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12/20/01 - Congress Passes Brownfields Cleanup Legislation

12/14/01 - NRDC 'Cautiously Optimistic' That National Academy Of Sciences Will Reject Human Pesticide Studies

12/11/01 - NRDC Sues Department of Energy to Expose Cheney Task Force Secrets

12/11/01 - 'Solving Sprawl': Stories of Smart Growth Solutions Offer Blueprint for Energy Security and a Better America

12/06/01 - Environmentalists Launch First Legal Challenge To Bush Administration's National Energy Plan

12/04/01 - Victory for the Hudson River Cleanup

11/28/01 - Backgrounder: EPA Reverses Ban on Testing Pesticides on Human Subjects

11/28/01 - NRDC Calls for Prompt Ratification and Implementation of International Fishing Treaty; Citing New Study of Worldwide Fisheries Decline

11/21/01 - Environmental Groups Seek Court Order Against EPA on Houston Smog

11/13/01 - Federal Agency Failing to Protect America's Public Lands

11/10/01 - Marrakech Agreement Clears Last Hurdle for Global Warming Treaty

11/01/01 - Voluntary Global Warming Pollution Schemes a Failure; NRDC Report Demonstrates Need for Mandatory CO2 Controls

10/31/01 - Bush Administration, Ignoring National Academy Of Sciences, Sticks With Clinton Arsenic-In-Tap-Water Standard

10/23/01 - Florida Scientists Warn Global Warming Spells Trouble for State Economy; Key Industries, Coastal Cities, Seniors Will Face Costly New Risks

10/4/01 - NRDC Calls on Whitman to Move Speedily on PCB Clean Up Plan

10/1/01 - Bay Area Report Card: Environment Doesn't Make the Grade

9/27/01 - Court Approves NRDC-Led Coalition's Settlement with EPA; Agency Must Meet Legal Obligation to Regulate Pesticides

9/10/01 - More than 184 Groups Protest Bush Administration Plans to Weaken Clean Water Act's Program to Clean Up Dirty Waters

8/28/01 - Coalition Sues to Force Defense Department to Draft New Environmental Impact Statements for Missile Defense Program

8/23/01 - New Environment-Business Collaborative Report Outlines Basis for State's Conservation Success

8/22/01 - Environmentalists Win Suit to Protect Pacific Rockfish

8/21/01 - NRDC Membership Reaches 520,000: New Milestone for Environmental Group

8/20/01 - NRDC Statement on the Bush Administration's Appeal of U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken's Decision to Ban Drilling Off California's Coast

8/8/01 - NRDC Blasts Army Corps of Engineers Proposal to Weaken Wetlands Protection

8/8/01 - Beach Closings Soar Following Better Testing and Reporting

8/7/01 - Marist Survey Shows New Yorkers Confused by City Recycling Rules

8/1/01 - NRDC Denounces House Energy Bill as the 'More Pollution Solution'

8/1/01 - Environmentalists Applaud EPA Hudson River Clean-Up Decision

8/1/01 - NRDC Hails EPA Decision on Hudson River Cleanup as Triumph of Science Over Cynicism

7/30/01 - NRDC Report Finds Improved Fuel Efficiency Expands Consumer Choice; Ending Light Truck Loophole Adds Options for Safe, Clean Cars and SUVs

7/27/01 - NRDC Statement On House Vote on Arsenic In Drinking Water and House Vote on EPA Enforcement

7/26/01 - NRDC Urges Congress to Close SUV Loophole

7/24/01 - Report Documents Waste Lagoons' Threats to Environment, Public Health

7/23/01 - NRDC Praises Global Warming Agreement; Calls on Bush to Reconsider

7/20/01 - Senate Confirms Enemy of Regulations for Top Regulatory Post

7/18/01 - Statement of Katherine Kennedy, NRDC Senior Staff Attorney on EPA'S Delay on the Hudson River Dredging Plan

7/18/01 - Report Finds Activist Judges Are Threatening Environmental Protections, Disregarding Judicial Fairness

7/13/01 - NRDC Says New Bush Global Warming Initiatives Are 'All Talk, No Action'

7/12/01 - NRDC Calls on Costa Rican President Rodriguez to Reject Harken Energy Proposal to Drill Off Coast of Costa Rica

7/12/01 - Experts Urge State to Delay Approval of St. Lawrence Cement Project

7/11/01 - NRDC Calls on House to Reject Anti-Environmental, Anti-Consumer Republican Energy Bills

7/11/01 - Senate Rejects Bush Administration's Attempts to Sacrifice National Monuments for Energy Production

7/2/01 - NRDC Blasts Bush Plan to Increase Reliance on Coal; Group Says Increased Coal Burning Will Accelerate Global Warming

7/2/01 - NRDC Denounces Bush Plan to Offer Offshore Florida Oil Leases; Group Says Drilling Would Threaten Florida's Waters and Beaches

6/28/01 - President Bush's Visit to the Department of Energy a Vain Attempt to Shore Up His Conservation Credentials

6/28/01 - NRDC Sues Bush Administration Over Arsenic Suspension

6/19/01 - Three State Attorneys General, NRDC, Consumer, and Low-Income Groups Sue U.S. Department of Energy Over Final Rule On Air Conditioners

6/18/01 - NRDC Report Finds Current U.S. Nuclear War Plan Main Barrier to Reducing Stockpiles

6/15/01 - China is Cutting Carbon Dioxide Emissions During Economic Boom, NRDC Finds

6/11/01 - Former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson Elected to NRDC Board of Trustees

6/11/01 - NRDC calls on President Bush to Get Serious about Taking Global Warming Seriously

5/23/01 - Environmental Groups Sue to Block Helicopter Tours in Grand Teton National Park

