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2011 Press Releases

12/21/2011 - New EPA Rule Curbs Mercury, Other Pollutants from Power Plants

12/17/2011 - GOP's Rush to Judgment on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Dooms the Project

12/16/2011 - Republicans Hijack Tax-Cut Bill, Deliver Bonus to Big Oil

12/16/2011 - Dozens of Anti-Environment Riders Are Kept Out of Spending Bill

12/15/2011 - House GOP Spending Bill Laden with Special-Interest, Anti-Environmental Riders

12/13/2011 - House GOP Taints Tax-Cut Measure with Harmful Anti-Environment Riders

12/13/2011 - House GOP Seeking to Block Government-Funding Bill by Targeting Energy Efficiency

12/13/2011 - New Lease Sale Ignores BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

12/12/2011 - Governor LePage Undermines Maine’s Green-Building Economy, Sets Back Sustainable Forestry

12/10/2011 - From Durban Climate Talks, Important Progress

12/8/2011 - New Mapping Tool Reveals Thousands of Record-Breaking Extreme Weather Events in 2011

12/8/2011 - NRDC: Tennessee Residents Protected from Toxic Chemical Exposure

12/7/2011 - House Continues to Waste Valuable Time on REINS Act

12/7/2011 - Keystone XL Clarity: President Obama Reaffirms Pipeline Process

12/7/2011 - NRDC, FDA Reach Settlement in BPA Lawsuit

12/6/2011 - New Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Construction of Alaskan Mega-Mine

12/2/2011 - House Votes Against Protections for the Public – Again

12/2/2011 - Coal Plant Cancellation: Consumers Energy Abandons Aging and Contested Coal Units in Michigan

12/1/2011 - EPA Releases Vessel General Permit to Improve Regulations on Ballast Discharges

11/29/2011 - Illinois Senate Passes Electric Rate Hikes to Underwrite Dirty Coal

11/29/2011 - New Report Highlights Dangers Associated with Tar Sands Pipeline to British Columbia

11/28/2011 - Limerick Nuclear Plant’s Re-Licensing Application Circumvents Safety Analysis Requirements

11/22/2011 - Court Upholds Endangered Status for Grizzlies

11/18/2011 - IPCC Extreme Weather Report Shows We Must Curb Carbon Pollution

11/16/2011 - Over 100 American Mayors Voice Concern on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

11/16/2011 - Keystone Clarified: Pipeline Process to Continue Into 2013

11/16/2011 - Strong Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards Will Cut Carbon Pollution, Reduce Oil Addiction

11/15/2011 - Increased Recycling Would Create Nearly 1.5 Million Jobs, Reduce Pollution

11/14/2011 - Media and Technology Pioneers Arianna Huffington and Wendy & Eric Schmidt Honored for Environmental Leadership

11/10/2011 - President’s Decision on Keystone XL Pipeline Shows Leadership and Courage

11/10/2011 - Senate Rejects Extremist Attacks on Clean Air, Health Protections

11/8/2011 - Groundbreaking Study Quantifies Health Costs of U.S. Climate Change-Related Disasters & Disease

11/8/2011 - New GIS Tool Maps Military Assets in Order to Facilitate Future U.S. Renewable Energy Development

11/8/2011 - Obama Administration Expands Offshore Oil Drilling Without Adequate Safeguards

11/8/2011 - EPA Moves to Curb Carbon Pollution from New Power Plants

11/6/2011 - At White House Protest, NRDC Leader Tells Obama to Reject Keystone XL

11/4/2011 - Thousands to Gather Around White House to Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

11/3/2011 - House Moves to Reduce Public Protections, Increase Bureaucracy

11/2/2011 - New Hampshire Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For Stronger Protections From Toxic Chemicals

10/27/2011 - Interior's New Solar Plan Aims to Build a Balanced Solar Energy Program

10/27/2011 - United Nations Declares Victory in Global Eradication of Leaded Gasoline

10/26/2011 - Big Win for a Little Fish: Tidewater Goby Decision Would Protect California's Most Endangered Ecosystems

