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2010 Press Releases

12/23/2010 - Salazar Land Announcement Will Protect Threatened Public Land

12/23/2010 - New EPA Schedule Will Protect Public Health and Reduce Carbon Pollution

12/20/2010 - Conservation Consortium Challenges Coal Plant Fish-Kills in Ohio

12/17/2010 - California Adopts Nation's First, Economy-Wide Market to Reduce Pollution

12/16/2010 - California Court: Toxic Pet Products Must Have Warning Labels

12/15/2010 - Court Restores Order: Decision Jeopardizing California Water Quality is Reversed

12/14/2010 - States' Transportation Policies Can Curb Carbon Pollution

12/13/2010 - Countries Reach Historic Agreement in Cancun; Global Efforts to Fight Global Warming Move Forward

12/10/2010 - Court Decision a Win for Clean Air, Strong Economy and Healthier Future

12/9/2010 - Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining Ruling Threatens Air, Water, Tourism Economy and Bryce Canyon National Park

12/8/2010 - EPA Must Follow the Science: Ozone Levels Undermine Health, Says NRDC

12/8/2010 - FDA Underestimates Gulf Coast Residents' Exposure to Carcinogens in Seafood

12/2/2010 - BP Oil Spill Commission Staff: "Production Trumped Safety"

12/1/2010 - Administration Acts to Protect Pacific, Atlantic and Eastern Gulf from BP-style Blow Out

11/24/2010 - Polar Bear Protection: 187,000 Square Miles Designated as Polar Bear Critical Habitat in Alaska

11/22/2010 - New EPA Rules Important Step for Large-Scale Carbon Capture Safeguards, Says NRDC

11/19/2010 - ComEd Adopts Plan to Save Customers Half Billion Dollars Through Energy Efficiency

11/18/2010 - State Grant to Fund Protection of More than 62,000 Acres on Tejon Ranch

11/18/2010 - United States Needs To Improve Efforts on Global Sanitation Crises

11/17/2010 - President Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to NRDC Founding Director John Adams

11/17/2010 - Officials Propose Adding Unique Marine Mammal to Endangered Species List

11/16/2010 - Bold New Georgia-Pacific Policy Increases Protection for Millions of Acres of South's Natural Hardwood Forests

11/4/2010 - Ruling Offers Polar Bears New Opportunity for Full Protection

11/4/2010 - Report Ranks States Most Vulnerable to Oil Price Hikes

11/3/2010 - California Voters Deliver Resounding Victory for State's Clean Energy Economy

10/29/2010 - Dozens of Latino Organizations and Leaders Call on California Voters to Oppose Propositions 23 and 26

10/28/2010 - BP's Use of Flawed Cement Shows Need for Robust Oversight, Says NRDC

10/28/2010 - Leading Economists Give Industry Reports on EPA Standards Embarrassing Grades

10/27/2010 - 69 Health and Other Groups Urge EPA to Save Thousands of Lives With Stronger Smog Standards

10/25/2010 - Largest-ever Solar Project Approved in California

10/25/2010 - Administration Issues First-Ever Carbon Emissions Limit on Trucks

10/21/2010 - Vilsack Speech Misses Mark on Biofuel Policies

10/21/2010 - River Renaissance: New Report Details Separation to Keep Carp Out of Great Lakes

10/15/2010 - EPA Takes Historic Step Toward Stopping Mega Mountaintop Removal Mine Site

10/12/2010 - Feds Lift Deepwater Drilling Moratorium

10/6/2010 - NRDC Sues Federal Housing Regulators for Blocking Affordable Clean Energy Projects for Homeowners

10/5/2010 - Interior Greenlights Lucerne Valley and Imperial Valley Solar Projects in California

10/5/2010 - New Memoir Released on NRDC's First Forty Years

10/4/2010 - Anti-Wolf Bills Piling Up: End-Around the Endangered Species Act

10/1/2010 - Administration’s Proposed Fuel Efficiency Plan Shows Promise

9/30/2010 - New Offshore Drilling Rule A Good First Step Toward the Safeguards We Need

9/23/2010 - NRDC Launches Ad Campaign Mocking the American Petroleum Institute

9/21/2010 - Major Clothing Retailers Join NRDC in Cleaning Up Chinese Textile Mills

9/16/2010 - New National Poll Shows Nearly Three-Quarters of Likely Voters Support Increasing Fuel Efficiency Standards to 60 MPG by 2025

