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2014 Press Releases

12/22/2014 - Ninth Circuit Court Upholds Protections for California’s Endangered Salmon

12/19/2014 - EPA Coal Ash Rule Fails to Protect Public Health and Waterways

12/19/2014 - Environmentalists Sue to Protect Water Quality

12/18/2014 - Memo to President Cites New Evidence of Climate Impacts of Proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

12/17/2014 - Governor Inslee Proposes Limits on Carbon Pollution from State’s Major Emitters; Part of Historic Commitment to Advance Clean Energy in Washington State

12/17/2014 - Cuomo Announces Fracking Will Not Move Forward in New York

12/16/2014 - NRDC Lauds Obama Drilling Ban in Alaska’s Spectacular Bristol Bay

12/16/2014 - REPORT: Five Major Health Threats from Fracking-Related Air Pollution

12/14/2014 - NRDC: World Must Translate Lima Progress to Ambitious Climate Actions

12/10/2014 - People Over Petcoke: Chicago Denies Rule Exceptions

12/10/2014 - Spending Bill Weakens Health, Environment Protections, Cuts EPA Budget

12/10/2014 - REPORT: China’s Rapid Urbanization to Play Key Role in Curbing Country’s Climate Pollution

12/9/2014 - Nation’s Largest School Districts to Procure Antibiotic-Free Chicken

12/9/2014 - Deep-Sea Discovery: Atlantic Coast Ocean Canyons Teeming with Newfound Marine Life and over 40 Species of Vibrant Deep-sea Coral

12/5/2014 - NRDC Report: Diesel Emissions Threaten the Health of Millions in Latin America and Contribute to Climate Change

12/4/2014 - New Report: Climate Change Has Extreme Rain Storms in Michigan Trending Way Up

12/2/2014 - NRDC: ALEC Conference's Agenda For State Lawmakers Is “Limited Government, Unlimited Pollution”

12/1/2014 - NRDC Analysis Shows EPA Can Achieve Deeper Power Plant Carbon Pollution Cuts by Adopting More Clean Energy

11/26/2014 - NRDC Praises New Ozone Health Proposals, Urges Safest Standards to Protect the Public

11/20/2014 - REPORT: EPA Can Quickly Cut Dangerous Methane Pollution from Oil and Gas Industry in Half

11/19/2014 - House GOP Continues Its Anti-Science Campaign

11/19/2014 - Climate Leaders’ Bill Could Complement Ongoing EPA Climate Action

11/19/2014 - EPA's Plan to Curb Carbon Pollution Can Save Billions, NRDC Finds

11/18/2014 - Senate Rejects Bid to Force Approval of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

11/18/2014 - Feds Protect Vast Majority of George Washington National Forest from Oil & Gas Development

11/17/2014 - NRDC: Clean Water Proposal Will Help Families, Homeowners Get Safe Drinking Water

11/17/2014 - Coalition Releases Comprehensive Recommendations to Help California’s Cities, Farms and Environment Weather the Drought

11/14/2014 - NRDC: U.S. Investment in Green Climate Fund Displays Serious Commitment to Curbing Climate Change

11/14/2014 - House Demonstrates Support for a Presidential Veto of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

11/14/2014 - Craft Brewers Support EPA Bolstering Protections for American Waters—And Beer!

11/12/2014 - Federal Court Tosses Shell Oil Company’s Preemptive Suit Against Environmental Groups

11/12/2014 - NRDC: Senators Should Oppose Bill Forcing Approval of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

11/12/2014 - NRDC’s “Exaggerator” Video Takes on Polluters’ Wild Claims about Proposed Clean Water Rule

11/11/2014 - New Carbon Reduction Goals by China, U.S. Are a Critical Step Forward

11/7/2014 - EPA Fails to Ban Toxic Chemical in Flea Collars and Pet Products; Ignores Health Risks to Kids