10/26/2011 - Reverse Effect: New Book Looks at Renewing Chicago’s Waterways

10/24/2011 - House Creates Legal Limbo for U.S. Airlines Flying to Europe

10/20/2011 - John Bryson's Confirmation as Commerce Secretary is a Win-Win for America

10/19/2011 - Groups Sue California Rail Yards Over Diesel Pollution

10/17/2011 - Chemical Industry’s Stalling Tactics Subvert Health Protections

10/17/2011 - New Analysis: Indian Point Nuclear Plant Can be Replaced with Cleaner, Safer Energy

10/17/2011 - Facebook, NRDC, and Opower Partner to Develop a New Social Energy Application

10/14/2011 - Coal Collapse: Proposed Ohio Coal-to-Liquid Refinery Dead

10/14/2011 - House Blocks EPA Safeguards Against Coal Ash Dangers

10/13/2011 - House Blocks Crucial EPA Health Protections by Approving ‘Boiler’ Bill

10/13/2011 - National Poll Shows Strong Disapproval for President Obama’s Smog Rule Delay, Unfavorable Ratings for Congress’ Assault on Clean Air Act

10/12/2011 - FDA Allowed Unsafe Levels of Contaminants in Seafood after BP Oil Spill, Study Finds

10/7/2011 - California Joins West Coast States to Protect Sharks

10/6/2011 - House Blocks Critical Health Protections by Approving ‘Cement’ Bill

9/26/2011 - Court Ruling: Panel Upholds Clean Truck Program Public Health Safeguards

9/23/2011 - NRDC: House Votes Against Saving Lives in Approving TRAIN Act

9/22/2011 - NRDC: Clean Energy Jobs Are Progress, Not Propaganda

9/21/2011 - Lives are at Stake in House GOP’s Campaign to Strip Basic Environmental Protections

9/21/2011 - Modest Improvements Can Extend Life of Alaska Pipeline by Decades

9/20/2011 - Clinton Global Initiative Announces Innovative Real Estate Sector Partnership to Cut Commercial Building Energy Use and Costs

9/20/2011 - Study: Latinos Face Major Health Risks From Delays of EPA Air Pollution Rules

9/15/2011 - Carbon Standards Urgently Needed To Protect Kids, Planet

9/15/2011 - New Poll Reveals Maine Residents Support Strong Lighting and Appliance Efficiency Standards

9/15/2011 - New Poll Reveals Illinois Residents Support Strong Lighting and Appliance Efficiency Standards

9/15/2011 - New Poll Reveals Nearly 75% of Ohio Voters Support the Use and Expansion of Energy Efficiency Technologies

9/15/2011 - New Poll Reveals Michigan Residents Support Strong Lighting and Appliance Efficiency Standards

9/13/2011 - NRDC: House GOP Begins Latest Assault on Health, Environmental Protections

9/12/2011 - Amid Budget and Jobs Concerns, Victories for Public Health, Sharks, Clean Water, Job Stimulus and Energy Efficiency in California’s 2011 Legislative Session

9/8/2011 - President Obama's Jobs Plan is a Good Start

9/2/2011 - White House Sides with Polluters in Delaying Smog Protections

8/29/2011 - NRDC Calls on Senators From Massachusetts, Pennsylvania to Pledge to Protect Children, Fight Dangerous Air Pollution

8/26/2011 - New Refrigerator Standards the “Coolest Yet”

8/26/2011 - State Department “Final” Environmental Review of Proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline is Still Incomplete

8/18/2011 - Western Water Supply at Risk from Dual Impacts of Oil Shale Development and Climate Change

8/11/2011 - NRDC: It’s Not Just the Heat, It’s the Smog Pollution

8/9/2011 - Environmental Groups to Congress: Cut Subsidies, Don’t Hurt Public

8/9/2011 - Cleaner Vehicles Create Opportunities for Jobs, Economic Growth, Study Shows

