/2009 - NRDC President Statement on President-Elect Obama's Economic Recovery Plan

1/8/2009 - Environment and Labor Usher in Next Generation of Congressional Green Leaders

1/8/2009 - NRDC Urges Immediate Clean Up and Stronger Regulations of Coal Waste

1/7/2009 - Green Groups to Schwarzenegger: You Don’t Need to Pave the Environment to Pump the Economy

1/7/2009 - Paterson Announces New Energy Agenda to Stimulate Economy, Create Jobs

1/6/2009 - Low-lights: Bush's Environmental Legacy

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