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12/29/00 - NRDC Opposes Bush Appointment for Interior Secretary

12/21/00 - EPA Decision to Clean Up Nation’s Diesels Biggest Clean-Air Advance in a Generation, Say NRDC Legal and Medical Experts

12/18/00 - NRDC Documents Critical Role President Clinton Played in Blocking Anti-Environmental Riders From Spending Bills

12/14/00 - Proposed EPA Rules Will Fail to Control Factory Farm Pollution, Says NRDC

12/14/00 - NRDC Applauds EPA for Acknowledging Mercury Air Pollution Threat

12/6/00 - NRDC Coalition Urges President to OK EPA Diesel Fuel Rule

12/6/00 - "Caviar Emptor: Let the Connoisseur Beware"

12/4/00 - School Children, Environmental & Public Interest Groups Protest New Diesel Bus Purchases With Gas Masks

12/4/00 - NRDC Applauds Executive Order Establishing Northwest Hawaiian Islands Reserve

11/28/00 - Statement of David Edelson, Attorney, on Petition to List the Fisher as an Endangered Species

11/20/00 - U.S. Congressional Delegation at Climate Talks Dominated by America’s Most Anti-Environmental Legislators

11/20/00 - NRDC Applauds 13-State Action to Clean Up Dirty Diesels; Assails Engine Makers for their Dirty Diesels

11/16/00 - AAA Advocates Policies that Threaten the Environment and Public Health, Amicus Journal Finds

11/14/00 - Final Yosemite Valley Plan Promises to Reduce Traffic and Development and Restore Natural Habitat

11/13/00 - Statement of Nathaniel Lawrence, Forestry Project Director, on Forest Service Roadless Area Conservation Proposal

11/1/00 - Stater Brothers Will Add Alternative Fuel Trucks to Fleet as Part of Settlement With Attorney General And Environmentalists

11/1/00 - Flea-Control Products Threaten Pets and Children

10/26/00 - NRDC Denounces New EPA Sweetheart Deal with Egg Producers

10/13/00 - Environmentalists Hail U.S.-Canada Pact Reducing Ozone Smog

10/4/00 - Congressional Study Finds 15 Million Americans Are Drinking Arsenic-Contaminated Water; NRDC Calls for Prompt EPA Action

10/2/00 - NRDC Applauds Gov. Davis, Legislators for Extending Investments in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy

9/28/00 - New Website Empowers Consumers to Choose Cleaner Electricity

9/20/00 - Report Finds Factory Farm Pollution is Killing Millions of Fish

9/7/00 - NRDC-Sierra Club Clean Bus Campaign Applauds Metro Proposal to Buy Natural Gas Buses

8/28/00 - Environmentalists Say New Water Plan Jeopardized by Proposed Federal Water Contracts

8/3/00 - U.S. Beach Closings at Record High for Second Year in a Row Despite Drought, According to Annual NRDC Beach Quality Report

8/3/00 - Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Protection of Yosemite Valley

8/2/00 - SFO, Architects to Receive First-Ever Award for World’s Largest FSC-Certified Wood Wall

7/20/00 - Environmental Groups Target California’s Failing Smog-Check Program for Possible Lawsuit

7/11/00 - Environmentalists Hail EPA Announcement to Improve Controls on Water Pollution

6/13/00 - NRDC Applauds Sen. Bob Smith for Introducing Legislation Providing Tax Incentives for Energy-Efficient Buildings

6/12/00 - Major Changes Ahead Due to Global Warming, Says New Federal Report

6/9/00 - NRDC Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses in CALFED "Framework" To Address California Water Problems

6/7/00 - NRDC Applauds EPA’S Steps to Restrict Hazardous, Widely Used Insecticide

5/25/00 - United States Navy Cancels Controversial Acoustic Tests Off New York and New Jersey Coasts

5/24/00 - White House Yields to NRDC Suit; Lets EPA Release New Arsenic-in-Tap-Water Standard

5/23/00 - EPA'S New Water Guidelines Will Let Factory Farms Off the Hook

5/23/00 - NRDC Helps Negotiate New Federal Standards for Clothes Washer Energy Efficiency

5/19/00 - NRDC Intervenes in Legal Attack on EPA Stormwater Regulations

5/17/00 - NRDC, Labor, Civil Rights Groups Sue Navy Over Vieques Operations

5/16/00 - EPA Proposals on Reduced Diesel Pollution Biggest Clean-Air Advance in a Generation

5/11/00 - NRDC Hails Landmark Maryland Legislation Promoting Environmentally Friendly Technology

5/10/00 - NRDC Sues to Force White House to Release New EPA Standard for Arsenic Levels in Tap Water

4/27/00 - Grocery Chains Will Add Alternative Fuel Trucks to Fleets as Part of Settlement With Attorney General and Environmentalists

4/26/00 - NRDC-Led Coalition Calls for USDA to Stop Environmentally Harmful Releases of Genetically Engineered Crops

4/26/00 - Environmentalists Win Lawsuit to Protect Summer Flounder

4/18/00 - Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Help from Environmentalists to Settle 'Beach' Dispute in Thailand

4/15/00 - NRDC Campaign to Save Giant Sequoias Bolstered by President’s Declaration for a National Monument

4/12/00 - NRDC Hails Clean-Fuel Bus Agreement: Governor Pataki Leads MTA to Dump Dirty Diesels

4/7/00 - NRDC Opposes Loopholes in Agriculture Secretary's Giant Sequoia Monument Proposal

3/23/00 - In Reaction to Rep. Bliley's Challenge to Environmentalists: NRDC Welcomes New Ally in Fight Against Dirty Diesels: Reminds Rep. Bliley That It's Been Playing This Tune for Years

3/20/00 - NRDC Supports EPA's Action on Gasoline Additive MTBE Statement by NRDC Air and Energy Program Director David Hawkins

3/17/00 - NRDC Statement on Radanovich Legislation Calling for Further Study of Giant Sequoia National Monument Designation

3/6/00 - Government Responds to NRDC Lawsuit, Sets New Limits on Wetlands Destruction

3/3/00 - NRDC-led Coalition Forces Mexico and Mitsubishi to Abandon San Ignacio Lagoon Salt Plant Project

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