11/6/2014 - Exide settles with California Department of Toxic Substances Control

11/6/2014 - NRDC Report Exposes Big Oil’s Smoke and Mirror Tactics

11/4/2014 - California Voters Approve Prop 1: Water Bond Funds 21st Century Clean and Reliable Water Solutions

11/3/2014 - Consumers Need Accurate Fuel Efficiency Data

11/2/2014 - IPCC Report is Roadmap for Collective Action to Curb Climate Change, NRDC Says

10/29/2014 - NRDC, Nine other Environmental Groups File Lawsuits Challenging NRC Failure to Comply with 2012 Court Ruling on Nuclear Waste Storage

10/28/2014 - EPA’s Ongoing Outreach Shows Commitment to Strong Power Plant Carbon Pollution Limits

10/28/2014 - New NRDC Report: China’s Ports Play Major Role in Country’s Air Pollution Problems

10/22/2014 - Organizations Deliver Comments to EPA from more than 700,000 Americans Who Support Clean Water

10/22/2014 - FRACKING REPORT: 5.4 Million Californians Now Live Within a Mile of Oil or Gas Wells, Majority are People of Color

10/17/2014 - EPA’s Rules on Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Miss the Mark on Health and Climate Protection

10/16/2014 - Retrofit Chicago Awards: Windy City’s Energy Efficiency Leaders

10/16/2014 - Groups Petition FDA to Ban Toxic Chemicals Used in Pizza Boxes and Other Food Packaging

10/16/2014 - New Report: Positive Energy Trends Continue to Bode Well for U.S. Security and the Economy

10/15/2014 - NRDC Sues EPA to Block New Pesticide That Threatens Monarch Butterflies, Human Health

10/15/2014 - NRDC President: “Stamp out our carbon footprint - in our lifetime”

10/14/2014 - Severe Drought Triggers Aggressive Response from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

10/10/2014 - Obama’s San Gabriel Monument Designation a Good Step Toward a Lasting Conservation Legacy

10/7/2014 - NEW POLL: 8 in 10 New Yorkers Support State’s Fracking Moratorium

10/6/2014 - Legislative Panel Jeopardizes Action to Protect Pennsylvanians’ Health from Dangerous Carbon Pollution

10/6/2014 - NRDC: Additional Opportunity to Provide Input on Critical Clean Water Proposal

10/1/2014 - NRDC President Demands Climate Denier Group Erase Erroneous Claims

9/30/2014 - NRDC: Governor Brown Calls for Real Antibiotic Stewardship with Veto of SB 835

9/29/2014 - New Report: India’s Expanding Solar and Wind Energy Markets Jumpstarting Job Growth

9/26/2014 - ALEC’s Latest Antics: Falsely Claiming Agreement with NRDC on Environment and Energy Policies

9/24/2014 - NRDC: Expanded Pacific Marine Reserve Protects Critically Important Sea Life

9/23/2014 - Obama Administration Announces Landmark Plan for Conservation and Renewable Energy Development in California

9/23/2014 - NRDC President: President Obama Showed Climate Leadership and Challenged the World to Act Before It’s Too Late

9/23/2014 - New Report: Monarch Butterfly a Species Our Children May Never See

9/23/2014 - NRDC President: World Leaders Must Commit to Climate Solutions

9/21/2014 - NRDC President: Historic March Calls for Immediate, Decisive Action on Climate

9/19/2014 - Bill to Restore Clean Energy Tax Incentives Would Cut Air Pollution, Save Jobs

9/18/2014 - NRDC: Chemical Safety Bills Still Need More Work

9/18/2014 - NRDC: President’s Executive Order, Science Advisors’ Report Sound Alarm on Antibiotic Resistance but Lack Needed Reforms for Curbing Livestock Drug Use

