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4/16/2014 - NRDC: Court Unanimously Agrees Feds Unlawfully Renewed Unsustainable Water Supply Contracts in the Bay-Delta

4/16/2014 - In Ad and Letter, Nobel Laureates Urge Obama to Deny Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

4/15/2014 - California Fails to Protect Drinking Water from Toxic “Erin Brockovich” Chemical

4/14/2014 - NRDC Welcomes Change in Direction of Bill to Support California’s Climate Plan

4/13/2014 - UN Experts Issue Dire Warning about Climate Change

4/10/2014 - Interior Department Adopts a More Balanced Approach toward Land Management

4/9/2014 - NRDC: Water Agencies’ Drought Plan Needs Balance

4/8/2014 - REPORT: Nearly 300,000 New Yorkers Flooded in Sandy Lived Outside FEMA Flood Zones

4/7/2014 - NRDC Report: Potentially Unsafe Chemicals in Food Threaten Public Health

4/7/2014 - Rio Tinto Divests from Pebble Mine

4/7/2014 - Citing Climate Damage, More than 100 Scientists, Economists Urge Obama and Kerry to Reject Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

4/4/2014 - Coast Guard Report on Shell Debacle Underscores Danger of Arctic Drilling

4/3/2014 - Industry Urges Ships to Shush in order to Protect World’s Whales

4/3/2014 - New Law Saddles Kentuckians with Big Electricity Bills; Aims to Block Benefits of Fighting Climate Change

4/1/2014 - Near Record-Low California Snowpack Measurement Warns of Greater Water Supply Challenges Ahead

4/1/2014 - NRDC: Chairman Wyden Begins Work to Restore Renewable and Energy Efficiency Incentives

3/30/2014 - NRDC: Science Confirms We Must Cut Carbon Pollution Now Because Climate Damage Already Is Underway

3/28/2014 - Obama’s Plan to Curb Methane Emissions is a Big Step in Climate Fight

3/26/2014 - FDA’s Antibiotics Plan Misses the Mark

3/26/2014 - House Votes to Stop the President from Protecting Imperiled Historic, Natural Treasures

3/25/2014 - Veteran Climate Policy Leader, Daniel Lashof, to join NextGen Climate America, Inc. as Chief Operating Officer

3/25/2014 - EPA Rescues Streams, Wetlands from Clean Water Limbo

3/25/2014 - Air Pollution is Killing Millions around the World, says World Health Organization

3/25/2014 - NJ Court: Gov. Christie Illegally Repealed Climate Change Pollution Rules

3/24/2014 - NRDC: Willie Nelson Joins Fight Against Mountaintop Removal in Video

3/20/2014 - NRDC Analysis: More Solutions, Cheaper and Cleaner Ways to Cut Carbon Pollution Under EPA Power Plant Standards

3/20/2014 - Clean Jobs Illinois Survey Finds Clean Energy Industry Employs More Than 96,000 in Illinois, With 9 Percent Employment Growth Expected

3/19/2014 - California Announces 15 New Appliance Efficiency Standards, Saving Consumers Billions Nationwide

3/14/2014 - NRDC Petition Helps Put a Stop to Toxic Chemical in Flea Collars

3/14/2014 - Federal Court Clears Path for Pioneering Cape Wind Offshore Wind Project

3/13/2014 - NRDC: Court Upholds Key Protections for California Bay-Delta Health

3/12/2014 - Carbon Capture and Storage Can Help Power Plants Reduce Carbon Pollution

3/11/2014 - NRDC: U.S. Nuclear Regulators Still Not Doing Enough to Prevent Fukushima-like Hydrogen Explosions

3/11/2014 - Indian City Prepares for New Season of Dangerous Heat with Innovative Early Warning System

3/11/2014 - California’s Recycling Goal is a Jobs Creator

3/7/2014 - NRDC Report: U.S. Nuclear Safety Regulators Ignore Severe Accident Hydrogen Explosion Risks Despite Fukushima Tragedy

3/6/2014 - NRDC: House Bill Would Gut Environmental Safeguards on Major Projects

3/6/2014 - House Votes to Block Historic Safeguards Against Carbon Pollution

3/3/2014 - Planning Commission and Key State Leaders Urge Shift to Energy Efficient Buildings to Curb India’s Soaring Energy Demand

3/3/2014 - New Gasoline and Auto Pollution Standards Will Clean Our Air, Protect Our Health and Save Money

2/28/2014 - EPA Takes Next Step Necessary to Protect Bristol Bay

2/28/2014 - House Chemicals Bill Would Undermine Health and Safety

2/27/2014 - NRDC: Legislature is Right to Speed California Drought Relief Package to Gov. Jerry Brown