9/16/2010 - "Dark Side of Climate Change" Seen in Record Setting Night-Time Temperatures in 37 U.S. States in Summer Of 2010

9/15/2010 - NRDC Releases First Book Detailing the BP Oil Disaster

9/15/2010 - Country Music Star Big Kenny Demands an End to Mountaintop Removal Mining

9/9/2010 - NRDC and StoryCorps to Collect the Stories of Residents Affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill for Three Weeks in New Orleans and Mobile

9/8/2010 - U.S. Stadiums Go Solar: Major Pro Sports Leagues Move Together Toward Renewable Energy

9/3/2010 - BP Uses Gulf Drilling Permits as Bargaining Chip

9/2/2010 - NRDC Supports 60 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standard by 2025

9/1/2010 - Report: Virginia's "Special Places" Jeopardized By Climate Change

8/27/2010 - Court Ruling: Los Angeles Clean Truck Program Legally Sound

8/18/2010 - NRDC Launches "Ticker" Campaign to Track the U.S. Senate's Clean Energy and Climate Failure

8/18/2010 - NRDC Brings New Renewable Energy and Siting Expertise to San Francisco Office

8/17/2010 - NRDC and Gulf Groups Call on Federal Agencies to Improve Seafood Safety Testing Post Oil Spill

8/9/2010 - EPA Issues Final Rule on Cement Factory Emissions

8/6/2010 - Canis Lupus Listed: Wolves Regain Endangered Species Status

8/5/2010 - Triclosan Exposure Levels Increasing in Humans, New Data Shows Potential for Food Contamination

8/4/2010 - Federal Court Finds Malibu Violated Clean Water Act

8/4/2010 - Groups Intervene to Protect the Endangered Cook Inlet Beluga Whale

8/3/2010 - Big Oil Maintains Stranglehold on Congress

7/29/2010 - Advocates "Race for the Cause" to End Toxic Chemicals Threats

7/29/2010 - EPA Follows the Science, Denies Climate Deniers' Petition

7/29/2010 - Ports Bill Paves the Way for Clean Air Programs Across the Country

7/28/2010 - NRDC’s 20th Annual Beach Report: Gulf Coast Beach Warnings Skyrocket Due to Oil and Pollution Persists in Waves Nationwide

7/27/2010 - Majority Leader Reid Introduces Plan to Prevent Future Oil Spills

7/27/2010 - Lawsuit Seeks Final Rule on ‘Antibacterial’ Chemicals After 32-Year Delay

7/22/2010 - Whitebark Pine: Climate Change Has This Tree in Trouble

7/22/2010 - NRDC to Senate Climate Obstructionists: Stop Blocking Our Future

7/20/2010 - Report: More than One Out of Three U.S. Counties Face Water Shortages Due to Climate Change

7/19/2010 - Oil-Seeking Robot Deployed off Florida Keys

7/19/2010 - President Obama to Create Landmark National Ocean Policy

7/1/2010 - Asian Carp Spreading; Threaten to Trump Feds

6/30/2010 - Lawsuit Seeks to Hold Administration Accountable for Marine Mammal Harm in Gulf

6/30/2010 - South Bronx Win: Settlement Reached in Case Against Sewage Odors; Sewage Sludge Plant Set to Close Today

6/29/2010 - Great Lakes NGOs Petition President for Change on Asian Carp

6/29/2010 - In Meeting President Obama Calls for Clean Energy Legislation With Firm Limit on Carbon Pollution

6/29/2010 - New York State Fails to Clean-Up Waterways, Ignores Legal Requirements of Clean Water Act

6/29/2010 - Lawsuit Seeks to Ban BPA from Food Packaging

6/29/2010 - NRDC Authors First Book on Deepwater Horizon Disaster

6/29/2010 - New Report Profiles the Emissions Performance of the Top 100 Power Companies in the U.S.