8/3/2011 - In Your Backyard: Climate Change Will Worsen Extreme Heat, Flood and Drought Frequency, Air Pollution and Infectious Disease Threats

7/28/2011 - EPA's Proposed Rules Would Restrict Toxic Air Pollution from Natural Gas, Oil

7/28/2011 - Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards Put Country on Right Track

7/27/2011 - Extinction Rider Averted: Vote for Wildlife Protections a Rare Bi-Partisan Effort in the House

7/27/2011 - New report identifies how impacts of climate change to water supplies & waterways will affect U.S. cities

7/21/2011 - NRDC: Senate Committee Wastes Taxpayer Money Subsidizing Big Oil While Failing to Improve Offshore Drilling Safety

7/20/2011 - U.S. Declares Iceland in Defiance of Global Commercial Whaling Ban

7/20/2011 - Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida Lead List of "Toxic 20" States with Most Toxic Air Pollution from Power Plants

7/18/2011 - Judge Sides with Long Beach Residents in Clean Air Suit

7/18/2011 - Pining for Protection: Feds Agree Widespread Tree Species Likely to Go Extinct Because of Climate Change

7/14/2011 - NRDC: House Republicans Launch Another Attack On Light Bulbs

7/13/2011 - NRDC: House Legislation Would Gut Clean Water Act Safeguards

7/13/2011 - Birth Defects Study Adds Urgency to Mountaintop Removal Health Concerns

7/12/2011 - Vote on Lighting Efficiency a Win for Consumers, Economy, Environment

7/12/2011 - Appropriations Bill Represents Unprecedented Attack on Environment

7/11/2011 - Edison Descendants Support Choice in Bulbs: "Technology Changes. Embrace it"

7/8/2011 - Report: Repeal of Lighting Standards Would Jeopardize $12.5 Billion in Consumer Savings

7/6/2011 - Agreement Reached to Reduce Urban Oil Drilling in Los Angeles

7/6/2011 - House Panel's Spending Bill Threatens Public Health Protections

6/30/2011 - Court Upholds Endangered Species Act Protection for Polar Bears

6/29/2011 - NRDC Annual Beach Report: Closing and Advisory Days Hit Second-Highest Level in Decades

6/27/2011 - NRDC to Release 21st Annual Vacation Beach Water Quality Report

6/22/2011 - House Bill Unravels 40 Years of Clean Water Act Protection

6/21/2011 - Groups Challenge California Rail Yards To Clean Up Their Act

6/20/2011 - Supreme Court Case Highlights EPA Role in Carbon Pollution Protection

6/16/2011 - House Hearing Reveals Shortcomings of Pipeline Safety

6/16/2011 - Senate Kills Wasteful Spending on Corn Ethanol Subsidies

6/16/2011 - Canada's New Yellowstone: Two Million Acres of Canadian Boreal Forest Wilderness Protected

6/15/2011 - House Energy Spending Bill Cuts Key Funding, Permits Anti-Environmental "Riders" to Move Forward

6/15/2011 - DVR, Cable and Satellite Boxes Waste $2 Billion of Electricity Every Year

6/14/2011 - Lawsuit Seeks to Protect San Diego Drinking Water Supply, Critical Habitat, Sacred Sites

6/10/2011 - U.S. Sets First Regional Energy-Saving Standards for ACs and Furnaces, Upgrades National Heat Pump Standards

6/9/2011 - NRDC: Senate Right to Defeat Latest Attack on Our Public Health

6/9/2011 - Government Approval of New Deepwater Oil Drilling Ignores Gulf Disaster

6/7/2011 - Chicago River Clean-Up: Water Regulators Vote to Disinfect

6/8/2011 - Celebrities Call on Lawmakers to Protect New York Tap Water from Fracking

6/2/2011 - Chicago River Cleanup: Today’s events shift debate from "if" to "when"

5/31/2011 - John Bryson is the Right Man at the Right Time to Lead Commerce Department

5/26/2011 - Governor Christie Puts Out-of-State Oil Interests Above New Jersey Citizens' Health, Environment and Economic Well-Being

