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2012 Press Releases

12/27/2012 - Lisa Jackson: A Fierce, Tireless Champion of our Health and Environment

12/21/2012 - New EPA Boiler Standards Will Save Up to 8,000 Americans’ Lives Every Year, But Incinerator & Cement Standards Raise Concerns

12/20/2012 - Court Rules in Favor of Cleaner Trucks and Buses in California

12/20/2012 - New Proposed Federal Protections Will Safeguard One of Most Diverse, Important Stretches of Ocean in America

12/19/2012 - An Alaska Gem Protected for Generations of Americans

12/19/2012 - Experts: High-MPG Vehicles to Continue Racing Ahead in 2013

12/8/2012 - Global Warming Negotiations in Doha End with a Focus on Action at Home

12/6/2012 - Report: Tough Times for U.S. Winter Tourism Industry if Climate Change Goes Unaddressed

12/4/2012 - Innovative NRDC Plan Featuring Federal-State Partnership Saves Americans More Than $25 Billion in Climate and Health Costs While Unleashing Billions In Clean Energy Investments

11/29/2012 - Point Reyes’ Drakes Estero Becomes First Marine Wilderness Area on West Coast

11/29/2012 - Derek Murrow, Leading Energy Advocate, Joins NRDC as Federal Energy Policy Director

11/28/2012 - Study: Toxic Flame Retardants Found in Nearly All Tested Couches in U.S.-Wide Analysis

11/26/2012 - Hawaiian False Killer Whale Protected as an Endangered Species

11/19/2012 - New Report Ranks States by their Dependence on Oil

11/15/2012 - BP Will Pay Record Fine and Admits Guilt for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

11/14/2012 - President Obama is Right; It’s Time to Finish the Job

11/14/2012 - California Launches Nation’s Largest Carbon Market

11/13/2012 - Suit Filed Against Wyoming’s Kill-at-Will Wolf Policy

11/13/2012 - New Index Shows Federal Agencies Fail to Meet Salmon Restoration Goal

11/9/2012 - Putting America’s Fiscal House in Order Requires a Balanced Approach

11/9/2012 - U.S. Moves to Protect Western Lands from Oil Shale Exploration

11/8/2012 - Water Efficiency Deal Wins Approval in California

11/1/2012 - New Report: Building Energy-Smart Cities is Fastest, Easiest Way to Address Indian Energy Crisis

10/31/2012 - Auto Analyst Baum, NRDC Dub 2012 "The Year of the Green Car," Debunk Attacks on High-MPG Vehicles

10/19/2012 - NRDC Endorses Proposition 30 to Prevent Cuts to Critical Environmental Resources and Education

10/19/2012 - NRDC Opposes Proposition 31 in California

10/18/2012 - Groups Seek to Stop Navy from Blasting Marine Mammals with Sonar

10/16/2012 - ARB Goes to Bat in Defense of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

10/12/2012 - Interior Greenlights New Era for Solar Development on Public Lands in the Southwest

10/12/2012 - Report: Clean Energy Projects Primed to Replace Indian Point’s Power

10/11/2012 - New Report: India Needs Concentrated Solar Power to Achieve Safer, More Reliable Energy Future

10/4/2012 - Interior Greenlights New Era for San Joaquin River Restoration

10/3/2012 - Conservation Groups Call on Keystone Center to End Review of Pebble Mine Project

10/1/2012 - Governor Brown Signs Bills that Will Play Key Role in California’s Environmental Health and Economic Recovery

9/28/2012 - First AUV Expedition to Explore Several Deep Sea Atlantic Canyons and Seamounts Launching This Weekend

9/24/2012 - Jake Thompson, Top Senate Aide and Veteran Journalist, Joins NRDC’s Communications Team

9/20/2012 - President Obama to Make Chimney Rock a National Monument

9/19/2012 - NRDC Launches Community Fracking Defense Project

9/18/2012 - NRDC Leaders Recall Russell Train as a “Fearless Voice for the Environment”

9/17/2012 - NRDC: “Coal” Legislation Guts Basic Health, Environmental Protections

9/17/2012 - Shell Debacle Shows Oil Industry Unprepared to Drill in America’s Arctic

9/17/2012 - Study: U.S. Underestimates Costs of Carbon Pollution and Climate Change

9/12/2012 - New Poll: Americans support investment to increase transportation choices, favor expanding transit over building new roads

9/11/2012 - NRDC REPORTS: Typical Wind Farm Supports Nearly 1,100 Jobs; Adds Millions of Dollars to Local Communities