9/18/2014 - Whale Woes: NRDC Petitions for Endangered Species Act Protections

9/17/2014 - NRDC Announces Rhea Suh as New President

9/17/2014 - Study: Mid-Atlantic Utility Customers Could Miss Out on $1.3 Billion Savings Opportunity

9/16/2014 - Public Views Can Ensure Most Effective Carbon Pollution Standards

9/16/2014 - Climate Change Expected to Raise U.S. Wildfire Costs by $10 Billion- $60 Billion per Year in Just Four Decades

9/11/2014 - America Must Stay on Track to First-Ever Curbs on Climate Pollution

9/9/2014 - House Vote against Clean Water Protections Ignores Toledo Lessons

9/2/2014 - Climate Deniers Are Uninterested in Debating the Need to Address Climate Change, Public Health

8/30/2014 - California Legislature Sends a Bumper Crop of Environmental Legislation to Governor Brown for Signature

8/29/2014 - Updated Illinois Fracking Rules: While Improved, They Don’t Make Fracking Safe

8/26/2014 - Nuclear Waste Storage Decision Poses Long-Term Public Health Risks

8/26/2014 - America’s Data Centers Consuming Massive and Growing Amounts of Electricity

8/25/2014 - India’s Burgeoning Solar and Wind Energy Markets to Boost Employment, Finance a Concern – Mr. Suresh Prabhu

8/15/2014 - FERC Order 1000: Unanimous Court Decision a Victory for Clean Energy, Consumers

8/13/2014 - New Water Bond Invests in Local Water Supply Projects, Groundwater Storage and Safe Drinking Water for All Californians

8/12/2014 - Governor Cuomo Signs New York Ban on Ivory Trade into Law on World Elephant Day

8/11/2014 - Tell It To The Birds: NRDC’s Resident Artist Jenny Kendler Brings Immersive Art Installation to EXPO CHICAGO

8/5/2014 - Conan O’Brien Urges Californians to Save Water During Historic Drought

7/29/2014 - Food Cart for Monarch Butterflies: Acclaimed Artist Debuts Environmental Art at Marfa Dialogues / St. Louis

7/31/2014 - EPA Endorses New & Improved Beach Water Quality Safety Threshold

7/29/2014 - Review Period for Deeply Flawed Bay Delta Conservation Plan Ends Today

7/29/2014 - NRDC Report Helps Guide Major Fuel Buyers to Sustainable Biofuels Procurement

7/28/2014 - Governor Brown Extends Climate Commitment Across Border

7/28/2014 - GAO Report: Drinking Water at Risk from Underground Fracking Waste Injection

7/28/2014 - Clean Air Leaders Hail EPA Public Hearings On Climate Action to Protect Health, Wildlife, And the Environment

7/24/2014 - Appeals Court Allows Industry Misuse of Antibiotics in Animals to Continue

7/23/2014 - Governor Quinn Signs Clean Water Initiative

7/23/2014 - NRDC: McCarthy Lays out Clear Case for Clean Power Plan

7/22/2014 - NRDC: Polluter Partnership Wrong to Reject Climate Action

7/18/2014 - Report: Chicago’s World-famous Skyline is Crunching Carbon—and Your Town Can too!

7/18/2014 - Federal Government OKs Seismic Exploration for Oil, Gas on the East Coast

7/18/2014 - EPA Proposes Limits to Protect Wild Salmon, Prevent Massive Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay

7/17/2014 - NOAA “State of the Climate” Warnings Signal Need for Cost-Effective Cures

7/17/2014 - Tipping Point: National Geographic Adds Recycled Fiber To Magazines

7/16/2014 - New Obama Initiatives Add Critical Elements to Climate Change Agenda

7/15/2014 - NRDC: California Tackles Wasteful Outdoor Watering

7/15/2014 - House Panel Weakens Protections for Clean Air, Water

7/15/2014 - Farm Bureau Ducks NRDC Challenge to Debate Clean Water Rule

7/10/2014 - NRDC: Replacing Damaging HFCs Helps Curb Climate Change

7/9/2014 - House Panel Votes to Weaken Protections for Clean Air, Water

7/7/2014 - NRDC: EPA Should Ban Bee-Killing ‘Neonic’ Insecticides

7/3/2014 - Big Polluters Trying Again to Derail California’s Successful Clean Energy Law