5/22/01 - NRDC Denounces Bush Administration Suspension of Arsenic-in-Drinking-Water Protections

5/22/01 - Healthy Milk, Healthy Baby: Chemical Pollution and Mother's Milk

5/17/01 - NRDC Offers Responsible Alternative to Bush Energy Plan

5/17/01 - Statement by David G. Hawkins, director of NRDC's Climate Center, Critiquing Bush Energy Plan and Offering Responsible Alternative

5/16/01 - Energy Efficiency Funding Protected in PG&E Bankruptcy Case

5/15/01 - Court Decision Upholding EPA Regulation Will Clean Up Air in Northeast, says NRDC

5/10/01 - Bush Administration Denies Public Access to Information on Industry Participants in Cheney Energy Task Force

5/10/01 - NRDC Statement on Court Order Blocking Roadless Rule

5/9/01 - Federal Judge Denies Injunction; Environmentalists Hope That Decision Is Final Blow For Homestead Airport

5/7/01 - NRDC Tells President to Reject Industry Attempts to Undermine Clean Air Act

5/4/01 - NRDC Denounces Bush Roadless Decision as Public Relations Ploy

5/3/01 - Cheney Pro-Supply Energy Forecast Contradicted by Energy Department Study, says NRDC

5/3/01 - NRDC Counters Cheney Energy Speech With TV Commercial Blasting President for Breaking Pledge to Cut Power Plant Pollution

4/30/01 - NRDC Hits Cheney Speech On Energy

4/30/01 - State Plan Could Help Protect Squid, Says NRDC

4/30/01 - NRDC Documents Unprecedented Assault on the Environment During President Bush's First 100 Days

4/26/01 - Environmental Coalition Announces Plans to Oppose Controversial Navy Sonar Program

4/26/01 - California Groundwater Contamination Widespread While State Water Agency Asleep at the Helm

4/24/01 - Environmental Groups Praise State and City Comptrollers for Stand on PCBs

4/13/01 - Environmentalists Denounce Bush Administration Proposal to Roll Back Energy-Saving Standard for Air Conditioners

4/10/01 - Victory in Belize: Sibun River saved from hazardous waste landfill

4/10/01 - Bush Budget Would Undermine Environmental Protection, says NRDC

4/9/01 - Environmentalists Sue State of Florida, Allege Failure to Enforce Clean Water Act, Demand Permits For Dairies

4/6/01 - Environmentalists Fight General Electric's Latest Evasion of PCB Cleanup

4/5/01 - NRDC Denounces Budget Resolution Slashing Environmental Funding

4/4/01 - Historic Rainforest Conservation Measure Announced

3/28/01 - NRDC Lauds Mayor Williams' Request For Federal Assistance to Control Raw Sewage Discharges in the District of Columbia

3/28/01 - Public Interest Groups Convince U.S. Court to Halt Biased Reviews of National Ignition Facility Project

3/21/01 - Environmental Group's First-Ever Paid TV Spots Take On President Bush Over Drilling In the Arctic

3/20/01 - NRDC Denounces EPA's Proposal to Withdraw New Arsenic-in-Tap-Water Standard; Group Says Move is Unwarranted and Illegal -- and Vows to Sue

3/20/01 - NRDC Blasts Proposal Allowing Deployment of Controversial Navy Sonar Program

3/20/01 - Business, Environmentalists Hail End to Meadowlands Mall Project

3/16/01 - Bush Administration Continues Attacks on Environment

3/15/01 - NRDC Praises Congressional Leaders For Introducing Legislation Cutting Power Plant Emissions

3/8/01 - NRDC Urges Senate to Reject OMB Regulatory Chief Nominee John D. Graham

2/27/01 - NRDC Applauds Supreme Court Decision Upholding Clean Air Act Health Standards

2/26/01 - NRDC Slams Senate Plan to Drill in the Arctic Refuge, Says GOP’s Omnibus Energy Bill Unresponsive to Nation’s Needs

2/22/01 - Whitman Faces First Major Test as EPA Administrator

2/16/01 - NRDC and Farmers Reach Agreement on Valley Water Contracts

2/14/01 - Groups Say They Will Hold California Governor to His Word on "Respect for Environment"

2/12/01 - Tests Reveal High Levels Of Toxics Inside Diesel School Buses

2/6/01 - NRDC Members, Activists Win First Round As U.S. Company Pulls Out of Dam Project in Belize BioGem

2/6/01 - NRDC Proposes ‘Responsible’ Energy Policy for the 21st Century

2/6/01 - Media Advisory: NRDC Will Propose a Responsible Energy Policy at Press Conference on 2/6

2/1/01 - Public Interest Groups Seek Court Injunction to Bar Use of Biased Report on Massive Fusion Laser Project

1/30/01 - NRDC Will Hold Interior Secretary Gale Norton to Her Word

1/25/01 - Environmentalists Petition to List Pacific Red Snapper as Threatened Species

1/19/01 - NRDC-Led Coalition Reaches Settlement with EPA To Meet Agency’s Legal Obligation to Regulate Pesticides

1/18/01 - Feinstein and Boxer Urged to Oppose Norton Nomination

1/18/01 - NRDC Calls for Full Congressional Funding of "Dead Zone" Action Plan

1/17/01 - After Decades of Debate, EPA Releases New Arsenic-in-Tap-Water Standard; NRDC Welcomes Progress, Calls for Lower Standard in Near Future

1/16/01 - President Clinton, Air Force Reject Everglades Airport

1/12/01 - NRDC Urges Senate to Reject Gale Norton as Interior Secretary

1/9/01 - NRDC Denounces Supreme Court Decision on Clean Water Act Protection

1/7/01 - Consumers Demand Clean Cars

1/5/01 - NRDC Applauds New EPA Proposal to Control Raw Sewage Discharges

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