9/10/2012 - Conservation groups challenge kill-at-will policy for Wyoming wolves

9/5/2012 - Game Changer: New Report Spotlights Pro Sports’ Sustainability Leaders

9/5/2012 - Leading Scientists to Congress: Do Not Block Government List of Cancer-Causing Chemicals

9/4/2012 - Transition: Veteran Los Angeles Litigator Becomes NRDC’s Western Director

8/31/2012 - Wyoming Wolves Face a Dangerous Delisting Decision

8/30/2012 - NRDC: Obama Administration Decision to Bow to Shell Oil’s Pressure in Arctic Is Premature, Wrong

8/30/2012 - New Obama Executive Order Promotes Industrial Energy Efficiency

8/28/2012 - New Fuel Standards are Good for Drivers, Auto Industry, our Health and the Environment

8/21/2012 - Divided U.S. Appeals Court Rejects EPA Air Protections For 240 Million Americans

8/21/2012 - New Report: America Trashes Forty Percent of Food Supply

8/14/2012 - NRDC, EWG Sue to Protect Millions of Californians from Contaminated Drinking Water

8/10/2012 - Governor Quinn Wisely Averts a Dirty Coal Debacle in Chicago

8/9/2012 - Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania Have Worst Toxic Air Pollution from Power Plants

8/8/2012 - Driven by Fuel Efficiency, U.S. Auto Industry Jobs Up Nearly A Quarter Million Since 2009

8/7/2012 - Gordon Matta-Clark’s Celebrated Garbage Wall to Highlight Chicago River at EXPO CHICAGO

7/30/2012 - Internationally-Recognized Artist to Make Waves with Chicago River Installation

7/26/2012 - First Half of 2012 Sets MPG Record for Higher Auto Fuel Efficiency

7/26/2012 - Congressional Republicans Unleash Double-Barreled Attack on Health and Environment

7/25/2012 - Jury Still Out on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

7/25/2012 - Senate Committee Passes Safe Chemicals Act on Party Line Vote

7/24/2012 - Interior Unveils First-ever National Solar Energy Plan for Public Lands

7/19/2012 - National Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For Stronger Protections From Toxic Chemicals

7/17/2012 - Governor Brown Signs High-Speed Rail Funding Legislation

7/17/2012 - Federal Ban on BPA in Baby Bottles Offers Limited Protections

7/16/2012 - House Republicans Bring War on Clean Air and Our Environment to Virginia

7/12/2012 - Budget Sequestration Would Hurt Environment, Health, Communities

7/12/2012 - House Bill Would Allow More Irresponsible Conduct by Mining Industry

7/10/2012 - NTSB Releases Findings on the Tar Sands Mess in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River

7/6/2012 - Transportation Bill Needs a Better Outcome in Two Years

7/2/2012 - Illinois Ban Takes a Bite Out of International Shark Fin Trade

6/28/2012 - Weak Transportation Bill Undermines Environmental Safeguards

6/28/2012 - House Committee Hobbles Environmental Protection - Again

6/27/2012 - NRDC Annual Beach Report: Closing & Advisory Days Hit Third-Highest Level in Two Decades

6/26/2012 - NRDC: Arctic Drilling Invites “Environmental Nightmare”

6/26/2012 - U.S. Appeals Court Upholds EPA Carbon Pollution Limits

6/25/2012 - Supreme Court Declines to Hear NRDC California Clean Shipping Fuels Case

6/25/2012 - Supreme Court Agrees to Hear LA County Stormwater Pollution Case

6/22/2012 - NRDC: Rio+20 Just A Starting Place For Real Action

6/21/2012 - House Rolls Back Clean Air, Federal Lands Protections in Latest Assault

6/20/2012 - Report: Large-Scale Water Pipeline Trend Threatens Western Water Supplies and Rates

6/20/2012 - Senate Rejects Clean Air Rollback; But House Continues Assault on Environment

6/19/2012 - NRDC: Rio+20 Draft Document Does Not Get Us Where We Need To Go

6/19/2012 - NRDC: At Rio+20, Oceans Protections a Positive Step; More Action Needed

6/19/2012 - New Report Sounds the Alarm on Central Canada and New England Tar Sands Pipeline Scheme

6/19/2012 - NRDC Analysis: ‘Gang of Eight’ Utilities Spent Millions Lobbying and Litigating Against EPA Action While Pollution Contributes to Over 10,000 Deaths

6/18/2012 - Environmental Leaders Condemn Interior’s Approval of New Drilling Wells in Desolation Canyon Region; They Warn of Disaster

6/18/2012 - Groups Challenge Decision to Ignore Risks to Wildlife, Environment in Gulf Oil Drilling Expansion