7/3/2014 - Chicago’s Petcoke Problem: No Happy 4th for Southeast Siders

7/2/2014 - Suit Filed to Ensure Foreign Fisheries Meet American Standards for Dolphin and Whale Safety

7/1/2014 - Federal Support Could Spur Construction of Cape Wind by End of Year

7/1/2014 - NRDC Tip Sheet: 8 Things We Hate About Summer Will Worsen with Climate Change

6/30/2014 - New York Court Upholds Communities’ Right to Protect Residents from Fracking

6/30/2014 - Supreme Court Greenlights California’s Clean Fuels Plan

6/25/2014 - Beach Report: 10 Percent of America’s Beach Water Samples Fail Safety Test

6/23/2014 - NRDC Poll: Latinos want the government to protect water from pollution

6/23/2014 - Supreme Court Reaffirms EPA Authority to Curb Power Plant Carbon Pollution

6/18/2014 - Senate GOP’s Looming Attacks on Health Protections Raise Specter of Government Shutdown

6/18/2014 - Four Million Californians at Risk from Oil Train Danger Zones

6/18/2014 - Senate Panel’s Keystone XL Measure about Politics and Bad Policy

6/17/2014 - Regardless of Approval, Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline Will Likely Never Be Built

6/17/2014 - Obama takes 'bold action' to protect Pacific marine life

6/17/2014 - New York State Reaches Deal to Ban Ivory

6/17/2014 - NRDC Launches TV Ad Countering Polluters’ Lies About Power Plant Carbon Pollution Limits

6/16/2014 - NRDC: California Budget Puts Proceeds from Carbon Pollution Auctions to Work Building a Cleaner, Healthier California

6/13/2014 - NRDC: We Can’t Risk Another Deepwater Horizon, and Shouldn’t Open Coasts for Drilling

6/12/2014 - Clothes Dryers Cost Consumers Up to $4 Billion in Annual Energy Waste

6/11/2014 - Federal Investigation Sought into Radio Stations Airing False Ads on Carbon Standards

6/10/2014 - HidroAysén Cancelled: Chile Rejects Environmental Approval

6/10/2014 - New Report: Drought-Stricken California Could Save Up to 14 Million Acre-Feet of Water; Enough to Supply All the State’s Cities Annually

6/5/2014 - Chile to Deliver Final Ruling on Patagonia Dam Project, HidroAysén

6/4/2014 - California Welcomes Wolves: Fish & Game Commission Extends State Endangered Species Protections to Wolves

6/4/2014 - Acclaimed Chicago Artist Jenny Kendler is NRDC’s First Artist-in-Residence

6/2/2014 - Obama Administration Moves to Curb Carbon Pollution from Power Plants

5/31/2014 - Obama Readies Plan to Curb Carbon Pollution and Stop Climate Change

5/29/2014 - California Senate Rejects Moratorium on Fracking

5/29/2014 - NRDC Celebrates Sustainable Food Movement at L.A. Benefit

5/29/2014 - NRDC: Door Slammed On McConnell’s Anti-Climate Move

5/29/2014 - New Carbon Pollution Standards Can Save Americans $37.4 billion on Electric Bills, Create 274,000 Jobs

5/28/2014 - New Report Shows Decline in Carbon Dioxide and Other Pollutants from U.S. Power Plants, but State and Power Company Emissions Vary Widely

5/28/2014 - NRDC: Chamber’s Attack on Clean Water Rule Puts Polluters’ Profits First