5/26/2011 - NRDC: Administration Must Ensure Public Protection is Paramount in Regulations Review

5/26/2011 - Report Ranks States Most Vulnerable to Rising Gas Prices, Offers Solutions

5/26/2011 - New Poll Reveals New Jersey Residents Strongly Support Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's Results

5/25/2011 - Superbug Suit: Groups Sue FDA Over Risky Use of Human Antibiotics in Animal Feed

5/24/2011 - XL Letter: Thirty local and national groups ask Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard Americans from risks of proposed tar sands oil pipeline

5/18/2011 - Senate Rejection of Drilling Bill Signals Time for Real Solutions

5/17/2011 - Senate Caves to Big Oil Pressure; Decides Against Cutting Industry Tax Breaks

5/13/2011 - Railing on the River: EPA Demands Chicago River Cleanup

5/12/2011 - NRDC President: House Bills Needlessly Open Our Shores to Potential Disaster

5/11/2011 - NRDC President: House Continues Its Reckless March Toward More Drilling

5/10/2011 - Environmental Leaders to AEP: What’s Your Number?

5/5/2011 - NRDC: House Ignores Reality, American Public with Offshore Drilling Legislation

5/3/2011 - Christina Swanson Named New Director of NRDC’s Science Center

5/3/2011 - Serial Spillers: Groups Sue to Stop Chicago Water Regulators from Polluting the Chicago River

4/27/2011 - More U.S. Waterways to be Protected by the Clean Water Act

4/27/2011 - On Thin Ice: New Report Identifies13 Vulnerable Arctic Treasures as Ice Melts, Industry Moves In

4/26/2011 - NRDC Announces the Winners of the 2011 "Growing Green Awards"

4/20/2011 - BP Oil Disaster Anniversary Marked by Impacts and Inaction

4/15/2011 - Strike Two!: Keystone XL's Second Federal Environmental Review Misses the Mark (Again)

4/15/2011 - House Budget is Out of Step With Country's Needs

4/14/2011 - Toxic Substances Control Reform Bill Can Repair Broken Chemical Law

4/13/2011 - NRDC: House Committee Disregards Safety, Reality with Offshore Drilling Legislation

4/12/2011 - NRDC Senior Nuclear Scientist Unveils Radiation Dosage Data at Senate Hearing

4/10/2011 - Bad Day for Wolves: Federal Budget Opens the Door to Dangerous Precedent

4/9/2011 - President, Senate Democrats Stand Firm Against Anti-Environment Riders

4/7/2011 - Planet Green Premieres NRDC Gulf Oil Disaster Documentary

4/7/2011 - House Approval of Upton Bill Puts Polluters Ahead of Public Health

4/7/2011 - Republican Leadership Threatening Government Shutdown to Advance Agenda

4/6/2011 - NRDC: Senate, President Obama Must Continue Fight Against Misguided House Overreach

4/6/2011 - 700,000-Ton Cleanup Settlement Reached in Jersey City Toxic Chromium Case

3/31/2011 - President Obama Needs to Send Clear, Strong Signal-No Policy Riders

3/30/2011 - President's Call for Energy Security Can Have a Different Outcome This Time

3/29/2011 - California Legislature Approves One of the Most Ambitious Renewable Energy Programs in the World

3/29/2011 - Disease Clusters: Federal Help Needed To Confirm Existence, Determine Sources

3/28/2011 - Dead Fish, Fouled Water, EPA Misses Opportunity to Fix Power Plant Damage

3/25/2011 - NRDC Urges Obama to Launch 'Truly Independent' Probe of All Nuclear Plants

3/24/2011 - 25 American Mayors Speak Out Against Controversial Tar Sands Pipeline

3/21/2011 - Professional Sports Teams From Six Leagues Join Forces For Unprecedented "Green Sports Alliance"

3/18/2011 - Settlement reached on wolf recovery in Idaho and Montana

3/15/2011 - House Committee Disregards Science, Public Opinion With Passage of Upton Bill