6/18/2012 - Critical Cables, Wires at Nuclear Plants Are At Risk of Failure

6/18/2012 - Report: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Hurting Global Economic Growth

6/17/2012 - NRDC: United States Takes Critical First Step to Address Ocean Acidification

6/15/2012 - Calderon Cancels Controversial Mega-Resort Project Close by National Marine Park

6/15/2012 - EPA Soot Standard Improves Health Protections

6/13/2012 - New Study: Smart Roofs Could Transform California Energy and Water Use

6/11/2012 - New Report Ranks World’s Biggest Countries on Renewable Energy

6/8/2012 - Imperiled South Atlantic Fish Left Unprotected

6/8/2012 - Major Court Ruling Forces Nuclear Waste Disposal Review

6/6/2012 - Poisoning the Great Lakes: 25 Coal-fired Power Plants Responsible for Half the Region's Mercury Pollution

6/6/2012 - Christie Administration Sued for Illegally Leaving Regional Clean Energy Pact

6/5/2012 - Inside the Beltway Ads Push for Global Polar Bear Protections

6/5/2012 - Superbug Suit: Court Slams FDA on Antibiotics in Animal Feed…Again

5/23/2012 - Experts Hail New Carbon Pollution Standards at EPA Hearing

5/23/2012 - BP Agrees to Precedent-setting Settlement Over Whiting Refinery Pollution Permits

5/23/2012 - Heat-Related U.S. Deaths Projected to Rise 150,000 by Century's End Due to Climate Change

5/22/2012 - Lawsuit Challenges Delay in Listing Hawaiian False Killer Whale

5/22/2012 - U.S. Gas Prices Will Increase if Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline is Built, Study Finds

5/21/2012 - NRDC, Other Groups Urge President Obama to Attend Rio+20 Earth Summit

5/21/2012 - Jaczko’s Replacement Must Follow His Deep Commitment to Nuclear Safety

5/18/2012 - House Passes Back-Door Attempt to Force Tar Sands Pipeline Approval

5/17/2012 - House Committee Approves Misleading Oil and Air Bills

5/16/2012 - Climate Study: Extreme Rain Storms in Midwest Have Doubled in Last 50 Years, Often Leading to Worsened Flooding

5/16/2012 - NRDC Announces the Winners of the 2012 “Growing Green Awards”

5/15/2012 - Endangered Whales Threatened by Alaska Oil and Gas Drilling

5/15/2012 - Mexico Mega Resort Project: Risky Business for Investors and the Environment

5/14/2012 - Report: Springfield Coal Rate Hikes Could Total $21.3 Billion

5/10/2012 - Governor Brown Appoints NRDC’s Felicia Marcus to the California State Water Resources Control Board

5/9/2012 - Report: Five Primary Disposal Methods for Fracking Wastewater All Fail to Protect Public Health and Environment

5/4/2012 - BLM Proposal to Reduce Risks to Ground Water from Oil and Gas Fracking

4/25/2012 - Ambitious Solar Program in India Driving Prices to Impressive Lows

4/24/2012 - EPA Names NRDC Alum Glenn Paulson as Science Advisor

4/19/2012 - NRDC Report: DriversTo Save $68 Billion by 2030 Under 54.5 MPG Standard

4/18/2012 - House Continues Playing Games to Stymie Transportation Funding

4/18/2012 - EPA Puts First Limits on Dangerous Air Pollution from Natural Gas Fracking

4/17/2012 - House Panel Passes Misleading “Gasoline Regulations” Bill

4/17/2012 - Two Years after BP Gulf Spill Disaster, More Remains to be Done

4/13/2012 - Malibu Beach Water Quality to Improve Under New Agreement

4/5/2012 - NRDC Report Reveals 29 States Unprepared for Growing Water Threats to Economy, Health

4/3/2012 - Facebook, NRDC and Opower Join with 16 Utilities to Drive Energy Efficiency Through Social Media

3/30/2012 - FDA Rejects NRDC Call to Eliminate BPA from Food Packaging

3/29/2012 - NRDC: Continued Support of Oil Industry Tax Breaks is “Mindboggling”

3/29/2012 - House Delays Transportation Legislation

3/28/2012 - Offshore Exploration Proposal Good for Oil Companies; Horrible for Oceans and Coasts

3/28/2012 - Oil & Gas Industry Can Reduce Methane Waste by 80 Percent, Cutting U.S. Methane Pollution by One-Third While Saving Industry $2 Billion Annually

3/27/2012 - New Carbon Pollution Standard is Good for Our Health, Our Economy and Our Planet