6/23/2010 - Carp Captured: Invasive Bighead Carp Caught Near Lake Michigan

6/23/2010 - Whale Protections Remain Intact at International Meeting

6/22/2010 - Court Lifts Moratorium, Green Lights More Deepwater Drilling in the Gulf

6/17/2010 - EPA Settles Lawsuit Challenging Rules Allowing Pesticide Tests on People

6/15/2010 - President to Nation: "Now is Time for Action, Clean Up Mess in Gulf and Move Ahead to Clean Energy Economy"

6/10/2010 - Senate Rejects Big Oil Bailout, Affirms Climate Science

6/9/2010 - NRDC: Best Elements of Lugar Bill Belong in Comprehensive Energy and Climate Legislation

6/1/2010 - President Obama Calls Gulf Spill "Greatest Environmental Disaster"

6/1/2010 - NRDC Brings Finance Expertise to Washington, D.C. office

5/27/2010 - NRDC Backs President's Call for Clean Energy Response to Oil Disaster in Gulf

5/26/2010 - EPA, Environmental Groups Reach Settlement on Factory Farm Pollution Lawsuit

5/21/2010 - President Obama Picks Oil Spill Commission Co-Chairs

5/21/2010 - President Obama Announces Next Phase of Landmark Clean Car Agreement

5/20/2010 - Report Shows the Worst Tar Balls Coming from Canada

5/19/2010 - Music Industry Comes Together to Urge End of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

5/17/2010 - White House Creates Independent Commission to Investigate Spill

5/17/2010 - The Myth of Mountaintop Removal Reclamation

5/12/2010 - Clean Energy and Climate Legislation Released

5/7/2010 - Public Supports Clean Energy Legislation Quickly; Delaying Off-Shore Drilling, Poll Shows

5/6/2010 - Interior Department Suspends Virginia Oil and Gas Leases

5/4/2010 - EPA Proposes National Regulations on Coal Ash

5/4/2010 - Updated Groundbreaking Report Shows U.S. Drinking Water and Watersheds Still Widely Contaminated by Hormone Disrupting Pesticide, Atrazine

4/30/2010 - Oil Reaches Gulf State’s Shores

4/29/2010 - More Than 50 Groups Urge President Obama to Show “Unwavering Leadership” on Clean Energy and Climate Legislation

4/29/2010 - LEED for Neighborhood Development Rating System Launches as Benchmark for Green Neighborhood Design

4/28/2010 - First American Offshore Wind Facility Gets Federal Approval Off Cape Cod

4/27/2010 - Federal Court Finds L.A. County Violated Clean Water Act and Polluted Beaches

4/26/2010 - SCOTUS Says "Not Us" on Asian Carp Issue

4/23/2010 - Real Green Win: Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly Protected Habitat Doubles

4/22/2010 - Proposal to Legalize Commercial Whale Hunting Released

4/22/2010 - President Obama's Earth Day Speech Calls for Action on Climate Bill to Safeguard Planet

4/22/2010 - WeLoveBirds.org: Bird Photo Contest Top Ten Photos Announced on Earth Day

4/21/2010 - Bipartisan Bill Restores Clean Water Act Protections to Critical Waters

4/20/2010 - 40th Anniversary Earth Day: a Call to Action on Clean Energy and Climate Bill

4/15/2010 - Singer/Songwriter Sheryl Crow, Artist Shelly Malkin and Malkin Holdings President Tony Malkin Honored for Leadership in Environmental Movement

4/15/2010 - Chemical Reform Bill Creates Long Overdue Changes for Public Protection

4/14/2010 - Nuclear Security Summit Fosters an Illusion of Achievement, Says NRDC

4/13/2010 - NRDC Announces Four Winners of the 2010 "Growing Green Awards"

4/13/2010 - New Report Confirms 2000-2009: Warmest Decade on Record

4/9/2010 - NRDC: Nuclear Summit Should Address Highly Enriched Uranium Security Risks

4/8/2010 - FDA Acknowledges Potential Harmful Effects of Antibacterial Chemicals

4/7/2010 - New Study: Climate Change Threatening Glacier National Park Could Harm Montana's Future Tourism and Economy

4/6/2010 - NRDC Reacts to the Obama Administration's Nuclear Posture Review

4/1/2010 - EPA to Rein in Water Pollution from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

4/1/2010 - DOE Finalizes Tighter Residential Water Heater Standard

4/1/2010 - Border Bears In Danger: New Research Shows Excessive Grizzly Hunting in Canada

4/1/2010 - EPA, DOT Issue Landmark Clean Car Emission Standards

3/31/2010 - Ghost Fleet to be Cleaned Up and Removed from Suisun Bay

3/31/2010 - NRDC Responds to President Obama's Energy Announcements

3/31/2010 - Groups Take Action on Proposed Bay City Coal Plant

3/23/2010 - Poison Pulled: Bee Toxic Pesticide Removed from Store Shelves

3/22/2010 - Nevada Power Plant Will be Fueled by Natural Gas and Solar, Not Coal

3/19/2010 - Environmental And Climate Groups Applaud Progress On Senate Climate And Energy Bill; Will Work to Shape Details