3/14/2011 - NRDC Cites Need for Technical and Humanitarian Assistance in Japan

3/11/2011 - President Obama is Right: We Can't Drill Our Way Out

3/10/2011 - LA County Ordered to Clean Up Water Pollution

3/10/2011 - EPA Critics Should Recognize Real Causes of Rising Gas Prices

3/10/2011 - Upton’s Bill Another Step Toward Dismantling EPA

3/10/2011 - House Panel Votes to Allow Unlimited Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

3/9/2011 - Vote on H.R. 1 to Test Senators' Common Sense

3/8/2011 - Invasive Species Settlement: New Ballast Water Permit Should Help Protect American Coasts, Lakes and Rivers

3/3/2011 - Upton-Inhofe Bill to Block EPA Protections Threatens Health

3/1/2011 - Serial Spillers: Suit Announced to Limit Pollution from Chicago-Area Water Regulators

3/1/2011 - Clean Air Act Will Save 2.2 Million Lives Between 2010 and 2020, EPA Data Reveal

2/28/2011 - Harmful Riders are Stripped from Two-Week Government Spending Bill; They Must Stay off Future Measures

2/28/2011 - Veteran Journalist Bob Keefe Joins NRDC as Press Secretary

2/23/2011 - 20 Surveys: Strong Opposition Nationally and in Key Districts to U.S. House Members' Actions to Block Public Health Protections

2/23/2011 - New EPA Boiler Standards Will Save 6,500 Lives Per Year

2/23/2011 - New Study Identifies Top 15 Metro Regions Leading in Transportation Innovation

2/19/2011 - House Spending Bill is a Betrayal of the American People

2/18/2011 - ERCB Oops: Alberta Government Response to Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Report Riddled with Errors

2/16/2011 - Pipeline Problems: New Tar Sands Oil Products Increase Likelihood of Spills

2/15/2011 - Plan to Block Energy Efficient Lighting Standards Reflects Outdated Mindset

2/15/2011 - President Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to NRDC Founding Director John Adams

2/13/2011 - Republican Budget Plays Politics, Raises Specter of Government Shutdown

2/10/2011 - Clarification of Release of NRDC Polling Results on Energy and Commerce Members

2/10/2011 - NRDC: Budget Cuts Must Not Put Our Health at Risk

2/10/2011 - Two-Thirds of Upton's Constituents Oppose His Bill to Block EPA from Updating Health Protections

2/8/2011 - Federal Court Hands Victory to Washington Consumers by Upholding State's Building Energy Codes

2/7/2011 - No Need for Buffalo Body Count: New Brucellosis Rules Should Force Adaption of Yellowstone Bison Management

2/3/2011 - Shell's Delay in Alaska Will Protect Arctic Refuge, Wildlife in 2011

2/3/2011 - NRDC: Upton-Inhofe's Proposal Threatens Public Health

2/3/2011 - Federal Chemical Protections in Need of Major Overhaul, NRDC's Beinecke says

2/2/2011 - Survey: Americans Say "No" to Attacks on Pollution Safeguards, Gingrich Plan to Dismantle EPA

1/27/2011 - 123 US Lawmakers Support Polluters Over Health of Children

1/26/2011 - House Bill a Step Forward for Offshore Oil Worker Safety and Ocean Health

1/25/2011 - NRDC: A Clean Energy Future Protects Our Health and Creates Jobs

1/25/2011 - President Obama's Motorcade Tonight Will Make History

1/24/2011 - The Promise and the Perils of the New Congress

1/21/2011 - EPA Proposes Stronger Protections for People in Pesticide Experiments

1/19/2011 - Interior's Offshore Drilling Plan Is a Good First Step That Must Go Further, Says NRDC

1/13/2011 - EPA Stops Mountaintop Removal Mine in West Virginia

1/11/2011 - NRDC: Oil Commission Lays Out Needed Protections for Workers, Waters and Wildlife

1/6/2011 - U.S. House Wastes No Time in Attacking EPA's Ability to Protect Americans

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