5/28/2014 - Carbon Pollution Curbs Will Boost Jobs and Save on Electric Bills

5/27/2014 - Governor Christie Trying to Double Down on Climate Inaction

5/22/2014 - NRDC: Senator Feinstein’s “Emergency Drought Relief Act” Overrides Critical Protections for California Fishing Communities

5/20/2014 - NRDC Lauds President’s Protection of Spectacular New Mexico Mountains

5/19/2014 - NRDC: New EPA Water Intake Rule Too Weak, Fails to Protect Aquatic Life

5/16/2014 - New Game Consoles to Cost U.S. Consumers $1 Billion in Annual Electric Bills

5/15/2014 - Critical Clean Energy Package Stalls in Senate

5/14/2014 - NRDC Hails New Approach to Expedite Permitting of Infrastructure Proposals

5/14/2014 - NRDC and Berkeley Food Institute Announce Winners of the 2014 Growing Green Awards

5/9/2014 - Illinois Will Expand Investments in the State’s Water Infrastructure

5/9/2014 - EPA Must Require Full Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals

5/9/2014 - Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Strong Health Standards for Soot Emissions

5/6/2014 - National Climate Assessment Highlights Urgent Need to Cut Carbon Pollution

5/5/2014 - Supreme Court Allows Major Southern California Water Quality Victory to Stand

5/1/2014 - Food Security Background Briefer: Our Food and Farms are at Risk from Climate Change

4/30/2014 - Chicago’s Petcoke Problem: City Council Ordinance Moves in the Right Direction

4/30/2014 - Historic Vote Will Reduce Hot Water Waste, Save Americans Money and Time

4/29/2014 - Supreme Court Ruling Protects Millions from Air Pollution

4/29/2014 - NRDC, BlackRock and FTSE Jumpstart Mainstream Climate-Conscious Investing

4/28/2014 - Koch Brothers in Court Over Chicago's Petcoke Piles?

4/25/2014 - NRDC: Governor Brown’s Executive Order Redoubles Drought Actions; Right Moves at the Right Time

4/24/2014 - Ten Times More Solar Power Coming to New York With Expansion of State Program

4/21/2014 - CDC: Foster Farms Salmonella Outbreak Not Over

4/18/2014 - State Department Takes Prudent Action on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

4/17/2014 - Spring-run Salmon Release Marks Progress in Restoring San Joaquin River

4/17/2014 - Redford Urges Americans to “Join Me in Standing Up to Big Oil”

4/16/2014 - NRDC: Court Unanimously Agrees Feds Unlawfully Renewed Unsustainable Water Supply Contracts in the Bay-Delta

4/16/2014 - In Ad and Letter, Nobel Laureates Urge Obama to Deny Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

4/15/2014 - California Fails to Protect Drinking Water from Toxic “Erin Brockovich” Chemical

4/14/2014 - NRDC Welcomes Change in Direction of Bill to Support California’s Climate Plan

4/13/2014 - UN Experts Issue Dire Warning about Climate Change

4/10/2014 - Interior Department Adopts a More Balanced Approach toward Land Management

4/9/2014 - NRDC: Water Agencies’ Drought Plan Needs Balance

4/8/2014 - REPORT: Nearly 300,000 New Yorkers Flooded in Sandy Lived Outside FEMA Flood Zones

4/7/2014 - NRDC Report: Potentially Unsafe Chemicals in Food Threaten Public Health

4/7/2014 - Rio Tinto Divests from Pebble Mine

4/7/2014 - Citing Climate Damage, More than 100 Scientists, Economists Urge Obama and Kerry to Reject Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

4/4/2014 - Coast Guard Report on Shell Debacle Underscores Danger of Arctic Drilling

4/3/2014 - Industry Urges Ships to Shush in order to Protect World’s Whales

4/3/2014 - New Law Saddles Kentuckians with Big Electricity Bills; Aims to Block Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

4/1/2014 - Near Record-Low California Snowpack Measurement Warns of Greater Water Supply Challenges Ahead