3/18/2010 - Polar Bear Trophy Hunt Ban Shot Down

3/17/2010 - Oil Addiction: Gas Price Spikes Threaten Americans' Wallets

3/16/2010 - Cleaner Cars and Strong Climate Policy Can Drive Economic Recovery and Create 150,000 American Jobs

3/12/2010 - New Analysis: 15% Cut in U.S. Carbon Emissions Achievable Through Simple Inexpensive Personal Actions

3/11/2010 - Countdown to Earth Day Revolution Kicks-Off at U.S. Capitol

3/10/2010 - Senate Approves Tax Extender Bill with Two Polluter Provisions

3/10/2010 - Port of NY/NJ to Dump Dirty Diesel Trucks in Favor of Cleaner Vehicles

3/5/2010 - NRDC Responds to Report of the National Commission on Energy Policy

3/4/2010 - NRDC Response to Sen. Rockefeller Move to Block EPA from Reducing Global Warming Pollution

3/4/2010 - NRDC Celebrates Tenth Anniversary of Major Victory in Laguna San Ignacio

3/2/2010 - Obama Rebate Program Will Create Jobs, Save Homeowners Money

3/1/2010 - NRDC Action Fund and HeadCount Launch "Best of Bonnaroo"

2/27/2010 - NRDC Statement in Response to Washington Post Story on Climate Legislation by Sens. Kerry, Graham and Lieberman

2/25/2010 - Losing Our Forests: NRDC Sues to Protect Iconic Whitebark Pine

2/25/2010 - New York City Commits to Major Water Quality Improvements in Jamaica Bay

2/22/2010 - EPA Responds to Senators' Inquiry on Carbon Pollution Reduction Plan

2/19/2010 - Environmental Groups Urge High Court to Take Up Carp Case

2/17/2010 - Transportation Grants Show Efficient Ideas Exist, Emphasize Need For Reform

2/9/2010 - NRDC Endorses New Certification for Safe, Ethical Electronic Waste Recycling

2/4/2010 - NY Wins One for the Great Lakes

2/3/2010 - EPA Biofuel Rule Keeps Real Renewables in Energy Mix

2/1/2010 - Pentagon Report Cites Climate Change Risks

2/1/2010 - Rail Yard Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Vulnerable Kansas Communities

2/1/2010 - President Obama Releases FY '11 Federal Budget

2/1/2010 - NRDC Welcomes Back Seasoned State Environmental Leader

1/29/2010 - Massive Subsidies to Nuclear Industry 'A Mistake'

1/29/2010 - NRDC Responds to Administration's New Commission on Nuclear Waste

1/29/2010 - President Obama Announces Ambitious Goal for Federal Government to Reduce Global Warming Pollution

1/28/2010 - Congress Should End Tax Breaks for Polluters, Invest in Green Economy

1/28/2010 - NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner Responds to President Obama's Investment Announcement on High-Speed Rail

1/28/2010 - NRDC Action Fund Launches Star-Studded Video Campaign to Spur Action on Clean Energy

1/28/2010 - Conservation Groups in Court to Save Highly Endangered Whales

1/28/2010 - Groups Galvanize Support for Federal Coal Ash Regulations

1/27/2010 - NRDC President Frances Beinecke Backs Obama's Call to Pass Clean Energy Legislation that Puts America Back to Work

1/27/2010 - Location, Location, Location Efficiency: Can Smart Growth Help Beat the Mortgage Crisis?

1/21/2010 - Federal Judge Finds San Francisco Bay's Ghost Fleet Pollution Illegal

1/21/2010 - NRDC President Frances Beinecke Responds to Sen. Murkowski's Attempt to Undermine Public Health and Global Warming Solutions

1/21/2010 - New Ad Demonstrates Broad Support for Action on Clean Energy and Climate

1/19/2010 - Obama Administration to Revisit Bush-Era Sonar Policies

1/6/2010 - Dept. of Interior Announces Onshore Oil and Gas Lease Reforms

1/4/2010 - Backroom Deal Leaves Long Beach Truck Program in Hands of Polluting Industry

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