2/27/2014 - NRDC: House Bills Threaten Public Safeguards

2/25/2014 - New Poll: Nearly 75% of California Voters Choose Improving Local Water Supplies as Top Solution to Drought

2/24/2014 - NRDC Petitions EPA to Save the Monarch Butterfly

2/24/2014 - NRDC’s President: Dingell a Giant Who Safeguarded Our Environment and Health

2/20/2014 - NRDC Calls on Senator Steinberg to Keep California Climate Program Strong -- No Exemptions for Oil Industry

2/18/2014 - NRDC: President Obama Driving America to Cleaner Energy Future

2/16/2014 - NRDC: Secretary John Kerry is Right on Urgency to Address Climate Change

2/14/2014 - NRDC: President Obama to Lend Much-Needed Support to Drought-Stricken California

2/12/2014 - EEI/NRDC Agreement Supports Policies To Benefit Electricity Consumers

2/12/2014 - NRDC Petitions Federal Government to List Tufted Puffin Under Endangered Species Act

2/6/2014 - U.S. Declares Iceland in Defiance of Global Trade Ban on Whale Products

2/6/2014 - NRDC Experts: EPA Carbon Pollution Limits for New Power Plants Workable, Popular and Would Address Climate Change

2/6/2014 - NRDC Sues EPA to Ban Two Toxic Pesticides in Pet Flea Collars

2/5/2014 - NRDC: The House Can’t Outlaw California’s Drought

2/4/2014 - Government Watchdog Reveals Taxpayers “Shockingly” Shortchanged in Federal Coal Sales

2/4/2014 - Nation’s Chemical Safeguards Law is in Dire Need of Reform

2/4/2014 - West Virginia Chemical Spill Spotlights Weak Safeguards for Nation’s Water Systems

1/31/2014 - Former Mayor Bloomberg Appointed U.N. Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change

1/31/2014 - President Has All Information Needed to Reject Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

1/30/2014 - Rep. Waxman A Stalwart Champion for Environment, Public Health

1/29/2014 - Mayors from 10 Major Cities Unite to Cut Climate Pollution from Buildings

1/29/2014 - NRDC: Urgent Herbicide Review Needed to Stem Monarch Butterfly Decline

1/28/2014 - President Obama Highlights Need for Carbon Pollution Limits

1/28/2014 - Final Farm Bill Agreement Supports Conservation, Protects Health

1/28/2014 - Indian State of Andhra Pradesh Adopts Energy Conservation Building Code, Becoming a National Leader in Building Efficiency

1/27/2014 - Newly Disclosed Documents Show FDA Allows Livestock Antibiotics Use Despite “High Risk” to Humans

1/27/2014 - Groups Sue Feds for Putting Whales and Dolphins in Crosshairs throughout Southern California and Hawaiian Waters

1/23/2014 - Overwhelming Majority of Latinos Want Strong Presidential Action to Combat Climate Change, Poll Shows

1/23/2014 - NRDC Moves to Intervene in Lawsuit to Protect Historic Palisades from LG Office Tower

1/23/2014 - Dirty Tar Sands Fuel is Headed for the East Coast

1/21/2014 - New Report Sets a Course for Cleaner Freight Transportation in California

1/17/2014 - Illinois Governor Quinn Promises Strong Action On Petcoke Problems

1/17/2014 - NRDC: Drought Highlights the Need to Conserve Water and Improve Local Water Supplies

1/16/2014 - NRDC Expert: President’s Climate Plan Can Set U.S. on “Right Track To Cut Dangerous Pollution That Threatens Our Health And Well-Being”

1/15/2014 - EPA Study Warns of Potentially “Catastrophic” Impacts to Bristol Bay Alaska Salmon Fisheries

1/15/2014 - Green Groups: Leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Environment Chapter Unacceptable

1/14/2014 - Congress Advances Health and Environment Safeguards, but Spending Measure Still Carries Unwise Limits on Climate and Energy Efficiency

1/14/2014 - NRDC Study Shows More Than 1.8 Million Thermostats Containing 8 Tons of Mercury Need Safe Recycling In Illinois

1/9/2014 - House Bill Would Delay Clean-ups, Jeopardizing Public Health and Our Environment

1/8/2014 - Cuomo’s 2014 State of the State Address Includes Promising Solar Energy, Storm Resiliency Announcements

1/7/2014 - Cost of Putting Seafood on Dinner Tables: 650,000 Marine Mammals Killed or Hurt by Foreign Commercial Fishing Each Year

1/6/2014 - Major New Proposal Seeks Change to Plumbing Codes that will Save Americans Money on Energy and Water Bills

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