4/1/2014 - NRDC: Chairman Wyden Begins Work to Restore Renewable and Energy Efficiency Incentives

3/30/2014 - NRDC: Science Confirms We Must Cut Carbon Pollution Now Because Climate Damage Already Is Underway

3/28/2014 - Obama’s Plan to Curb Methane Emissions is a Big Step in Climate Fight

3/26/2014 - FDA’s Antibiotics Plan Misses the Mark

3/26/2014 - House Votes to Stop the President from Protecting Imperiled Historic, Natural Treasures

3/25/2014 - Veteran Climate Policy Leader, Daniel Lashof, to join NextGen Climate America, Inc. as Chief Operating Officer

3/25/2014 - EPA Rescues Streams, Wetlands from Clean Water Limbo

3/25/2014 - Air Pollution is Killing Millions around the World, says World Health Organization

3/25/2014 - NJ Court: Gov. Christie Illegally Repealed Climate Change Pollution Rules

3/24/2014 - NRDC: Willie Nelson Joins Fight Against Mountaintop Removal in Video

3/20/2014 - NRDC Analysis: More Solutions, Cheaper and Cleaner Ways to Cut Carbon Pollution Under EPA Power Plant Standards

3/20/2014 - Clean Jobs Illinois Survey Finds Clean Energy Industry Employs More Than 96,000 in Illinois, With 9 Percent Employment Growth Expected

3/19/2014 - California Announces 15 New Appliance Efficiency Standards, Saving Consumers Billions Nationwide

3/14/2014 - NRDC Petition Helps Put a Stop to Toxic Chemical in Flea Collars

3/14/2014 - Federal Court Clears Path for Pioneering Cape Wind Offshore Wind Project

3/13/2014 - NRDC: Court Upholds Key Protections for California Bay-Delta Health

3/12/2014 - Carbon Capture and Storage Can Help Power Plants Reduce Carbon Pollution

3/11/2014 - NRDC: U.S. Nuclear Regulators Still Not Doing Enough to Prevent Fukushima-like Hydrogen Explosions

3/11/2014 - Indian City Prepares for New Season of Dangerous Heat with Innovative Early Warning System

3/11/2014 - California’s Recycling Goal is a Jobs Creator

3/7/2014 - NRDC Report: U.S. Nuclear Safety Regulators Ignore Severe Accident Hydrogen Explosion Risks Despite Fukushima Tragedy

3/6/2014 - NRDC: House Bill Would Gut Environmental Safeguards on Major Projects

3/6/2014 - House Votes to Block Historic Safeguards Against Carbon Pollution

3/3/2014 - Planning Commission and Key State Leaders Urge Shift to Energy Efficient Buildings to Curb India’s Soaring Energy Demand

3/3/2014 - New Gasoline and Auto Pollution Standards Will Clean Our Air, Protect Our Health and Save Money

2/28/2014 - EPA Takes Next Step Necessary to Protect Bristol Bay

2/28/2014 - House Chemicals Bill Would Undermine Health and Safety

2/27/2014 - NRDC: Legislature is Right to Speed California Drought Relief Package to Gov. Jerry Brown

2/27/2014 - NRDC: House Bills Threaten Public Safeguards

2/25/2014 - New Poll: Nearly 75% of California Voters Choose Improving Local Water Supplies as Top Solution to Drought

2/24/2014 - NRDC Petitions EPA to Save the Monarch Butterfly

2/24/2014 - NRDC’s President: Dingell a Giant Who Safeguarded Our Environment and Health

2/20/2014 - NRDC Calls on Senator Steinberg to Keep California Climate Program Strong -- No Exemptions for Oil Industry

2/18/2014 - NRDC: President Obama Driving America to Cleaner Energy Future

2/16/2014 - NRDC: Secretary John Kerry is Right on Urgency to Address Climate Change