3/26/2012 - Right Idea, Wrong Place: Groups Sue Solar Project to Protect Imperiled Wildlife and Wild Lands

3/26/2012 - Legislation Ending Oil Industry Tax Breaks Will Foster Better Energy Choices

3/23/2012 - Court Orders FDA to Address Antibiotic Overuse in Livestock and Protect Effectiveness of Medicine for Humans

3/22/2012 - Coast Guard Issues Ballast Water Discharge Standards: Misses Mark to Protect Nation from Invasive Species

3/22/2012 - How Much For Gas? Under House GOP Gas Regulation Bill, Americans Would Pay With Their Health

3/21/2012 - Cutting Corners to Approve Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline is Foolhardy

3/21/2012 - Supreme Court Allows EPA to Enforce Clean Water Act

3/20/2012 - Radical Ryan Spending Proposal Would Cripple Key Federal Protections

3/16/2012 - BLM to Approve Disastrous Development Project in Desolation Canyon Proposed Wilderness

3/14/2012 - Mighty, Messy Mississippi: Groups File Dual Legal Actions on Pollution that Fuels Gulf Dead Zone

3/14/2012 - Senate Approves Balanced Transportation Legislation

3/14/2012 - BP Oil Commissioners Form Group to Monitor Government, Industry Progress

3/8/2012 - Reason Prevails in the Senate on Three Key Environmental Votes

3/7/2012 - President’s New Efficient Vehicle Proposals Put America on Right Road on Energy

3/6/2012 - New Ad: What if Polluter Lobbyists in Washington Were Replaced with Asthmathic Children?

3/6/2012 - A Sad but Predictable Pander-monium over Rising Gas Prices

3/5/2012 - New Mapping Tool Shows How Severe Nuclear Accident Could Look in U.S., Flags Risk Factors for U.S. Reactors

3/1/2012 - Clean Energy Legislation Is Important Step in Right Direction

2/29/2012 - House Approves Bill to Eliminate Key California Water Protections

2/29/2012 - Coal Clunkers Closing: Public Pressure Finally Shutters Chicago’s Notorious Fisk and Crawford Plants

2/23/2012 - NRDC Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Agent Orange Ingredient from Weed and Feed Products

2/21/2012 - EPA Permit Too Weak to Protect Great Lakes, U.S. Waters from Ballast Water Invaders

2/21/2012 - New Report Shows Bright Outlook for Advanced Lighting in Ohio

2/17/2012 - Passage of Tax Relief Bill is a Triumph for Clean Air and Smart Energy Policy

2/17/2012 - House Approves Arctic, Offshore Drilling Disguised as Transportation Legislation

2/16/2012 - NRDC: Initiative by United States, United Nations to Cut Short-Term Climate Pollutants a Positive Step

2/14/2012 - Capturing Rainwater from Rooftops: Report Spotlights Practical Green Infrastructure Solution to Alleviate Nation’s Water Woes

2/14/2012 - Green Groups Send Half-Million+ Keystone XL Anti-Valentines to Congress

2/10/2012 - Green Budget Outlines Ideas for Federal Environmental Investments

2/8/2012 - Fighting for Air: Groups Support EPA’s Life-Saving Standards for Mercury and Auto Emissions

2/7/2012 - Dangerous Republican Keystone XL Pipeline Bill Approved in House Committee

2/2/2012 - Offshore Wind Power Takes Flight in Mid-Atlantic

1/31/2012 - Atlantic Sturgeon Declared an Endangered Species

1/31/2012 - NRDC: House Transportation Bill Is No Jobs Bill

1/30/2012 - National Solar Energy Plan Moves Closer to Final Stages

1/26/2012 - Navy Training Blasts Marine Mammals with Harmful Sonar

1/26/2012 - Lawsuit Seeks To Block EPA’s ‘Free Pass’ on Nanosilver

1/24/2012 - We Can Get to U.S. Energy Independence -- and Get It Right

1/19/2012 - Governor Brown’s State of the State: California has many opportunities in 2012 to invest in its people and clean energy

1/18/2012 - Keystone XL Pipeline’s Rejection Was Made for All the Right Reasons

1/18/2012 - Report Warns of Higher U.S. Oil Prices in Midwest If Keystone XL Pipeline is Built

1/13/2012 - Obama’s Reorganization Plan Could Erode NOAA’s Capabilities

1/12/2012 - U.S. Chamber Launches Distortion Campaign on Keystone XL Pipeline

1/10/2012 - President Obama’s Visit to EPA Highlights Public Support for Clean Air, Water and Health Protections

1/3/2012 - Lawsuit Seeks Justice for 1.2 million Residents Living Near SoCal Freeways

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