2/14/2014 - NRDC: President Obama to Lend Much-Needed Support to Drought-Stricken California

2/12/2014 - EEI/NRDC Agreement Supports Policies To Benefit Electricity Consumers

2/12/2014 - NRDC Petitions Federal Government to List Tufted Puffin Under Endangered Species Act

2/6/2014 - U.S. Declares Iceland in Defiance of Global Trade Ban on Whale Products

2/6/2014 - NRDC Experts: EPA Carbon Pollution Limits for New Power Plants Workable, Popular and Would Address Climate Change

2/6/2014 - NRDC Sues EPA to Ban Two Toxic Pesticides in Pet Flea Collars

2/5/2014 - NRDC: The House Can’t Outlaw California’s Drought

2/4/2014 - Government Watchdog Reveals Taxpayers “Shockingly” Shortchanged in Federal Coal Sales

2/4/2014 - Nation’s Chemical Safeguards Law is in Dire Need of Reform

2/4/2014 - West Virginia Chemical Spill Spotlights Weak Safeguards for Nation’s Water Systems

1/31/2014 - Former Mayor Bloomberg Appointed U.N. Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change

1/31/2014 - President Has All Information Needed to Reject Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

1/30/2014 - Rep. Waxman A Stalwart Champion for Environment, Public Health

1/29/2014 - Mayors from 10 Major Cities Unite to Cut Climate Pollution from Buildings

1/29/2014 - NRDC: Urgent Herbicide Review Needed to Stem Monarch Butterfly Decline

1/28/2014 - President Obama Highlights Need for Carbon Pollution Limits

1/28/2014 - Final Farm Bill Agreement Supports Conservation, Protects Health

1/28/2014 - Indian State of Andhra Pradesh Adopts Energy Conservation Building Code, Becoming a National Leader in Building Efficiency

1/27/2014 - Newly Disclosed Documents Show FDA Allows Livestock Antibiotics Use Despite “High Risk” to Humans

1/27/2014 - Groups Sue Feds for Putting Whales and Dolphins in Crosshairs throughout Southern California and Hawaiian Waters

1/23/2014 - Overwhelming Majority of Latinos Want Strong Presidential Action to Combat Climate Change, Poll Shows

1/23/2014 - NRDC Moves to Intervene in Lawsuit to Protect Historic Palisades from LG Office Tower

1/23/2014 - Dirty Tar Sands Fuel is Headed for the East Coast

1/21/2014 - New Report Sets a Course for Cleaner Freight Transportation in California

1/17/2014 - Illinois Governor Quinn Promises Strong Action On Petcoke Problems

1/17/2014 - NRDC: Drought Highlights the Need to Conserve Water and Improve Local Water Supplies

1/16/2014 - NRDC Expert: President’s Climate Plan Can Set U.S. on “Right Track To Cut Dangerous Pollution That Threatens Our Health And Well-Being”

1/15/2014 - EPA Study Warns of Potentially “Catastrophic” Impacts to Bristol Bay Alaska Salmon Fisheries

1/15/2014 - Green Groups: Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Environment Chapter Unacceptable

1/14/2014 - Congress Advances Health and Environment Safeguards, but Spending Measure Still Carries Unwise Limits on Climate and Energy Efficiency

1/14/2014 - NRDC Study Shows More Than 1.8 Million Thermostats Containing 8 Tons of Mercury Need Safe Recycling In Illinois

1/9/2014 - House Bill Would Delay Clean-ups, Jeopardizing Public Health and Our Environment

1/8/2014 - Cuomo’s 2014 State of the State Address Includes Promising Solar Energy, Storm Resiliency Announcements

1/7/2014 - Cost of Putting Seafood on Dinner Tables: 650,000 Marine Mammals Killed or Hurt by Foreign Commercial Fishing Each Year

1/6/2014 - Major New Proposal Seeks Change to Plumbing Codes that will Save Americans Money on Energy and Water Bills

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